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Scudder Rifleman List--Unionville TN from Shelbyville Gazette(1911)

Transcription of list printed in Shelbyville Gazette 4 May 1911

I used ChatGPT(free version) to aid in extracting the names by uploading 2 halves of the image.  It did an okay job but did a lot of repeating.  I did a complete review to insure that the listing was as printed.  It's not exactly in alphabetical order but that is the way it was printed in the paper.  See original image at the source listing below.  I probably could have read and typed it faster.  The image itself was fairly clear in comparison to some of the newspaper images I've used in my research.

Muster Roll July 1861

List of officers and privates of the "Scudder Riflemen" at Unionville, Tenn., mustered into service by Jas. L. Scudder, July 4th, 1861, and left for Camp Anderson July 13th.

W. C. Blanton, Captain, dead.
A. Poplin, 1st Lieutenant, dead.
A. Hatcher, 2d Lieutenant, Unionville.
A. Wilson, 3d Lieutenant, dead.
B. F. White, 1st Sergeant, dead.
W. C. Brown, 2nd Sergeant, Gainsville, Texas.
S. F. Smith, 3d Sergeant, killed at Shiloh.
E. Blanton, 4th Sergeant, dead.
P. M. W. McConnell, 1st Corporal dead.
J. M. Moore, 2d Corporal, dead.
B. A. McLain, 3d Corporal, Midland, Tenn.
B. M. Weaver, 4th Corporal, killed at Perryville.
H. R. Allison, died in camp.
D. C. Anderson, died at home.
F. M. Alexander, unknown.
W. B. Burch, killed at Selma Alabama.
J. T. Britton, dead.
J. C. Blanton, Mont Eagle.
W. M. Brown, dead.
Robert Bailey, dead.
J. T. Bigger, killed at Chickamauga.
J. G. Burris, killed.
E. P. Blackburn, dead.
James Chambers, dead.
Jno. W. Chambers, dead.
Joseph Chairman, unknown.
E. A. Covington, dead.
A. Davis, West Tennessee.
J. R. Deason, unknown.
J. R. Dillard, dead.
F. M. Dillard, 19th district Bedford County.
Frank Deason, dead.
W. L. Foster, dead.
W. E. Floyd, Caney Springs.
J. T. Green, Hickory Hill.
S. A. Garrett, died in camp.
Jno. R. Gault, killed at Murfreesboro.
Joseph Gault, Texas.
J. R. Griffin, Marshall County.
J. L. Goodrun, Nashville, leg off at Chattanooga.
J. M. Starkins, dead.
Jasper Harris, killed at Murfreesboro.
John Cooper, Fayetteville, Tenn.
J. P. Sleight, Fayetteville, Ark.
J. J. Jeffrees, Unionville.
W. H. Landis, Memphis, arm off at Shiloh.
F. S. Landers, Shelbyville, Tenn.
E. C. Landers, Huntsville, Ala.
J. B. Loftin, dead.
Dr. J. A. Landis, Gainesville, Texas.
Thos. Loyd, dead.
J. P. Lytle, dead.
W. T. North, killed at Drury’s Bluff.
W. M. Moore, Petersburg, Tenn.
W. E. Musgrave, Unknown.
F. H. Moore, Unionville.
J. A. Moon, dead.
Joseph Marshall, dead.
A. G. McGowan, unknown.
E._ McGowan, dead.
W. G. Morris, dead.
John Melton, died in camp.
A. Melton, dead.
P. Melton, killed by Blackwell.
Q. E. Morton, Longview.
Y. B. Moon, dead.
D. M. Orr, Kentucky.
J. J. Orr.
J. M. Orr.
W. M. Orr, dead.
J. R. Orr, dead.
J. L. Poindexter, unknown.
W. Puckett, killed at Drury’s Bluff.
Jacob Parsons, Kentucky.
B. F. Ray, dead.
S. L. Ray, dead.
F. R. Ray, dead.
John Woodward, Shelbyville.
W. T. Robertson, killed.
Thos. Robertson, unknown.
J. L. Stallings, Texas.
Isham Stammers, dead.
A. M. Shaw, dead.
E. M. Shearin, dead.
J. W. Shearin, Oklahoma.
T. M. Saunders, killed at Shiloh.
P. Steagall, Marshall County.
Stephen Sanders, dead.
D. S. Stallings, 19th district of Bedford County.
J. T. Stallings, Texas.
W. T. Sikes, unknown.
Fin Thompson, dead.
A. T. Thompson, dead.
W. T. Thompson, Shelbyville, leg off.
Powell Taylor, killed at Perryville.
G. W. Taylor, unknown.
Sam Tilford, dead.
B. S. Vincent, dead.
J. G. Whitaker, Wilson County.
A. M. Winsett, dead.
J. M. Winstead, dead.
S. H. Winn, dead.
J. R. Wilson, dead.
T. D. Wheeler, dead.
J. J. Wheeler, 8th district of Bedford County.
James A. Wheeler, Arkansas.

"Shelbyville, Bedford, Tennessee, United States records," images, FamilySearch ( : May 19, 2024), image 627 of 631;IGN 8992020; citing Shelbyville Gazette(Bedford Co. TN), 4 May 1911, page 2, column 2.

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1876 Bedford Co TN 10th Dist page 2 name listings

Listing of Names from 1876 Bedford Co TN  10th Dist Tax list pg 2
My attempt at transcribing the list of names from the page that was missed during filming.

Dist 10

Cole J.H.
    "      " Guard(Guardian maybe?)
    "      Ms Nancy
Carson W.H.
Crick Dallas
Copelin Geo. col
Clay James
Carlton Mack col
Chambers J W
Cothran J H
Curtis Bennett
Cook William
    "      J P
Durgin B F Guardian of Call & Wheeler
    "      "
    "      "
Davis T W
Durgin B F Guar.  of Call & Wheeler
Day Lucy S
Davis R H
    "      L R
Ezell T M
Elmore James
    "      L C
Epison J.P.
Elmore J.H.
    "      W.M.
    "      T L
Edmons Henry col
    "      J S
Falwell Martha
Farmon B F
Farris G W
Floyd R E P
    "      Wm
    "      W M
    "      Henry col
Farris W S
Furgerson Bob
Floyd W W
Gant Mrs Mary

Bedford Co TN Tax Lists Dist 9-11 for years 1875-1888 at FamilySearch

This is a chart I made as a quick reference for one of my Cook projects. You will need to log in to FamilySearch  to follow the links but viewing is free with registration. The tax lists for this area and time period are available at FamilySearch but aren't indexed so making this is a timesaver as I will be frequently revisiting the lists during the project. At least they have a good bit of the later years(Ancestry doesn't for this area.) I thought maybe it would be useful for others so I'm sharing here.  

Bedford Co TN Tax Lists 1875-1888
Tax YearFilm YrsIGNBeginning
Total # of
Dist 9Dist 10Dist 11

You can also find the following Bedford Co. TN Tax Lists at FamilySearch

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1876 Bedford Co TN Tax List: Missing Page Located

While working on a timeline project for my Cook research it became apparent that the 1876 Bedford Co. Tennessee District 10 tax list that is on FamilySearch has a page that was missed during the filming process.

Tax books, 1875-1895, 1897, 1899-1904, 1906-1923, 1925, 1931-1965

1875-1877 IGN 008659629 
Image #274 has Surnames starting with the letter "A" thru a small portion of "C"
The next image, #275 has surnames beginning with the  letters G thru H.

I contacted both the Tennessee State Library & Archives and the folks at the Bedford Co. Tennessee Archive to see if anyone was aware of the issue with the microfilm and if the page existed.  TSLA got back to me first and let me know that the set of tax records in their collection was the same microfilm that I was viewing at FamilySearch.  I heard back from the Bedford Co. Tennessee Archives yesterday afternoon. They have the duplicate book that TSLA used to create the microfilm and were able to clarify that the missing page does exist and was inadvertently skipped during the microfilming process. They took pictures of the missed page of the book and emailed them to me today.

I'm so grateful to the Bedford Co TN archives for doing that. Perhaps something can be done on a larger scale to make folks aware of the omission.  In the meantime, I'm posting here to make others who research Bedford Co. TN folks aware that the missing page does exist  and can be found at the Bedford County archives.  This is a great reminder to study the records so that you are able to recognize errors.


Bedford County, Tennessee, 1876 Duplicate Tax Book, District 10, n.p(2nd page Cole, J H- Gant, Mrs Mary); imaged 7 May 2024 by Bedford Co Archivist Kathryn Hopkins.

Image Created using Dall-E-3

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Lurana J Cook Deeds land to Ebb McLain--Dec 1887-Bedford Co.TN

This is Lurainy Jane Cook(daughter of Wm C Cook & Elizabeth Putman Cook) deeding land to Ebb McLain

Lurana J Cook Deed to Ebb McLain
I Lurana J Cook have this day bargained and sold 
and do transfer and convey to Ebb McLain his heirs
and assigne forver for the consideration of one hundred
and forty dollars due the twenty fifth day of December
1887 by note the receipt which is hereby acknowledged
for a certain tract of land in Civil District No 9 of
Bedford County State of Tennessee bounded as follows
Beginning with the lands of Ebb McLains seventy eight
poles and ten links thence west with the line of
Cooper twenty eight poles and fourteen links and
three inches to a Rock thence south with the land of G W
Turner seventy eight poles and ten links thence East to the
beginning to the lands of Turners twenty eight poles and 
fourteen links and three inches containing fourteen acres
I Lurana J Cook do covenant with Ebb McLain that I am
lawfully seized of said land have a good right to convey
the same and that the same is unincumbered I do further
bind my self and my heirs and representatives to warrent
and defend the right and title to said land to the said
McLain his heirs and assigns and representatives against
the lawful claims of all persons whatever all of which 
I bind my self and my heirs and representatives when
all the purchase money is paid this December 13, 1887
T N B Turner Lurana J Cook
G W Williams

Bedford County, Tennessee, Deed Book WWW: 228, Lurana J Cook to Ebb McLain, 14 acres; imaged, "Bedford County, Tennessee deed books and index, 1808-1966", FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 April 2024), Deeds v. WWW-XXX Jun 1887-Oct 1889, IGN 8567904, image 144 of 639; citing Bedford Co. Tennessee Register of Deeds.

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Celebrating 20 years of Blogging this Week

image created using DALL·E 3

I have been researching my family history for around 34 years and blogging about my research for 20 years this week.  I've found answers to many questions I've had about my ancestors although some remain unanswered.  Sometimes my discoveries have led me to even more questions about those ancestors and shirttail relatives.   In celebration of 20 years of blogging I have made a Top 20 list of questions about my family history research.  I'll not call these research questions as they are not detailed enough for that descriptor, but could be developed into research questions given the time.  This would be a good exercise to use in order to determine research opportunities, and then form research questions from that list.  In no particular order my questions are as follows:
  1. Did Wm Taylor Hale drown in the Collins River in 1861 as told in a letter by Phoebe York Hale McCormick(1901-1993) his granddaughter? The letter was given to me in the late 1990s by another Hale researcher.
  2. Who was W C Cook's Dad? 
  3. Where was the W T. & Adeline Hale family during the time of the  US Federal censuses of 1860 & 1870?
  4. When & where did Nancy Hitchcock Hale die? 
  5.  Why was W C Cook and family along with his bro In law, Noah Putman & family in Dyer Co TN during the time of the 1840 Census?
  6. What became of Susan Carson Ferguson Cook's son John Ferguson?
  7. Who were Basil Riddle's 5 children?
  8. Where and when did Daniel Pitman die?
  9. When did Daniel's wife Comfort Hatfield Pitman die?
  10. In the 1850 Census whom ever give the information for the Andrew McElroy household gave Andrew McElroy's place of birth as Ireland but in 1860 whomever gave the answers for the household answered Georgia.  Why?
  11. Where was Wm G Cook & family during the time of the 1920 Census?  
  12. Regarding the 1850 Census of District 10 Bedford Co TN--was it tallied and lost or never taken?
  13. When, Where and what event is happening in the picture where Granny Cooke(Pearl G Jakes Cooke) is shaking hands with a gentleman?
  14. Why was Grandpa Luna born in KY or better yet, why was his Mom there the 2nd of April 1892?
  15. What happened to Henry F Hill's pension file and why can't it be located?
  16. Is our John King line really related to the Samuel King who helped found Cumberland Presbyterian?
  17. What happened to Messina Ann Bailey Cook, ex-wife of James Polk Cook?
  18. I believe that the Hamer sisters that James P Cook & Jefferson Gideon Cook married died since I've not found any record of a divorces for either couple.  Is that the case?
  19. Why are Tennie Ferguson Hill & George Solifelt back in Iola KS shortly after selling property and announces plans to move to Fort Dodge?  Was the move cancelled or did they live there for a very short time?
  20. March 5th of 1853, Eliza J Manire King was in Arkansas. My Great Grandmother's birth that day places her there and is the only indication I have that she left TN other than when she & Wm B moved with their son to Texas in later life. Her brother,  Stephen J Manire was enumerated in Lawrence Co Arkansas in the 1850 US Federal Census. Was she visiting him or other family in Arkansas?