DNA Tools & Reference Links


GEDmatch--Free to use site with an upload.  Tier 1 tools available at $10 a month but subscribing is not necessary for use of the majority of the tools.

DNAgedcom-- available as a client software for retrieval of AncestryDNA match info and also web-based analysis.  Currently, $5 a month for the full site and client although there are some free features.

DNA Painter--Jonny Perl's tool for Chromosome Painting.

Interactive Shared cM Project-- a helpful interactive tool by Jonny Perl using Blaine T Bettinger's Shared cM Project info

Interactive Shared cM Project with Relationship Probabilities--the latest version of a helpful interactive tool by Jonny Perl using Blaine T Bettinger's Shared cM Project info and the probability chart by TheDNAGeek.

DNAAdoption--A handy site regardless of whether you are adopted or not.

Autosomal Testing at AncestryDNA, MyHeritage,  FTDNA(also the only company that does YDNA & mtDNA testing) or 23&me(select ancestry only kit unless you want the health option which is added cost).  I recommend testing at AncestryDNA, doing a transfer(which is really just copying your test...it will remain at AncestryDNA) to FTDNA and uploading the AncestryDNA raw data file(a zip file) to  GEDmatch.com.  (Please note that FTDNA isn't taking AncestryDNA uploads of tests done using Ancestry's new chip and it's unsure when or if that will change.  Additionally, if you tested at 23&me and your results are on the new chip--after Aug. 9th 2017--then you won't be able to upload to the regular part of GEDmatch but you can upload to the Genesis portion of the site.)  MyHeritage now has a chromosome browser and ability to download matches(via email)  LivingDNA is the new "kid" on the block but offers 3 in 1 tests for males(YDNA, mtDNA and atDNA) and 2 in 1 test for females(mtDNA and atDNA). Learn more about the latest for all of these companies by watching the RootsTech 2018 Sessions about DNA

How To...

How to Send a Share Link of your AncestryDNA

How to Download your DNA results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA or 23&Me and Upload to GEDmatch

Reference Sites

ISOGG(International Society of Genetic Genealogy) Wiki

The Shared cM Project--Blaine Bettinger's site

Your Genetic Genealogist--CeCe Moore

Journal of Genetic Genealogy

DNAeXplained--Roberta Estes' DNA research blog

Segment-ology-Jim Bartlett's blog

Historic Pathways --Elizabeth Shown Mill's website

Kitty Cooper's Blog---DNA Basics

Cyndi's List

DNA Related Webinars I have attended:

  • FAN + GPS + DNA: The Problem-Solver's Great Trifecta--Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL
  • Using Autosomal DNA for 18th and 19th Century Mysteries--Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
  • The "WHO" of Genetic Genealogy--Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
  • Exploring AncestryDNA's New Genetic Communities--Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
  • How Harry Potter Can Teach You About DNA by Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D. 
  • Strategies to Find the Most Challenging Ancestors with Autosomal DNA Data-- James M. Baker PhD, CG
  • Weaving DNA Test Results into a Proof Argument--Karen Stanbary MA CG
  • Finding Missing Persons With DNA Testing--Diahan Southard
  • What Now? Your Next Steps with Autosomal DNA Testing by Diahan Southard
  • MAXY DNA: Correlating mt-at-X-Y DNA with the GPS--Debbie Parker Wayne, CG, CGL
  • Systematically Using Autosomal DNA Test Results to Help Break Through Genealogical Brick Walls--Tom Jones, PhD, CG, CGL