Sunday, January 24, 2016

Will of William Cook-- Surry County, North Carolina April 1801

Reading through some early Cook wills and thought this one contained a good deal of information on the family of William Cook of Surry Co., North Carolina so have put some of the information contained in the will below.  The image of the will in its entirety can be found at in the North Carolina Wills and Probate Collection

Name William Cook
Probate Date 27 Apr 1801
Probate Place Surry, North Carolina, USA
Source Information
Item Description Wills, Vol 1-3, 1771-1827

Image 491 of 626 Book pg 44 North Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
Original data: North Carolina County, District and Probate Courts.

Wife:     Keziah


  • Samuel Cook (listed in the first portion of the will)

  • Mary(eldest daughter)  Her Children:  Nancy, Polly and  Elizabeth Shores.
  • Benjamin Cook
  • David Cook

  • John Cook
  • William Cook
  • Hannah Meridith
  • Elizabeth Cook
  • Sarah Jones
  • Frances Cook
  • Keziah DeJarnete

Also listed in the will are the following listed as Negros
Negros: George, Tom, Rachel, Berry, Susey, Old Sam, Jane, Hale? and Ransome

Benjamin Carter
Keziah Cook

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sorting thru Putman DNA matches.

Working on the Union Co South Carolina Putmans today in my DNA research. Several from this family came to Williamson/Bedford/Rutherford Co TN. I am a descendant of Jabel/Jabez Putman thru his daughter Elizabeth Putman Cook(my 2nd Great Grandmother) From the DNA I can identify several segments coming from Jabel Putman and his wife...I show matches to Descendants of their sons Hiram and Noah as well as daughters Parry, Sarah "Sally" and Susan Frances. Over the past few months I have been writing notes to those that matched my AncestryDNA and were in the Jabel Putman DNA circle with me at Several had already uploaded to GEDmatch which was very helpful because you really cannot compare segment matches at Ancestry and Identify segments. The best you can do at Ancestry is tell total amt of cMs shared but that does very little other than give you a guesstimate of what relationship you might be in reference to the averages on the Inherited cMs chart which I use. I seem to remember that Ancestry removes false positive areas and doesn't count X segment matches(but that could have changed or I could be mistaken). The best policy is to have kits uploaded to so that you can compare the segments using your own settings. I generally don't lower below 7cM or 500 SNPs to be considered a segment match that is from a common ancestor. When I have a grouping of kits of descendants of the same couple I will sometimes lower slightly to see if I can get any clues for other unknown areas of a chromosome but that doesn't really happen much as I am busy working on many large segments which I have yet to find the common ancestor or ancestor couple even though I have most of my 4th Great Grandparents for all of my lines(with one or two exceptions).

I am hopeful that one or more of my Cook/Putman cousins will take an autosomal dna test so I can find our common segments and search within the ones we do not have in common with the Putman cousins to help and determine the origins of the Cook line since we can't make it past our 2nd Great Grandfather, Wm. Clifford Cook.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Pondering on the Littles, Lambs, Putmans and their many connections to the Cooks

William C. Cook & Elizabeth Putman were married in Williamson Co TN Sept 27 1831. Wm. C. Cook obtained their marriage license and signed a marriage bond on Sept 25th.  There is a Zachariah Little that signs with him on the marriage bond.  William C. Cook also signed on Zachariah's marriage bond also taken out on the same day(Sept 26) to a Mary Hill.   I have never been able to find William C. Cook in the 1850 census but I believe that is due to the 1850 census records for the Rover being lost/destroyed or missed entirely.  I found Zachariah in the 1850 census of Marshall Co TN and it appears that Mary has died after having several children with him and he has remarried to a Lydia Swinford(Sept 20th 1844 in Lincoln Co TN)

There is also an Alfred L. Little listed in the estate inventory for Joseph S. Cook--an estate over which William C. Cook was the named administrator(Jan Term 1839).  Not sure how these Little families connect to the Cook line or to one another.   They may just have been neighbors however it was usually kin who signed off on bonds and a lot of times neighbors WERE  kinfolk.  Charles and Hardy Pope are also mentioned in the inventory listing as purchasing items.  I believe some of Hardy's children married into the Lamb family which intermarried heavily with the Putmans and is well represented in the listing of those purchasing items from Joseph S. Cook's estate.  Other purchases were Richard Nance, Johnathan Vickers?, Joseph Hight, James Putman, Hiram Putman, William Putman, Noah Putman and Nancy Putman.  Nancy Putman is listed as the purchaser of 1 large Bible.  I believe that this Nancy Putman is Nancy Tyler Putman widow of Jabel/Jabez Putman and mother of Elizabeth Putman Cook, Parry Putman Lamb and the other male Putmans listed.  I wonder what became of the Bible. I believe the Hight and the Pope families also are connected to each other after looking thru some of the family histories in my copy of the History of Rover & the 10th District of Bedford From a glance at the 1850 Census I see Little families in Cannon, Bedford, Rutherford, Marshall and Williamson Counties of TN

Wish we had a clue who Joseph's wife was before they married and if they were William Clifford Cook's parents.  My autosomal dna is matching with others who have Cooks out of Orange/Chatham Co NC area but whether that is Cook DNA or DNA from another line of that area which came to Bedford Co TN is hard to say.  Once there are non Cook descendants from William Clifford Cook's line testing we may be able to sort out some of that mystery.