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Clarke Street Neighbors(Part 2)--Old Hickory, TN 1923-1946

This post continues me gathering more information about the Old Hickory residents who lived near my paternal grandparents.  My grandparents lived at 1008 Clarke Street in Old Hickory until some time between the latter part of 1927 and 1930.  They moved from Clarke Street to 911 Dodson Street.  I'm attempting to identify neighbors who might be the "unknowns" in pictures that my grandmother had which are from this time period.  As I mentioned in the previous post(see link below), I will be adding these neighbors to the neighborhood tree database at Ancestry.  Hopefully, this will help me to find the family of the "not yet identified" persons in these pictures.

Map of the area of Clarke Street
Showing my notes of the residents from 1930 Census entries

1930 US Federal Census Davidson Co. TN; District 4; Enum. Dist.: 0244; Page: 47B; FHL microfilm: 2341977. images; image 91 & 92 of 105.

1000 Clark Street Rent $18[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Frank E Diehl--head--31 yrs old--mar at 23 TN KY OH Foreman in Chemical Blding Rayon Mills
Sarah B Diehl--wife--28 yrs old--mar at 21 TN TN TN
Sarah M Diehl--dau--5 yrs old--single TN TN TN
Emily J Diehl--dau--4 3/12 yrs old--single TN TN TN
Harold Fykes--lodger--26 yrs old--single AL TN TN Carpenter Building Construction Company

1002 Clark Street Rent $23 [Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Charles R. O'Brien--head--35 yrs old--mar at 22 PA PA PA Supervisor Spinning Room Rayon Mills
Leah M O'Brien-wife--33 yrs old--mar at 20 NJ PA GA
Robert J. O'Brien-son--12 yrs old--single  NJ PA NJ
Charles Jr. O'Brien-son--7 yrs old--single--NJ PA NJ

1004 Clark Street Rent $18 [Appears to be "Haskell" model]
John Rudd--head--43 yrs old--mar at 20 KY KY KY Deputy Sheriff Village
Azalee Rudd--wife--42 yrs old--mar at 19 TN TN TN clerk Grocery
James Rudd--son--18 yrs old--single KY KY TN
Callie W Stigall--nephew--32 yrs old--mar at 24 KY KY KY Slitting Machine Operator Cellophane Plant
Mary Stigall--niece--24 yrs old mar at 16 KY KY KY
Callie Stigall Jr.--son--7 yrs old--single KY KY KY
Mildred L. Stigall--daughter-- 1 10/12 yrs old--single KY KY KY
Frank Power--boarder--42 yrs old--mar at 41 KY KY KY mechanic Cellophane Plant
Mary Power--boarder--26 yrs old--mar at 25 TN TN TN
Jim Pendleton--boarder--31 yrs old--single  KY KY KY mechanic Rayon Mills

1006 Clark Street $18 [Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Nellie Hambaugh--head--70 yrs old--widow--TN TN KY--None
Eddie Burgdorf--daughter--41 yrs old--widow--TN TN TN Clerk in Accounting Dept Rayon Mills

1008 Clark Street Rent $23 [Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Rosco Savage-head--24 yrs old--mar at 21 TN TN TN Painter Building Construction Co.
Minnie Savage-wife--21 yrs old--mar at 18 TN TN TN Misc Worker Rayon Mills
Carrie N Halloman--boarder-- 24 yrs old--TN TN TN Laboratory Worker Rayon Mills 

1010 Clark Street Rent $18 [Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Harry F Nees-head--26 yrs old--mar at 23 TN TN TN Manager Theater
Mary Nees-wife--21 yrs old--mar at 18 KY KY KY
Bettie Nees-daughter--1 yr old--single TN TN KY
Bertha Bright-MIL-51 yrs old-wd  TN TN TN
Hattie Bright-SIL--19--single KY KY TN cone inspector Rayon Mills
John Bright-BIL--13 yrs old--single TN KY TN
Jackson Miller --lodger--17 yrs old--single TN TN TN clerk gasoline filling station

Taken abt 1926
L-R Back Row Unknown Female, Magnus Cooke, Unknown Female Viola Cooke
L-R Front Row Unknown Child, June Cooke, Tomie D Cooke
This picture isn't very clear but it is a good picture of the houses.  The persons in the picture are L-R
Viola Cooke and the same girl who is the first person on the Left of the Back Row in the above picture.
Unknown Female might be a Clarke Street Neighbor
or someone from Dodson Street(the # 1931 is written on the back
along with the # 11)

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