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My Paternal Grandmother's Maternal 1st Cousins

My Paternal Grandmother's Maternal 1st Cousins

Continuing my thoughts from the previous post in which I looked at my paternal Grandmother's paternal first cousins, this post focuses on her maternal first cousins which would be the grandchildren of  David Frizzell and Rebecca Manley. My Grandmother Pearl(b. 1891) and her siblings descend thru David and Rebecca's daughter, Thelitha Ann(Annie) Frizzell Jakes.  Known Ancestor surnames include Frizzell(2), Deason(2), Weaver(2), Godfrey(2), Kennedy, and Manley.

I'm still not sure that this listing is correct.  I've used census records, death certificates, obituaries, wills, etc. but due to the recycling of names and the use of nicknames I don't know that I can ever get it to a high degree of certainty.  So... if you are in this branch and can offer any help in untangling I'd be more than glad to hear from you.

Pearl has about 43 maternal 1st cousins  There are multiple marriages into the Brown, Gibson, Taylor, and Delbridge family on this side.  These cousins' dates of birth span the years from about 1864 to 1905 so it is likely that she may have known many of them.  While some of them moved to Michigan or Texas, the majority stayed in the middle Tennessee area particularly around Rutherford and Bedford County.

Pearl's Maternal 1st Cousins:

  • Leander Perkins Frizzell's Children:  Mary Mollie Frizzell Kelton,  Rebecca Elizabeth "Bettie" Frizzell Brown, Gertrude Frizzell(never married), Daisy Lee Frizzell Brown, Cassie Manley Frizzell Newman,. Ella Frizzell Newman
  • Margaret Frizzell(no issue)
  • James Reuban Frizzell(no issue)
  • Mary Elizabeth Frizzell Taylor's children:   Zacheriah C Taylor, Rebecca A Taylor Rollins, Robert L Taylor, Erma Dean Taylor Delbridge, Mary Baxter Taylor, N.S. Taylor, Ida Taylor(unmarried no known issue)
  • Henry Hugh Clay Frizzell's children:
    • Thru 1st wife(sister of husband of Mary E. Frizzell Taylor)--Wm Ody Frizzell, Thomas Macky Frizzell, Levina West Frizzell, Beckie Ann Frizzell, David Collins Frizzell, Cora L Frizzell
    • Thru 2nd wife--Charlie Crocket Frizzell, Lura Nevada Frizzell, Sallie Avo Frizzell, Dora Lee Frizzell, Vennie Esty Frizzell, Henry Hershel Frizzell, Laura Susan Frizzell, Robert L Hatton Frizzell, Maranda Bethel Frizzell, Ider Baxter Frizzell, Cordell Hull Frizzell
  • Permelia Frizzell Fulks' children:  Charles T Fulks, Will Cephus Fulks, Della Freeman Fulks Delbridge, Mollie Fulks
  • John Frizzell's children:  Queenie C Frizzell (Died young no known issue)
  • Absalom Frizzell's children:  Abraham D. Frizzell
  • Theodrick Frizzell's children: Amelia Jane Frizzell, Odie Everett Frizzell, Alva Macky Frizzell Gibson, Mary Cloe Frizzell Reynolds, Jessie Elmer Frizzell, Lemuel "Lemmie" Frizzell, Henry Frizzell

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My Paternal Grandmother's Paternal 1st Cousins

I've been thinking about how family is or is not in touch much and I began wondering how many of my Paternal Grandmother's 1st cousins she knew or may have had contact with during her younger years..  Her Paternal 1st cousins were all born between 1864 and 1880  She was named Pearl Gray Jakes and was born in the spring of 1891.

This picture is Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke with her niece
Olive Bell Shriver and Olive's husband, Sam
Taken about 1975

  • Ann Jakes Gibson's children:  John Thomas Gibson, Sarah C Gibson Shelton, Samuel B. Gibson, Joanna Gibson, Rollie Gibson, N.N. Gibson. (Joanna & N.N. died young with no issue)
  • Parthenia Jakes McEwen's children:  Wm H. McEwen, Charles McEwen, Dallas McEwen, James McEwen, Hallie McEwen, Sydney McEwen, Thomas McEwen.
  • Jane Jakes McEwen's child:  Brady Miller McEwen(died young no issue)

That's about 14 cousins from her Dad's side.  I have DNA matches showing in the Thrulines for descendants of  Sarah C Gibson Shelton and also Rollie Gibson.  There are likely a few other matches who descend from the Jakes / Morrow connection that don't have public trees or their DNA attached to a tree.  I'll check out her Maternal 1st Cousins in a future post.  There were many more of them. The Jakes lived in Bellbuckle and the Beech Grove area of Tennessee.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Sheriff's Sale involving Anglins--Rutherford Co. TN--November 1833

By virtue of two orders of sale to me directed from the county court of Rutherford county, I will sell for cash at the court-house door in the town of Murfreesborough on Saturday the (blank) day of November next, all the right, title, claim and interest that Beverly Harris has in and to a certain tract or parcel of land, lying in the said county of Rutherford, beginning at a stake on D. McRay's line, thence with said line to a cedar corner, thence west to Wendell's line, thence south to an elm, thence east to an elm. thence north ot a walnut and oak, thence west to the beginning, containing 35 acres, to satisfy two judgments, one in favor of Zepheniah Anglin, and one in favor of Anderson Anglin, sale about 12 o'clock.

Geo. S. Crockett Sh'ff
Rutherford County

Source:  "Sheriff's Sales"  National Banner and Daily Advertiser(Nashville, Tennessee) Wed. September 4, 1833 page 3 col 3; imaged at Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com) accessed Dec 20, 2019

Sunday, December 01, 2019

James Reuben Frizzell's Will--Bedford Co TN--1912

This is my transcription of the will of James Reuben Frizzell, brother of my paternal great grandmother, Thelitha Annie Frizzell Jakes.  She is mentioned in the will as are three of her children(Ruby Jakes, Cora Jakes Gibson and John L. Jakes)

Will of J. R. Frizzell

I, J.R. Frizzell make and publish this as my last will and testament.

After my just debts are paid I will and devise to John L Jakes half of the farm upon which I live, and he is to have the eastern part.  The line to run by a large willow tree about 60 yards west of the house I live in, and the balance of the tract I will and devise to my sister Annie Jakes and her daughter, Ruby Jakes.

I will and bequeath to Cora Gibson my household goods and furniture.

The above farm is located in the 4th Civil District of Bedford Co. Tenn and consists of about 45 acres and John L Jakes is to have half this number of acres the line to run north and south or nearly so by the willow mentioned above.

I nominate and appoint J. T. Lynn, executor of this will and if necessary to pay debts, he is authorized to sell enough real estate for this purpose, and he will make the purchaser deed.

He can sell it if necessary in any manner he sees fit to the best advantage this Nov 9 1912.

At the request of testator we  witness this will this Nov 9 1912
Sewell Linch
J.B. Woodfin

I, P. C. Steele County Court Clerk of said county hereby certify that the above is a full, true and perfect copy of the last will and testament of J. R. Frizzell dec'd as proven by the testimony of Sewell Linch and J. B. Woodfin, the attesting witnesses thereto in the 25th day of Nov 1912 and ordered by the court to be recorded as such as in shown by the original will now on file in this office.

Witness my hand at office, this the 25th day of Nov 1912.
P.C. Steele, Clerk
by Jo D Steele, D. C.

Bedford County, Tennessee, Will Book 2: 425, Will of J.R. Frizzell, 25 November 1912; imaged in "Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008," Ancestry (http://www.ancestry.com ; accessed 1 December 2019) > Bedford > Wills Vol 1-2, 1861-1922 > image 668 of 832. 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Browsing FamilySearch records that aren't indexed

I'm blogging about this because I've had people ask me how to find county records available online specifically those that aren't indexed and won't appear in a search. 

  • Visit FamilySearch
  • Log onto your free account(create one if you don't already have one)
  • Select Search
  • Select Catalog from the Search Menu
  • In the Place input box enter a location of interest(see below)
  • Select Online from Availability Section in Left menu
  • Click on Search Button

Search results for your location of choice should look similar to the ones below. Click on the + sign to the left of the Record Types to expand and show contents.  The number in parenthesis and to the right of the Record Type is how many different sets are available under that specific type.

Click on the name of one of the records sets to see any of the film listings that have been digitized.
I'm going to select the Deed books 1814-1896.

When I select the  Deed books 1814-1896. it expands to show me the listing of filmed records available from that category  If there is a camera under the Format column you will be able to view it online from any place you like.  Some digitized records can only be viewed from a Family History Center or have other limits on viewer access.  If there is limited viewer access there will be a key logo directly over the camera.  

I chose the first film on the list and it is shown in the screenshot below in grid layout.  I use the grid layout to help when trying to find an index on the digitized images. This reminds me of when I first started researching in 1990.  I would browse rolls of microfilm.  Technology has really made some advances.  This is a lot easier than that.  No need to rewind the roll of microfilm.  😁  

This film appears to have an index at the first part of the filmed book.  

I browsed to the "R" section of the index and found several Riddles mentioned there.  See highlighted sections in the image below.

I note the page number of each of the entries and "flip thru the book" image by image until I find the pages that were listed in the index.  This can be tricky sometimes but the more you do it the more you will get used to it.  After awhile it almost becomes second nature.  I hope you find this helpful.   FamilySearch is adding records pretty much on a weekly basis so you will want to check back often.  Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Qualified Electors of Madison Co AL 1930-- Acuffs & Lunas in Dallas 20-1 Dist

The April 15th 1930 edition of The Huntsville Times(Huntsville, AL) is included in the Newspapers.com Website database and has a listing of qualified electors of Madison Co Alabama.
My Acuffs and Lunas are listed in the Dallas 20-1 District on page 13 in columns 3 & 4. 

Acuff, A.J.
Acuff, J.P.
Acuff, Ernest
Acuff, Albert
Acuff, W.E.

Luna, W.R.
Luna, Lee
Luna, D. E.

There are likely many folks from the counties of Dekalb, Van Buren, Warren & White Counties who came to work in the Cotton Mill in Huntsville during this time period.  I remember from having read the 1930 census for the Dallas Community of Madison Co. Alabama that there were many of the family names that I recognized from having researched in those areas

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Letter from Fruit Valley, TN on Ebay

While searching Ebay for items of interest, I found a listing for a letter sent from Fruit Valley, Tennessee.  The Fruit Valley Post Office existed from June 1877 to August 1905.  Fruit Valley is of particular interest to me because it is the place of birth of my paternal grandfather, Thomas DeWitt Cooke(1888-1971).  The sender, P.G. Lamb,  likely knew my Grandfather and my Great Grandparents(William Green Cook & Jane Bell King Cook).

The letter was addressed to Globe Printing Company in St. Louis Missouri.  A keyword search at Newspaper.com found that the company had many ads in papers all over the United States.  Some ads were seeking agents to sell publications while others were advertising subscriptions to the Globe Democrat.  The seller didn't mention the contents other than to imply that it was from 1895 so I'm not really sure what the letter contained.  They did mention that the letter was opened.

With community names like Haunt Hollow, Lamb Bottoms and Fruit Valley, what's not to love. I've visited there several times and hope to again.  It really is beautiful country.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Middle TN Land Grant No 3793--Land Sold

Land Grant of a William C Cook in Bedford County Tennessee. My 2nd Great Grandfather W C Cook would have only been about 16 yrs old at the time of the sale so I do not believe it is him however it may be a relative.

North Carolina and Tennessee, Early Land Records, 1753-1931 (Ancestry)
Browse to Middle TN Land Grants:  Roll 100 Book 5  Image 126 of 474
(Original Grant to William C Cook)

Sale of that land to Samuel J Noblin in May 1827 by William C Cook
Deeds v. X-Y Apr 1827-Aug 1828  pg 144 of book (FamilySearch)
Image 90 of 477 (Sale recorded in Bedford Co Books)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

David Cook deed to Gabriel Blackwell--Bedford Co TN 1824

It was interesting to find an entry in the Bedford Co TN deed books between a Cook and a Blackwell given that the Granville Co NC Blackwells and Cooks intermarried.  Not sure of the connection to those if any but have made an attempt at a transcription below.

Bedford County, Tennessee deed books and index, 1808-1966 (Film 008150801)
Image 47 of 477
Deeds v. X-Y Apr 1827-Aug 1828  pg 58 and 59

Heading:  David Cook Deed to Gabriel Blackwell for 166 Acres
This Indenture made this twenty fourth December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four between David Cook of the state of Tennessee and County of Bedford of one part and Gabriel Blackwell of the county and state aforesaid of the other part witnessith that the land David Cook for and in the consideration of the sum of eleven hundred and thirty seven dollars to me in hand paid by the aforementioned Gabriel Blackwell the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged hath bargained sold and conveyed to the said Gabriel Blackwell a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Bedford and the state aforesaid on the waters of the East Fork of Rock Creek beginning at a Hickory on the West bank of Rock Creek running Forty Five Degrees West of North Eleven poles to a (Stake---marked thru) Black oak thence North twenty one poles to a stake thence west one hundred and thirty three poles to an Elm thence South one hundred and seventy pole to a Black Oak in Thomas Davidson's North boundary line thence East with said Davidson's and Coffey's line one hundred and forty two poles to a White Oak Hickory and Hornbeam thence north Ninety one poles to a stake there East with Dawdy's line forty nine poles to an Ironwood thence North with said Dawdy line forty nine pole to a stake thence west forty nine poles to the Beginning Containing one hundred and sixty six Acres be the same more or less to have and to hold the said land and premises to said Gabriel Blackwell his heirs and assigns for ever with all the hereditaments and appurtenance thereunto belongs and the said David Cook doth agree and to and with the said Blackwell that the above recited land once bargained premises will warrant and forever defend against all persons whatsoever lawfully claiming the Same? by Law or otherwise as witness my hand and seal the day and year above written signed sealed and delivered
In presence of us  ------------------------------------------------------------David Cook (Seal)
Test--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acknowledged
Nathan Blackwell
A.H. Collens

Note:  There is a Nathan Blackwell listed on 1812 Tax List of Bedford Co TN and also in the 1820 Census of Bedford Co TN.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

John Lambert & Jemima Jackson--Order Books of Mecklenburg Co. VA

Records in the Order books of Mecklenburg Co. Virginia concerning my 5th Great Grandparents.  Not a huge revelation as this information had been passed down to those researching over the years.  I'm sure there are more records to be found but these were just the two that I found while researching another line there. They did eventually marry.  I descend thru their son, Mark Lambert Jackson(1765-1825).

Mecklenburg Co. VA Order books, v. 4-5, 1773-1784 Film # 008190598;  Img 161 of 563.
This is from the digital image of Mecklenburg Co Virginia Order Book 4, pg 274.
Available at FamilySearch.org

Mecklenburg Co. VA Order books, v. 4-5, 1773-1784 Film # 008190598; Img 285 of 563.
This is from the digital image of Mecklenburg Co Virginia Order Book 4 pg 522.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Googling Gilford--new clues

While I'd searched on the same terms before, I like to try again after a few months have passed.  Today I ran a Google search for "Gilford Cook" Tennessee and it returned a book listed as

Correspondence of James K. Polk: 1842-1843 (Vol 6)
By James Knox Polk, Wayne Cutler

Page 566 was part of the preview and particularly interesting because it gave me the following information

6th Jan 1840
Letter from H. J. Anderson
Autograph Letter Signed
TN State Library & Archives Governor's Papers
Recommends Commutation of the prison sentence of Gilford Cook.

I thought it odd that it contained information on letters which were outside the time frame that the title suggests.  I might have missed this if I were just pulling books to search within.

This gives me an additional person to add to Gilford's FAN club listing.  I've written about Gilford in several previous blog posts.  What sparks my interest in him?  I've got about 7+ matches to descendants of Garrison King among the DNA matches of me and my siblings.  Garrison's wife is believed to be a Cook(perhaps sister of Gilford).  Our YDNA(111 marker) testing indicates that our Cook(e) line closely matches that of Shem Cooke of Granville Co NC and the surrounding areas. Shem owned land in Franklin Co. NC which is where Gilford was listed as being from and where he married. From information in his State Penitentiary records I also learned that he lived in Wilson Co TN before moving to Dickson TN in 1833 along with the name of a neighbor in each of those locations.  I need to find more on Gilford's descendants to see if they too are among my paternal DNA matches. My paternal Grandfather and his siblings were the products of a Cook & King marriage so they could connect thru either side...maybe---Or an entirely different line although I know the connection is paternal thanks to them uploading to GEDmatch..  Now to find out who H.J. Anderson is and hopefully the full contents of the letter.  More clues!

Previous Posts mentioning Gilford Cook:

Gilford Cook --Dickson Co TN

Garrison King--Dickson Co TN--list of heirs

Friday, October 25, 2019

Notes: My Lewis family in pre-statehood Tennessee.

In page 6 of Pat Alderman's "Greasy Cove in Unicoi County: Authentic Folklore" there is a paragraph mentioning the William Lewis massacre of 1793 which gives the location of the Lewis family home.  According to the description it should be in the area I've noted on the map. 

I've read several articles that were written about the Indian raid on the Lewis family in my 29 years of research but this is the first one I've read that mentions that the Indians thought they were attacking John Sevier's family.  William Lewis was away at the time of the attack.  A son and daughter survived the attack.  The daughter was taken by the Indians and ransomed for a rifle.  That daughter is my 3rd Great Grandmother Mary Lewis who would later marry Canada/Kennedy Rigsby in Carter Co TN.  The marriage license/bond is dated 9th of February 1809.  Their bondsman was Benjamin Kelly.  I've included a screenshot of part of the document below.  Note that the governor at that time was none other than John Sevier.


Google Maps.  Temple Hill Tennessee 37650  accessed 25 October 2019 https://goo.gl/maps/HkJpnBXRUt7z2A2h9.

Alderman, P. (1975). Greasy Cove in Unicoi County: Authentic folklore. Johnson City, Tenn: Overmountain Press.

"Tennessee, County Marriages, 1790-1950," database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-6PTS-8QD?cc=1619127&wc=Q6SB-LSV%3A1589264475%2C1589372908 : 22 December 2016), Carter > Marriage licenses, 1796-1950, Wilson & Olliver-Zimmerman & Summers > image 699 of 933; citing Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville and county clerk offices from various counties.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Post Roads & Lists of Letters

A post road is a route which is used to deliver mail.  I love reading through old newspapers and finding information about the establishing and sometimes the discontinuing of post roads and post offices in the areas in which my families settled. 

Below is just a small section of a notice that was published in the Nashville newspaper about Congress' actions regarding the post roads in the Alabama territory shortly before statehood. There are many more states listed within the full article. 

National Banner and Nashville Whig (Nashville, Tennessee) 11 Sep 1819 pg 1 col 3
https://www.newspapers.com/image/118717759/  accessed 14 Oct, 2019.

I also enjoy reading the listings of letters remaining at post offices in the areas in which my ancestors lived.  I've published a few of the listings to this blog

They read something like...

A list of letters remaining in the Post Office in Nashville, on the 1st day of January 1819, which if not taken out within three months will be sent to the General Post Office as dead letters. This blurb is followed by a listing of the persons to whom the letters are addressed.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Surnames of Jacob Sutton's Descendants.

 Today I worked with my Thruline™ of Jacob Sutton.  I looked at the DNA matches and noted the names of the ones which had known Sutton cousins as Shared matches.  The purpose of the exercise was to become familiar with the surnames carried by Jacob's descendants.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in finding the common ancestor surnames that we forget that our DNA cousins surnames change when daughters marry etc. and these are names we might not recognize unless we study the entire family.  I've been acquainted with researchers who only study their direct ancestor.  That's something I've never understood because it really limits your research and causes you to miss out on so many opportunities for discovering other records. 

I could have collected the info and arranged it any number of ways:  a spreadsheet, notebook, index cards etc.  I chose to save it as an image file.  I used Awesome Screenshot extension in my Chrome browser to capture the list view and add surnames. 

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Shared Segment Analysis: When a Match is both Paternal & Maternal

I'm working in matches at FamilyTreeDNA this morning and was looking at my brother, Michael's autosomal matches. Each of us have about 5 or so matches that show as matching our paternal & our maternal side.  My Mom, my paternal aunt,  3 of my siblings, and myself have our tests at FTDNA. So I gathered the segment data for one of Michael's matches that I'll call P. Smith just to get an idea of what was happening.  I then checked the match lists of my Mom, my paternal aunt, my siblings, my own match list,  and also my daughter's match list.  I was interested in seeing the size of the segments, how many of us had both or none and which segments each of us had.   I also wanted to know if my Aunt also had the segment that my brother had received from Dad.  Because of visual phasing and overlapping/shared/ICW matches I have a pretty good idea of the family groups that these segments were from but to simplify things I've only identified which of my grandparents passed on these segments.  

My brother was the only one of us tested that got both segments.  My sister got the segment from dad that was passed to him by his mother.  My other brother, and I got the segment from Mom that was passed to her by her dad.   My paternal Aunt did in fact have the same segment that Brother 1 received.  I have passed the segment of my MGF on to my daughter as well.  

From looking at the matches tree and also at share/ICW matches it appears that the PGM segment goes back along the lines of my Morrow/Sutton on back to the Knox Craig lines.  Not 100% certain but that is currently my hypothesis.  That would mean this segment is back around the 5th Great Grandparent level for me.  (screen snip from my working tree shown below)

The segment which my Mom passed to us(from our MGF) appears to be from my Mom's PGM's lines and from a person/couple who was born in the mid 1700s.

As a big fan of DNAPainter for analysis of dna matches, my next step is adding the matching segments to the profiles for each of the tests.  This is a simple process for the tests that just have one segment but has a few extra steps when there are multiple lines involved.  What I could do would be to add both segments under one group and then move the other segment to the appropriate group but I prefer to do it a different way.  I add just the one segment and then click on the option to add additional segments.  For me it works better that way.

It's important to note when we share more than one segment with a match, we cannot assume that both segments are thru the same lines without further evidence.  This drives home the importance of testing as many siblings and aunt/uncles/grandparents as possible.  Also I'm very thankful that this match was on a site that has a chromosome browser and that I had a good mix of tests with which to compare.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Bedford County Tennessee--District line changes

I've mentioned several of these district line changes on forums and in chats but wanted to blog about this.  There seem to be a number of district boundary line changes in court in the later part of the 1850s in Bedford Co TN.  

From the Minute books of the Bedford Co. TN Court.(1848-1860)

1855 Feb Term pg. 413(page 119 of Marsh book)
On petition of John Jackson, William G Hight, William C. Cook, Thomas Davis, Jno W Manier, William King and Jno Boyce, it was ordered by the court that the line of Civil District #11 be changed as follows, to wit, commencing at Weakley's Creek and running with the public road by Hight's to as to include the lands of the petitioners from District #9 to #10.  21 justices voting in the affirmative.

Also on page 413 there is a petition by Robert Allison which can be seen at FamilySearch(log on required but access is free with registration)

1858 July Term pg. 195(page 142 of Marsh book)
This day ordered by the Court that the District line between District #9 and #10 be so changed that where said line shall reach the land of W. C. Cook &c.

Marsh, H. C., & Marsh, T. R. (1985). Earliest county court records of Bedford County, Tennessee. Shelbyville, Tenn: Southern Historical Press.

Sunday, August 04, 2019

George W. Gibson's will written April 2nd 1887

George W. Gibson was a resident of Rutherford County's 25th District but his will was recorded in the Bedford Co TN Will books.  I think this happens more than we realize for an assortment of reasons.  The following is my attempt at transcribing the will.  Several of the male descendants of George W Gibson marry cousins from my Jakes/Frizzell and Jakes/Morrow lines.

George W Gibson's Will
In the name of God amen.
I George W Gibson of the 25th District of Rutherford County Tenn. being of sound mind and knowing the uncertainty of life, do make this my last will and testament.
1st I will and desire that all of my just debts be paid
2nd I desire and will that my executors who will hereafter be named, at my death will take possession of all my property that I may be seized and possessed of and that they sell all my property real estate and all other kinds for cash or on a credit publicly or privately as they may think best and I hereby empower my executor to deed away and convey my real estate to the purchase or purchasers as I would myself were I living.  I will that one half of an acre of ground including and around the grave yard be set apart and keep as a family grave yard and that it is reserved out of the sale of my land.  I will that out of the proceeds of the sale of my real estate and other property that I may have at my death that my executors pay to the heirs of my daughter Rachel Shelton dec'd, wife of Harvey Shelton and to the heirs of my son John Gibson and to the heirs of my daughter Manerva Gibson, wife of Wm F Gibson and to the heirs of my daughter Parmelia Crosslin dec'd wife of Andy Crosslin, the sum of one dollar and I will that the heirs of the above named children receive no more of my property than the one dollar.  And I will that the remainder of my estate be equally divided between my children here named and now living or to their heirs and that they share and share alike.   Henry Gibson, Joe F Gibson, Ed T. Gibson, Mary Eaton, wife of Harvey Eaton, Nancy Thornberry, wife of Steven Thornberry and Jennie Hoover, wife of John H Hoover and Jessie Eaton wife of James Eaton and I will that each of the above named children shall share alike.  I hereby appoint and nominate Henry & Ed T Gibson as executors of this my last will
this April 2nd 1887
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  G W Gibson
Jno H. White
S. J. Mankin
J.D. Ensey

Attest--A true copy---Wm L. Fierson Deputy Clerk

Bedford County, Tennessee, Will Book 1: 622, Will of George W Gibson, 2 April 1887; imaged in "Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008," Ancestry (http://www.ancestry.com ; accessed 4 August 2019) > Bedford > Wills Vol 1-2, 1861-1922 > image 344 of 832. 

Friday, August 02, 2019

I'm fishing in the 23andme pond

I purchased a 23&me Ancestry test from Target.com for a little over $50(after tax) which included the lab processing fee.  This was during a sale they had which coincided with Amazon Prime Day.  My test sample went out in the mail on July 18th and I had the results by July 27th.  That's amazingly fast!!  A few days ago, I posted a comparison of the ethnicity results of my test on 23&me's latest chip with the results of the AncestryDNA test uploaded during their Discover23 promo on DNA day of 2018.

Now I am "fishing" in all of the big ponds for DNA matches and can give my observations on this test..  I knew that several of my paternal Cook cousins(in the 2nd cousin range) had tested there and not uploaded to GEDmatch yet so I was able to get that segment data for my DNApainter chromosome painting.  Also I found a known maternal 1st cousin & a known 1st Cousin once removed among those in my match list.  Neither of those had uploaded to GEDmatch.

I was also anxious to see what 23&me would come up with for my mtDNA haplogroup.  As I've mentioned in previous blog post, my daughter took the FULL mtDNA test and is H3-T152C!. This backwards mutation is also present in descendants of my 4th Great Grandmother mother's sister so we know it happened prior to 1797.  I think 23&me did pretty well.  They show me as H3.

I have never liked the 23& me interface but they do seem to have made some improvements.  I've used it over the years with some of my daughter's paternal lines who have tested there so I did have something to compare it to as they were earlier testers at the site.

The improvements over the last few years:  
  • Ability to assign relationships for each match 
  • Relationship chart 
  • Notes Sections which is really essential on any site(wish it was at the top but I'll take it)
  • Ability to include a link to tree
  • I really like the option to download the segment data so I can paint my matches at DNA painter.  I believe this may have been here before but wasn't so obvious.  
It's a bit unclear with the list of shared matches what they mean.  Some you have to request to share to see.  Going to have to read more on that to figure out what it does and doesn't mean.  I'd recommend testing here if you are looking for cousins.  I do feel you are missing out if you don't. If it's not in your budget at the regular price maybe you too can catch it on sale.  


Thursday, August 01, 2019

FamilyTreeDNA Summer Sale thru August 31st

FamilyTreeDNA is having their summer sale from now thru August 31st.  There are some great deals.  Also look for sale prices on upgrades by viewing the shopping cart for any test you have there.

Monday, July 29, 2019

23andme Ancestry test comparison

I uploaded my AncestryDNA test to 23andme during a DNA special they had for DNA day 2018.  I believe they called this promo Discover23(at least that it how it's noted in my settings there).  They did not offer matching for the uploaded tests but showed Ancestry Composition.  I recently also tested  with them to get myself in their database for matching purposes.  Below is a comparison of the two tests.  The AncestryDNA test was version 2 and the 23andme is their latest chip test.

DNA Relatives Comparison of the tests:

While the AncestryDNA upload there won't show me my matches it did show me a graphic that said I had 1165 matches which is close to the number on my match list from the test thru 23&me which lists 1177 DNA relatives.

Ethnicity Comparison of the tests:


The 23andme site's test

Monday, July 15, 2019

A letter from First Baptist Church of Old Hickory

Found among my paternal Grandmother, Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke's papers, this letter is part of the archived collection of my families papers(Thomas & Pearl Jakes Cooke Family) that I wrote about in an earlier post--Just a Small Portion of a Family's Paper Trail.    I wish I had a copy of the letter which she wrote.  You can click on the letter to enlarge it.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

More statements from Williams vs. Putman et al pages 30 and 31

If you have ancestors in Tennessee, do yourself a favor and search for the surnames of their neighbors in the TN State Supreme Court files at TN State Library and Archives.  Your ancestors may have given statements for them and if so they may contain information you won't find elsewhere.

The following is from the TN State Supreme Court Case(Middle District) of Robert Williams v. William Putman, et al. Filed Feb 24th 1835. Available at TN State Library & Archives(Nashville, TN) on site or thru PDF document purchase via the archives website with option of delivery via email or a printed copy(see end notes) This particular post covers the content of pages 30 and 31 and contains statements by James Sanford, John B. Nixon, Charles A Frensley, Pleasant Puckett and William B Dotson.

(Page 30)State of Tennessee Rutherford County
Be it remembered that on Monday the 15th day of September 1834 personally appeared before me Richard Ledbetter Clerk and Master of the Circuit Court of said county James Sanford, John B Nixon, Charles A Frensley and Pleasant Puckett all of lawful age witnesses on the part of the complainant and also William B Dotson witness on the part of the defendant, in the suit in Equity now pending in said Circuit Court, wherein Robert Williams complainant, William Putman and Zepheniah Anglin defendants.  The said witnesses appeared before me at my office in Murfreesborough on the day mentioned above and after being duly sworn upon the holy evangelists of Almighty God to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth deposeth and saith as follows.  There being present the complainant and defendant also William Brady atty. for complainant and Andrew J. Hoover atty for defendants.  The said James Sanford being first examined

James Sanford

Question by Complainant attorney:  State the value of the horse when sold to complainant in this unsound state
Answer:  I think the horse was worth sixty dollars at the time Mr. William purchased him.  I also think the mare given in part payment for said horse worth about the same sum.

James Sanford

The said John B Nixon was next examined who stated as follows.
I think the horse worth about sixty dollars at the time he was purchased by Mr. Williams,  in his unsound condition the mare given in part payment for said horse I saw her on the day the trade was made but did not notice her particularly so I am not able to state her value.

John B Nixon(His Mark)

Charles A Frensley was next examined who states as follows.  I rode with Mr. Williams on the day he traded the horse.  Also I rode the horse to Nolensville some weeks afterwards and owing to his unsound condition at the time Mr.(Page 31) Williams purchased said horse.  I would think him worth nothing to me and the way horses sold at the time the trade was made. I think the mare given in part payment for said horse was worth between fifty and sixty dollars.  I was with Mr. Williams in 1831 when said Williams traded the horse Leopard to Mr. Dotson.  I heard Mr. Dotson ask Williams if this horse Leopard was a perfect sound horse.  Williams answer was that his limbs were sound.  Williams said after we started from Dotsons,  Dotson will say I told him this horse was a perfect sound horse and told me to take notice what he did say The horse Williams got in exchange for Leopard was worth not more than thirty dollars. 

C.A. Frensley

Pleasant Puckett witness for complainant was next examined who stated as follows.

I saw said horse Leopard one or two days after Mr. Williams purchased him owing to his unsound condition I would not give anything for him.  In 1830 or 31 I went with Mr. Williams to the District who rode said horse at which time I would not give anything for him.  I saw the horse Mr. William got for said horse Leopard about a week after he got him and I think he was worth about thirty dollars and I am a brother in law to Mr. Williams. 

P. Puckett

William B Dotson witness for defendant was next examined who states as follows.

State what you know about this horse Leopard owned by Mr. Williams

I traded for said horse from Mr. Williams I think in July or August 1831 Mr. Williams rode the horse to my house in Dickson County at which time I traded for said horse, who stated he had been riding him two weeks through the district.  I gave a young horse with about seventy five dollars.  Said horse Leopard was a dapple gray, and about five or six months afterwards I sold him to Mr. Isaac Teague(?) for two hundred dollars in property.  Mr. Williams was anxious to trade said horse Leopard stated he was sound and that he had just taken him from standing a season.  Teague when he purchased him knew he snored.  When I sold him I received one season of a mare.  He stood one season in my neighborhood and he performed well as a foal getter.  I was acquainted with the horse about eighteen months.  He never was injured with any disease he went blind about twelve months after I purchased him.  I don't believe the snoring of the horse injured him ..said horse got very fat after I purchased him and I think he was worth two hundred dollars at the time I sold him. 

Wm B Dotson

The foregoing depositions were taken by me at the time and place mentioned in the caption and that all the witnesses were sworn before they were examined 15th September 1834.

Richard Ledbetter 
Clerk & Master


Williams vs. Putman--TN State Supreme Court Case Middle District Ordered from TN State Library & Archives via https://supreme-court-cases.tennsos.org/ Delivery(Jan 2, 2019) via email of scanned digital images(PDF) 41 pages. (Location at TSLA Range: 33 Section: A Shelf: 2 Box Number: 375)

Location of Files Searchable---https://sos.tn.gov/products/tsla/tennessee-supreme-court-cases

Other posts I've written about this case include pg (mid)19-22 and 50 Person's mentioned in Williams vs. Putman.

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Joseph Cook --Rutherford Co TN Court Minutes--April 1811

I own a copy of Carol Wells' Rutherford County Tennessee County Court Minutes 1811-1815 and was interested in finding out if there was any additional information in the minutes books regarding the entries for Joseph Cook.  . 

From page 11 of the Wells' book
Rutherford Co TN Minute Book E  1811-1812
Referencing April 1811 Term Page 99---Deadrick and Pettway vs Joseph Cook, Wm Locke and John Gassway

  • Judgt. on motion for debt-----$171.55 2/3
  • & interest--------------------------12.75
  • Former cost--- ------------------- 12.12 1/2

From page 12 of the Wells' book
Rutherford Co TN Minute Book E  1811-1812
Referencing April 1811 Term Page 109 Hardy Pope vs Joseph Cooke and Wm Locke

  • Judgt. on motion for debt----$53.54
  • & interest--- ----------------------6.45
  • Former cost-----------------------7.32 1/2
  • and cost of motion

I emailed the Rutherford Co TN Archives inquiring about  the Minute Book E as I couldn't find it available from home at FamilySearch.org.  The Rutherford Co Archives assistant sent me image copies of Minute Book E from the WPA for that record book with the news that the microfilm copy(which I have not yet seen as I'm unable to access it from home) and the WPA copy are the only copies that still exist today.

There was no additional information in the WPA copy.  I believe the Joseph Cook in these records may be the same Joseph Cook who dies in Williamson Co TN in the later part of 1838 without a will and who is at that time listed as Joseph S. Cook.  The 25th District of Williamson Co TN where that Joseph Cook lived had some boundary changes and you can find records for persons living in it in Rutherford and Bedford Co as well as Williamson County.  Also of note is the fact that Hardy Pope whether the one in this court record or a descendant made a purchase at the estate sale of Joseph S. Cook in 1838.  More information to add to the timeline grid for all of the Joseph Cooks in this area.

Wells, Carol, Rutherford County, Tennessee, county court minutes, 1811-1815. (Bowie, Md:  Heritage Books, 1994), 11-12..

Work's Project Administration Records Tennessee Records of Rutherford County Minute Book E 1811-1812 Rutherford Co. TN 1937.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

At a Smith Shop in Murfreesboro on Sept 5th 1831

The following is from the TN State Supreme Court Case(Middle District) of Robert Williams v. William Putman, et al. Filed Feb 24th 1835. Available at TN State Library & Archives(Nashville, TN) on site or thru PDF document purchase via the archives website with option of delivery via email or a printed copy(see end notes)

It contains the depositions(mid pg 19-22) that were given at the Smith Shop of William Gilliam Esq. in Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee for the defense in the above mentioned case on Sept. 5th of 1831. While BarnaB Haley is mentioned as present at the Smith Shop during the depositions there isn't any testimony from him listed in the case papers and the sworn statement by V.D. Cowan J.P does not mention Mr. Haley as one of those giving a deposition. Comments by me are in parenthesis and I have taken some liberty in formatting to make it easier to read. The case is a 41 page file when captured in PDF format though the numbering stops on page 33 with one or two exceptions where it looks like there was an attempt to note the page numbers. An earlier blog post listing persons involved in this case can be found at 50 persons mentioned in TN State Supreme Court Case.

State of Tennessee Rutherford county

Be it remembered that in pursuance of the inclosed(sic) commission to me directed from the Circuit Court of Equity for the county aforesaid I have cause to come before me at the smith shop of William Gilliam Esquire in Murfreesborough in the county aforesaid on the 5th day of September 1831 Samuel Anglin, Absolom Vickery, Noah Putman, BarnaB Haley(refer to above note), and William C Cook all of lawful age witnesses in a certain matter of controversy in said Court descending wherein Robert Williams is complainant and William Putman and Zepheniah Anglin defendants who being first duly sworn upon the Holy evangelist of Almighty God to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

deposed as follows

Samuel Anglin being called

Question by defendants--where you acquainted with a certain stud horse called Leopard sold by defendant Putman to Robert Williams, Plaintiff?

Answer: I was acquainted with the horse whilst he was in the possession of Zepheniah Anglin up to the time said Anglin sold him to Putman.

Question by same---Was or was not said horse a sound thrifty animal whilst said Anglin owned him

Answer: I kept the horse at my house from the expiration of the season about the first of July 1828, until said Anglin sold him to Putman in the fall or winter of the same year and during the whole of the time the horse was sound and in good health eat hardy and continued to thrive so long as I kept him.

Question by Complainant---You are the father of the defendant Anglin are you?

Answer: I expect I am.

Question by the same---When you had charge of the horse, did you examine him minutely to ascertain whether he was deficient or not

Answer: I did not examine him minutely to see whether there was any deficiency in him not suspecting any.

Question by the same--Had you a knowledge of the horse after your son parted with him to Putman?

Answer: I was not acquainted with the horse after my son parted with him and further his deponent sayeth not.

--Samuel Anglin.

Page 20

Absalom Vickery’s Deposition

Absalom Vickery was next called in question by defendants

(Question by Defendants) Were you acquainted with a certain stallion named Leopard sold by defendant Putman to Plaintiff Williams

(Answer: ) I have seen the horse before Anglin purchased him and was slitely(sic) acquainted with him whilst in the possession of Anglin but I was better acquainted with him during the time Putman owned him than I was before.

Question by the Same Did your acquaintance with said horse enable you to form a correct judgment as to his qualities or soundness and was he or not sound and free from defect whilst owned by Putman and a the time of his sale to Williams.

Answer: I was well acquainted with the horse whilst in the possession of Putman. I frequently rode the horse and am fully of the opinion the horse was sound for I never knew the health of the horse questioned till after Putman sold him to Williams.

Question by same--Did you whilst Putman owned said horse ever gallop him any distance and if so did you perceive any defect in his wind

Answer: About two or three days before Putman sold the horse I rode him about two miles from my home and on my return I galloped him about one mile but I did not discover any deficiency in his wind or action but appeared well as usual.

Question by complainant--State if you are related to the defendants

Answer: I married Mr. Putman’s sister

Question by the Same--Mr. Vickery describe the difference of the horse at the time you speak of him,  his form, muscle, general appearance, and age and state if you know what Mr. Putman sold him for.

Answer: He was a large bone horse from his outward appearance I should judge him about five years old what he sold him for I know not . his colour was a dapple gray.

Test W. D. Cowan         Absolem Vickery (his mark)

Noah Putman’s Deposition

Noah Putman being next called on

Question by defendants--Did you or did you not keep a certain stallion named Leopard whilst owned by your brother William the defendant and if so was he sound or not whilst in his possession.

Answer: I kept the horse about two weeks whilst my brother owned him and I believe the horse was perfectly sound and healthy.

Question by same--How long did William Putman own said horse before he sold him to Williams

Answer: about six weeks to the best of my knowledge

Question by same--Were you present when Robert Williams offered to return said horse to Putman and what was the conversation between them in relation to that matter.

Answer: I saw Mr. Williams bring the horse back in July following the (page 21)purchase in November, and proposed to recant the bargain with my brother. He, Mr. Williams stated the horse was not sound. My brothers reply was to the best of my recollection that if he had discovered him to be unsound he ought to have returned him sooner. Mr. Williams stated that he had not discovered it would injured him till about two weeks previous to the time he returned him and then it had fallen in his eyes.

Question by same--Will you describe the horse as to the size and appearance of and age while in the possession of your brother

Answer: He was a large horse and a dapple gray. I should judge him to be five or six years old

And further this deponent saith not.

Noah Putman

William C Cook's Deposition

William C Cook was next examined.

Question by defendant. Do you or not know a certain stallion named Leopard purchased by Robert Williams of William Putman and if so state whether your acquaintance with him enables you to form a correct opinion of his soundness whilst owned by Putman.

Answer: I have seen the horse before Mr. Anglin purchased him. I also saw the horse frequently whilst in the possession of Anglin and Putman both and I never recollect to have heard the health of the horse questioned until after Mr. Williams purchased him.

Question by same: Did you or not ever ride said horse after Williams purchased him and did you perceive any defect in him.

Answer: I do not recollect to have noticed any defect in the performance of said horse when I rode him after Williams purchased him. I rode the horse two or three times but I did not discover any difference.

Question by same: Were you present when Williams the plaintiffs offered to return said horse to Putman and if you were state the conversation between them.

Answer: I was present when Mr. Williams offered to return the horse. To the best of my recollection Mr. Williams proposed to Mr. Putman to give up the horse and take back the mare and the note that he had given to Mr. Putman for the horse but Mr. Putman would not consent to the proposal made by Mr. Williams. Putman's reply was why did you not bring back the horse sooner if you had discovered he was not sound. Williams reply was he thought he had better keep him til the season was out so as to make all he could as not to injure either of them.

Question by same--Did you or not perceive the horse when brought back by Williams to be very much diseased in his eyes.

Answer: His eyes looked very badly.

Question by same-- Did you ever hear Robert Williams State that he did not accuse nor did he believe that defendant Putman knew of any defect in the horse's eyes at the time he sold him to him.

Answer: I heard Mr. Williams state that he never accused Mr. Putman of having any knowledge of the deficiency in the horses eyes.

Question by complainant:  When you rode the horse did you not discover a difficulty in his breathing.

Answer: If he was galloped (Page 22) or whipped he breathed harder than when he was rode moderately but that is the case with any Stallion or most of Stallions.

Question by same--Did not Leopard breathe with more difficulty than would another horse rode and whipped in the same way at the time of what you speak if such horse was not injured in his wind?

Answer: He is not able to answer that question.

Question by same--Do you stand related to either of the defendants

Answer: I am the brother-in-law of Mr. Putman

And further this deponent sayeth not.

William C Cook

This is to certify that the foregoing depositions of Samuel Anglin, Absalom Vickery, Noah Putman and William C Cook was taken before me , V.D. Cowan an acting Justice of the Peace for Rutherford County in the State of Tennessee at the place and on the day in the caption mentioned and the answers were written by me in the presence of the complainant and the defendants and both their counsels and I furthermore certify that I am not interested related or any way concerned with either of the parties given under my hand and seal September 5 1831

V. D. Cowan J. P. (Seal)


Williams vs. Putman--TN State Supreme Court Case Middle District Ordered from TN State Library & Archives via https://supreme-court-cases.tennsos.org/ Delivery(Jan 2, 2019) via email of scanned digital images(PDF) 41 pages. (Location at TSLA Range: 33 Section: A Shelf: 2 Box Number: 375)

Location of Files Searchable---https://sos.tn.gov/products/tsla/tennessee-supreme-court-cases 

Source:  Tennessee State Library & Archives. Tennessee Supreme Court Clerk’s Records 1810-1955, Record Group 191.TN State Supreme Court Case Middle District Range: 33 Section: A Shelf: 2 Box: 375 Robert Williams v. William Putman, et al. (41 pages).

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Honoring PVT Aron J. Frizzell KIA Feb. 20th 1945

Honoring my Frizzell cousin(2C1R)

Aron J Frizzell
PVT 27th Marines
5th Marine Div
World War II
January 20 1926
February 20 1945

My Dad's maternal 2nd Cousin, Aron J Frizzell was one of the US Marines KIA at Iwo Jima on February 20, 1945.  The information above is from his tombstone inscription

Pedigree from my family file at Ancestry.com Cooke/Luna Main File(marieclassof86)

From his WWII Draft Registration which he filed on the 21st of January 1944 in Berrien Co. Michigan, we learn that he is 5 feet 10 inches in height and weighs about 145 pounds.  He has a light complexion with brown hair & hazel eyes.  His mother died when he was 6 years old and his Dad remarried.  His family lived in Berrien Co. Michigan and Coffee Co TN.   He enlisted on the 5th of April 1944.   I have his Serial # and I plan on ordering his military records.

Military Timeline from my Ancestry Family Tree file


"Find A Grave Index," database, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QVG4-L3JL : 13 December 2015), Aron J Frizzell, 1945; Burial, Shady Grove, Coffee, Tennessee, United States of America, Shady Grove Cemetery; citing record ID 108820167, Find a Grave, http://www.findagrave.com.

"United States Headstone Applications for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1949", database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QV1Z-C6XP : 15 March 2018), Aron J Frizzell, .

U.S. WWII Draft Cards Young Men, 1940-1947 [database on-line: https://www.ancestry.com/search/collections/ymdraftcardswwii/]. Lehi, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2011.

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Shared segments: How my 3 siblings compare to me

In addition to my own test, I now have 3 of my siblings who have taken autosomal DNA tests.   I've been concentrating on our paternal line because it contains a research roadblock beyond the 2nd great Grandfather of our Cook(e) line.  I was curious what Paternal DNA I had gotten from Dad that none of my other siblings had.  A little background---We are full siblings.  Dad passed before we began DNA testing.  Our Mom has tested.  I've generated phased kits for myself and my 3 siblings at GEDmatch.

I compared each of my 3 sibling's Paternal Phased kits to my Paternal Phased kit and I painted those segments on my profile at DNApainter.  You can click on this to enlarge.  I didn't include Chr 23(X) in the comparison.  As you can see in the image below there are portions on pretty much each of the chromosomes where none of the 3 match with me. (Note:  You should exclude the first portions of Chr 13, 14, 15, 21, and 22 which aren't included in testing.)

Looking at these paternal segments of each of the siblings compared to me, there is a range of about 200 cM.  My sister and I seem to have gotten a variety of different segments from our Dad. See the comparison of the paternal matching segments for she and I in the image below.

Paternal Overlap with Siblings --Dad (Non-Tested Parent)
Becca to Marie  1499.9 cM shared  42 segments
Michael to Marie  1662.4 cM shared 45 segments
David to Marie 1712.4 cM shared 48 segments

I used the same process explained above to compare the maternal segments.

With very few exceptions it looks like my siblings and I have received more of the same maternal segments.  That would make me think that more of the DNA which Mom had might have been lost.  Thankfully she tested so I have her test for comparison to others.

My sister also shares the least amount in common segments maternally as well.  Still a good bit more In-Common-With segments on the maternal lines than paternal.  My recommendation remains the same.  Test as many siblings as possible.

Maternal Overlap with Siblings--Mom(Tested Parent)
Becca to Marie 2473.8 cM shared  63 segments
Michael to Marie   2605.2 cM shared 56 segments
David to Marie 2696.5 cM shared 63 segments

Monday, May 06, 2019

Info from the Obits of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jakes

I've pulled the information from two obituaries that were posted in the Nashville newspaper in March 1938.  Robert Jakes Sr. was my double 1st cousin 3 times removed.  He died one month and one day after his wife.  I've added some notes(shown in parenthesis below) using information known to me from my research of our families over the years.  I've also included a chart I made showing the intermarriages which it's essential to know when working with DNA matches from that side of my family.  These are all from my Paternal Grandmother's Dad's lines but there are Jakes who marry into the Frizzell family(other than my two lines of Frizzells) which are from my Paternal Grandmother's Mom's lines.

There are additional Jakes/Harger and Morrow/Sutton siblings
which I have not included here so that I could focus on these couples.
Mrs. Robert Jakes(Clementine Pearson Jakes)
Age 78
Place of Birth:  Bedford Co. TN
Parents:  John & Mary Pruett Pearson
Wife of Robert Jakes, Sr.(President of Jakes Foundry Co.)
Died Monday, Feb. 28 1938
Residence:  3509 Gillespie Ave. Nashville, TN
Ill for 3+ years
Member of Nashville Methodist Church for 40 years

Husband:  Robert Jakes Sr.
4 Daughters:

  • Mrs. H. M. Goodloe of Nashville(Bertha Lee Jakes)
  • Mrs. Nannie C Ring of Nashville(Nannie Clementine Jakes)
  • Mrs. Tom C Ashley of Valdosta, Georgia(Mary Margaret Jakes)
  • Mrs. Tom McDonnough of Richmond, Kentucky(Ophelia Jakes)

6 Sons:

  • J.W. Jakes of Nashville(John William Jakes)
  • E.F. Jakes of Nashville(Edward Franklin Jakes)
  • Robert Jakes Jr. of Nashville
  • P.W. Jakes of Nashville(Percy Warner Jakes)
  • C.B. Jakes of Nashville(Claud B. Jakes)
  • J. T. Jakes of Newport, TN(James T. Jakes)

Mrs. George Jakes of Nashville(Sarah C. Pearson--Geo Jakes was brother of Robert Jakes)

Hiram W. Pearson of Weatherford, TN

18 Grandchildren & 3 Great Grandchildren.

Funeral March 2, 1938 (10:30 am)
Officiating:  Rev. John W. Estes with Rev. N. Burch Tucker assisting
Burial:  Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery

"Mrs. Robert Jakes," The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee) Tuesday, 01 Mar 1938, p. 3, col. 6, ; image copy, Newspapers.com (https://www.newspapers.com : accessed 6 May 2019).

Mr. Robert Jakes, Sr. 
President of Jakes Foundry Co. he established abt 50 yrs ago
Age 79
Wife Clementine Pearson Jakes died a month ago(a month & 1 day ago)
Died Tuesday. March 29, 1938 at home of daughter Mrs. H. M Goodloe
POD: daughter's residence--3520 Byron Ave Nashville, TN
Ill for 3 months
Born in Bedford Co. TN Sept. 22, 1858
Member of Knights of Pythias and the Junior Order of United American Mechanics
Active member of West Nashville Methodist Church.

4 Daughters:

  • Mrs. H. M. Goodloe of Nashville(Bertha Lee Jakes)
  • Mrs. Nannie C. Ring of Nashville(Nannie Clementine Jakes)
  • Mrs. Tom C Ashley of Valdosta, Georgia(Mary Margaret Jakes)
  • Mrs. Tom McDonnough of Richmond, Kentucky(Ophelia Jakes)

6 Sons:

  • J.W. Jakes of Nashville(John William Jakes)
  • E.T. Jakes of Nashville(Edward Franklin Jakes--middle initial wrong in obit)
  • P. W. Jakes of Nashville(Percy Warner Jakes)
  • C. B. Jakes of Nashville(Claud B. Jakes)
  • Robert Jakes Jr. of Nashville
  • J. T. Jakes of Newport, TN(James T. Jakes)

A. D. Jakes of Nashville

18 Grandchildren & 3 Great Grandchildren.

Funeral March 30, 1938 (3:00 pm)
Officiating:  Rev. J W. Estes & John R. Stewart
Burial:  Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery

"Jakes Funeral Planned Today," The Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee)Wednesday, 30 Mar 1938, p. 10, col. 4, ; image copy, Newspapers.com (https://www.newspapers.com : accessed 6 May 2019).