Saturday, October 26, 2013

How the houses my Grandparents lived in look today--Part 2

Another of the homes of my Grandparents, Thomas Dewitt & Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke

1401 Forrest Avenue--They lived here in the early 1960s

Google Image from Aug 2011

Sept 1963

How the houses my Grandparents lived in look today-- Part 1

Thank You,  Grandma Cooke for gluing the envelopes in your scrapbooks.    This helped me to determine where you lived at different times by checking the postmark and address.  Also a big thank you for thinking that in front of the house was the best place to have a picture taken. 

1209 Calvin Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA

Circa 1953
Google Map Image Street View from Aug 2011

Friday, April 26, 2013

Talking with a friend earlier I realized that while I had the 1940 Census Entry for Conway Twitty(Harold Jenkins) that I did not have Loretta Lynn's 1940 Census entry......and so I searched and found...
1940 Census entry for 7 yr old Loretta Lynn who was born Loretta Webb.
Shown here in Johnson Co KY Magistrate Dist. 2 Butcher Hollow with her parents Melvin & Clara.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lefty Frizzell in 1940 Union Co Arkansas

The following snippet of the 1940 census shows William Orville Frizzell living in the household of his parents in Union Co Arkansas's El Dorado Township. He was my Dad's 5th cousin thru Dad's double Frizzell line.

They shared common GGGG Grandparents: Nathan Frizzell & Margaret Deason. For those interested...he was born in Corsicana, TX and not Saginaw, Michigan. 😉 You can find his birth certificate at as well as the corrected birth certificate from the same day which corrects birth time from 12:35 to 12:30 and lists the city along with the county of birth.

Nathan  Frizzell(Margaret Deason)-----Nathan Frizzell(Margaret Deason)
David Frizzell(Nancy Ballinger) -------Nathan Frizzell (Ruahuma Weaver)
John Wiley Frizzell-----------------------James M. Frizzell
Pleasant Monroe Frizzell----------------David Frizzell
Wm. M. Frizzell--------------------------Thelitha Ann Frizzell
Namon Orville Frizzell-------------------Pearl Jakes Cooke
William Orville(Lefty) Frizzell---------Billy Joe Cooke

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Darlin'

If you are a country music fan you might be interested in the 6 yr old Harold Jenkins' 1940 Census entry.

1940 Coahoma Co., MS Beat 2 Friars Point Enumeration Dist 14-4 pg 58B Sheet 12b