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Obits from DuPont Employee Newsletter--Cheatham and Jarman

Old Hickory Record Vol 21 No. 4 March  26, 1971 pg 2 Obituaries section
This is a newsletter for DuPont employees and was also mailed out to retirees.  While it listed the age, it doesn't list the birth or death dates.

George H. Cheatham
Age 56  (Nashville, TN)
Wife, Pearlene Cheatham
Daughter, Dorothy Phillips
Mother, Mrs. Mary Crisman
A sister
Employed with DuPont from 1944-1971
(Shipping area since 1965)

William B. Jarman
Age 63 (Portland, TN)
Wife, Velma
Mrs. Betty Sue Bradley
Mrs Elsie Taylor
Mrs Lillie Belle Long
Son: Amos Jarman
Employed with Dupont from 1925-1953
(retired--majority as a spinner)

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. Horace E. Tomlinson--From The Old Hickory Record.

This article was in The Old Hickory Record a company paper distributed by DuPont .  Presumably this would have been published in late Sept / early Oct edition as they married September 25, 1948.  My Grandmother saved newspaper clippings of people she knew.  This was one of them.

Reba's parents were Earnest Lillard Massey and Effie Mai Glover Massey who lived on Hadley Avenue in Old Hickory and can be found there in the 1930 & 1940 US Federal Census of Davidson Co TN(Dist 4 Old Hickory).  At that time my grandparents, Tom D. & Pearl Jakes Cooke,  lived at 911 Dodson Street.  That residence no longer exist and has been gone since at least the early 70s as I remember when we would drive down Dodson Street on the way to my paternal Aunt's house(on DeBow St.) Dad would point out that the house they lived in used to be at that corner lot.

In my earlier post about folks who lived near my grandparents when they lived on Clarke Street in Old Hickory my goal was to identify the persons in the pictures from that time period.  Now I've come up with all sort of questions about that time period and place.

Do any of these DuPont Company papers still exist?  Are they in an Archive?

What happened to the Rent records or employee records for the earlier DuPont years(pre-1950)

Is there an Old Hickory Directory for the years 1923-1950 or so? 

I've contacted the Nashville Public Library and the TN State Library & Archives and they have directed me to the Old Hickory Branch of the Nashville Public Library.  I'm hoping to contact them and find out if they know the answers to any of those questions.  If I do learn more about that I will post here.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

2019 Opportunities--My wishes for the New Year

In the 1990s, I had a boss who was fond of saying, "We don't have problems.  We have opportunities."  As we approach 2019, I've made a list of opportunities for myself and other areas in my genealogy life where I'd like to see improvements.   This is just me "blue-skying"

Improvements I'd like to make for myself in 2019

  • I'd like to try and improve my focus on my research.  Why is it so easy to get sidetracked?
  • Identify the unknowns in my old family pictures.
  • Stay in contact with cousins and share more info about our families.  I'd like to make sure that my cousins have copies of the family photos and I hope they will share with me.

Improvements I'd like to see elsewhere in 2019

  • More researchers blogging about their ancestors.
  • Local Genealogy Societies having ScanFest to preserve local pics.
  • County Genealogy Societies having membership drives & making more of an effort with an online presence which is what it is going to take to interest the younger generation and survive.
  • More Genealogy Webinars from State Societies for both members and nonmembers.
  • An increase in the number of documents available for ordering from State archives via index and online purchases.
  • The above would also be great at the Federal level and a decrease in the price would increase the demand.
  • A new messaging system and username directory at Ancestry that actually works.    
  • Better communication for all.  Family Stories within our families(so much oral history has been lost), DNA match communication, and communication between fellow surname & locality researchers.
May we all have a BLESSED new year full of all the answers we seek.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Freddie W. Wauford & Thomas D. Cooke retirement announcements

Headlines From Dupont's Company Paper(Old Hickory, TN)
Rayon Record  Newspaper Aug 5, 1953
Two Veteran Maintenance Men Retire Effective August 1
Freddie W. Wauford and Thomas D. Cooke(my grandfather)

Freddie W. Wauford, Maintenance Locker Room Attendant, retired from the Company under the age requirement on August 1, after more than 24 years' service.

Mr. Wauford was born in Alexandria in DeKalb County, Tennessee. He was engaged in farming before joining the Du Pont Company in 1929. He first worked in Plant 1 Textile and was then a Wash and Bleach Operator until that operation was discontinued. After short periods again in the Textile Areas and Inspections, he was sent to the Maintenance Department in April 1941 as Locker Room Attendant. He remained in this job until his retirement.

He was married in 1910 to Miss Ida Washer. They now live at 1302 Jones Street in the Village, where they own their home. The Waufords have three sons and one daughter. Two of the sons are plant employees, Orvestil, who works in Plant 2 Laboratory and William, of Plant 1 Spinning. The other son is a former employee and the daughter is married to Bill Willoughby, who works in Plant 1 Chemical Building.

Mr. Wauford says he has no immediate plans following his retirement. Speaking of his career with Du Pont, he said, "It comes from my heart when I say you could travel the world over and not find a better company than Du Pont for which to work. And that group of men in the Maintenance Department is the best bunch of fellows I've ever known. I count every one of them as a friend and want to wish them well."

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

AncestryDNA Match List Stats--Then and Now

I was reviewing one of my blog posts from last year-- DNA Randomness: Siblings and noticed I had included some stats for our AncestryDNA match lists from that date---August 25, 2017, comparing the number of AncestryDNA matches in various categories of the DNA match lists of my sister, and myself.  I wondered how this year's stats would compare so I have included the ones from August of 2017( reformated for comparison purposes) in a table along with the stats I collected today

Clarke Street Neighbors(Part 2)--Old Hickory, TN 1923-1946

This post continues me gathering more information about the Old Hickory residents who lived near my paternal grandparents.  My grandparents lived at 1009 Clarke Street in Old Hickory until some time between the latter part of 1927 and 1930.  They moved from Clarke Street to 911 Dodson Street.  I'm attempting to identify neighbors who might be the "unknowns" in pictures that my grandmother had which are from this time period.  As I mentioned in the previous post(see link below), I will be adding these neighbors to the neighborhood tree database at Ancestry.  Hopefully, this will help me to find the family of the "not yet identified" persons in these pictures.

Map of the area of Clarke Street
Showing my notes of the residents from 1930 Census entries

1930 US Federal Census Davidson Co. TN; District 4; Enum. Dist.: 0244; Page: 47B; FHL microfilm: 2341977. images; image 91 & 92 of 105.

1000 Clark Street Rent $18[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Frank E Diehl--head--31 yrs old--mar at 23 TN KY OH Foreman in Chemical Blding Rayon Mills
Sarah B Diehl--wife--28 yrs old--mar at 21 TN TN TN
Sarah M Diehl--dau--5 yrs old--single TN TN TN
Emily J Diehl--dau--4 3/12 yrs old--single TN TN TN
Harold Fykes--lodger--26 yrs old--single AL TN TN Carpenter Building Construction Company

1002 Clark Street Rent $23 [Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Charles R. O'Brien--head--35 yrs old--mar at 22 PA PA PA Supervisor Spinning Room Rayon Mills
Leah M O'Brien-wife--33 yrs old--mar at 20 NJ PA GA
Robert J. O'Brien-son--12 yrs old--single  NJ PA NJ
Charles Jr. O'Brien-son--7 yrs old--single--NJ PA NJ

1004 Clark Street Rent $18 [Appears to be "Haskell" model]
John Rudd--head--43 yrs old--mar at 20 KY KY KY Deputy Sheriff Village
Azalee Rudd--wife--42 yrs old--mar at 19 TN TN TN clerk Grocery
James Rudd--son--18 yrs old--single KY KY TN
Callie W Stigall--nephew--32 yrs old--mar at 24 KY KY KY Slitting Machine Operator Cellophane Plant
Mary Stigall--niece--24 yrs old mar at 16 KY KY KY
Callie Stigall Jr.--son--7 yrs old--single KY KY KY
Mildred L. Stigall--daughter-- 1 10/12 yrs old--single KY KY KY
Frank Power--boarder--42 yrs old--mar at 41 KY KY KY mechanic Cellophane Plant
Mary Power--boarder--26 yrs old--mar at 25 TN TN TN
Jim Pendleton--boarder--31 yrs old--single  KY KY KY mechanic Rayon Mills

1006 Clark Street $18 [Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Nellie Hambaugh--head--70 yrs old--widow--TN TN KY--None
Eddie Burgdorf--daughter--41 yrs old--widow--TN TN TN Clerk in Accounting Dept Rayon Mills

1008 Clark Street Rent $23 [Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Rosco Savage-head--24 yrs old--mar at 21 TN TN TN Painter Building Construction Co.
Minnie Savage-wife--21 yrs old--mar at 18 TN TN TN Misc Worker Rayon Mills
Carrie N Halloman--boarder-- 24 yrs old--TN TN TN Laboratory Worker Rayon Mills 

1010 Clark Street Rent $18 [Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Harry F Nees-head--26 yrs old--mar at 23 TN TN TN Manager Theater
Mary Nees-wife--21 yrs old--mar at 18 KY KY KY
Bettie Nees-daughter--1 yr old--single TN TN KY
Bertha Bright-MIL-51 yrs old-wd  TN TN TN
Hattie Bright-SIL--19--single KY KY TN cone inspector Rayon Mills
John Bright-BIL--13 yrs old--single TN KY TN
Jackson Miller --lodger--17 yrs old--single TN TN TN clerk gasoline filling station

Taken abt 1926
L-R Back Row Unknown Female, Magnus Cooke, Unknown Female Viola Cooke
L-R Front Row Unknown Child, June Cooke, Tomie D Cooke
This picture isn't very clear but it is a good picture of the houses.  The persons in the picture are L-R
Viola Cooke and the same girl who is the first person on the Left of the Back Row in the above picture.
Unknown Female might be a Clarke Street Neighbor
or someone from Dodson Street(the # 1931 is written on the back
along with the # 11)

Monday, December 17, 2018

Clarke Street Neighbors Old Hickory, TN 1923-1946

[Edited 12/20/2018 to include a link to Part 2 at end of this post]

In February of 1927, my grandparents were living at 1009 Clarke Street in Old Hickory, Tennessee when their oldest son died of scarlet fever.   His name was Thomas D. Cooke Jr and his parents and siblings always called him Tomie D.  I have several pictures of him with friends and family that I have published on my webpage, in my tree at Ancestry, and here on my blog.  My grandmother had pictures of him and his sisters with children from the neighborhood where they lived which came into my possession as the family historian.  I can identify my aunts, and Tomie D. in the pictures but do not know who the other children are.  Presumably, they would be children who lived near them on Clarke Street or the surrounding streets.  I thought it might be good to review the area and look at the folks who were living there during 1927 but so far I have been unable to find a city directory for that area.  My grandparents moved to 911 Dodson Street(Old Hickory) shortly after Tomie D.'s passing but I wanted to see who all was living in that area of Clarke Street in 1930.  Maybe eventually I'll be able to find some sort of listing.  Old Hickory was a company town at least prior to 1945/46 so all residents on that street were renters.  I've contacted TN State Archives and the Nashville Library and neither know of a directory for that area covering the time period.  For the time being, I'm studying the 1930 census and hoping to learn more.  I"ve started a research tree on Ancestry for those who lived in that area and have begun researching the families and the houses.  The houses, which were Sears Modern Homes, are just as interesting as the people.  Looking at Google's street view I was able to see how they look present day.  As you might imagine, some have been modified, but they still retain enough of the features to allow for identification.  The styles on Clarke Street both on the north side(odd house numbers) and the south side(even house numbers) seem to be either a Georgia model or a Haskell model home.

Tomie D Cooke(on right) and friend
circa 1925
I'd love to know the identity of the other boy in the picture.  I would guess they are about the same age.  Also, I'd love to hear from other descendants of people who lived on Clarke Street or Dodson St in Old Hickory Tennessee between 1923-1946.

Map of the area of Clarke Street
Showing my notes of the residents from 1930 Census entries
Below is a little bit of the household information I was able to gather from the 1930 census as well as my additional comments on the house style from viewing them on Google Maps.  I'll post some more pictures and additional households for the south portion of Clarke Street in a future blog post.

1930 US Federal Census Davidson Co. TN; District 4; Enum. Dist.: 0244; Page: 47B; FHL microfilm: 2341977. images; image 94 of 105.

1001 Clark Street (Rent $23)[Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Lenard N. Roaden--Head--age 40- --mar at 26 TN TN TN Spinning Room Belt man Rayon Plant
Alma Roaden--wife--age 37--mar at 25 TN TN TN 
James A Roaden--son--age 4 4/12 single TN TN TN
Lenard M Roaden--son--age 3/12 single TN TN TN

1003 Clark Street (Rent $18)[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Howard D Bowman--head--age 26 mar at 22 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinnerette Lab Rayon Mills
Aileen Bowman--wife--age 21 mar at 17 TN TN TN
John H. Bowman--son--age 1 8/12 -single--TN TN TN 

1005 Clark Street (Rent $18)[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Wilburn R Hunt --head--age 37 mar at 21 TN TN TN Fire Dept. Chief --Village
Mattie N. Hunt--wife--age 36 mar at 20 TN TN TN
Blanche Hunt--daughter--age 14 single TN TN TN
Elizabeth Hunt--daughter--age 13  single TN TN TN
John W(est) Hunt--son--age 10 single TN TN TN
Howard L. Hunt--son--age 10  single TN TN TN
Joe M. Hunt--son--age 8 single TN TN TN
Wilburn E Hunt--son--age 4 6/12 single TN TN TN
Kenneth R Hunt--son--age 1 4/12 single TN TN TN

1007 Clark Street Rent $18[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Douglas Cone Jr.--head--age 26 mar at 20 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinning Room Rayon Mills
Mattie W. Cone--wife--age 26 mar at 20 MS MS MS
Douglas Cone III--son--age 4 3/12 single TN TN MS

1009 Clark Street Rent $18[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Henry Powell--head--age 27 mar at 26 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinning Room Rayon Mills
Mildred Powell--wife--age 26 mar at 25 TN TN TN Forelady in Reeling Room Rayon Mills
Howard McKibbon--boarder--age 29 mar at 29 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinning Room Rayon Mill
Bessie McKibbon--boarder--age 23 mar at 23 TN TN TN

1011 Clark Street Rent $23[Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Arthur L. Snyder--head--age 32 mar at 29 Can.(Eng) Can.(Eng) Can.(Eng) Sales Serviceman Rayon Mills
Dora Snyder--wife--age 23 mar at 20 KY KY KY
John Snyder--son--age 1 8/12--single--MN Can.(Eng) KY
John S Fonda--boarder--age 29 mar at 27 NY NY NY Research Chemist Rayon Mills
Marion G Fonda--boarder--age 30 mar at 28 NY NY NY 

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Tinkering with the latest genetic networks tool from Genetic Affairs

An amazing new Auto-Clustering tool from Genetic Affairs is the latest tool available to aid genetic genealogist in building genetic networks.  The leaders in Genetic Genealogy have all been blogging about it.  If you're interested in learning more about it, check out the links included at the end of this post.

This tool allows me to "drill down" in my matches at Ancestry where I have over 2500 4th  cousins or closer.  I've run several reports using varied settings.  The example shown below was done with the settings at option A and amounts 40cM-15cM.  It's having timing out issues right now due to size and my double colonial ancestry but this is really great output despite that.  Below is an annotated screenshot of the output.  I've not included the DNA Matches names which run across the top and down the left margin of the report.  This is just the top portion of this particular report.  There are a total of 68 clusters in this report.

The report also includes a match data table that is very helpful.  If you keep good notes you will have a much easier time figuring out what groups each cluster represents.  For the last few years, I have been sorting my AncestryDNA matches and attributing them to one of my 4 grandparents(noting PGF, PGM, MGF, or MGM in the Notes).  This has helped me tremendously.  Below is an example of the table data for my Cluster 14(not shown in the chart above)

I believe that each person's results will vary depending not only on their settings but also on their family dynamics and the number of family members(both close & distant) who have tested. 

Relevant Links:

Monday, December 03, 2018

A Christmas Card from Granny's Paper Collection: Card 2

Another Christmas Card from my Paternal Grandmother's collection.
This one is also from Granny Pearl Jakes Cooke's brother, Will B Jakes and his wife Georgia.

Front of Card --Still has a great deal of Glitter

Inside of Card

There isn't a logo of any sort on the back of the card.  The bottom left corner has P-5 and the bottom right corner 124-2 (beneath that in tinier letters is Litho in U.S.A.)

Do you mail out cards during the holidays?  Did your family mail out cards?   Did any family members save cards they have received?