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Outline of Williams vs William Putman, Zepeniah Anglin & others

 Page by Page Outline of Williams vs William Putman, Zepheniah Anglin & others

1.  Cover page State of TN Rutherford Co 11th Judicial Circuit Judge James C Mitchell

  Mon. 6th of Oct. 1834--Robert Williams(Complainant) vs. William Putman, Zepheniah Anglin(Defendants)  Orig. of Injunction Bill Filed 7th Oct 1829

Case Description:  

2. Continuing Case Description:

 Sworn Statement by Plaintiff, Subpoena & Injunction Bond.

3.  Injunction & Subpoena to Answer

4.  Amended Bill of Complaint, Prosecution Bond

5. Injunction Issued 22 Oct 1830 Zepheniah Anglin recovered against Robert Williams at an August Term 1830(Rutherford Co TN) and Williams filed this injunction    Two Subpoenas to Answer Issued 22 Oct 1830  one served on William Putman & one on Zephaniah Anglin.

6.  Zephaniah Anglin Subpoena continued.  Putman's Answer Filed Jan Rules 1831 detailing his version of what happened.

7.  Putman's Answer continued.  Anglin's Answer Filed Jan. Rules 1831

8.  Anglin's Answer continued.

9.  Dissolution of injunction.  Refunding

10.  October Rules 1831 Set for hearing

April Term 1832 On affidavit of def. Putman's case is opened for proof until the next term and ordered that the Defendants pay the cost of the term and the depositions to be taken between this and the next term.  October Term 1832--Complainant granted leave to amend his bill and to pay the costs of taking all the depositions in this cause up to this time

Amended Bill Filed Oct Term 1832  Honorable James C. Mitchell Judge Robert Williams amended cause to say that the horse was still owned by Anglin when Putman sold him to Williams and that there was a deliberate attempt to commit fraud.

11.  Issued 13 April 1833-- A subpoena received by Sheriff William G Childress 26th May 1833 and served on William Putman 6th June 1833. to appear at the courthouse in Murfreesboro the first Monday in July next.  A subpoena was also received 24th May 1833 and served on Zephaniah Anglin 5 June 1833. October Rules 1833 Amended bill taken for confessed Objection filed to amend bill and set down for agreement.  April Term 1834 Objection overruled Defendants refused to answer... amended bill. Interlocutory Decree--Wm Putman & Z. Anglin combined together to practice a fraud on Williams thru selling him an unsound horse.

12. (Interlocutory Decree cont) Defendants ordered to pay the difference to WIlliams in what he paid for the horse and it’s actual worth.  Clerk and master is ordered to determine and report the amount paid by Williams to the defendant less the actual worth of the horse plus interest. Objection to Amended Bill filed Oct Term 1833

13. Continuing the objection which gives details of the timeline of the court case by Anderson & Hoover for the Defendants Final Decree Oct Term 1834.  $186.56 Owed by Defend. To Williams. 

14. Continuation of the final decree with defendants ordered to pay court costs.  Richard Ransom(surety for def.) also mentioned.  Anglin appeals to State Supreme Court of Errors 

A listing of those who gave deposition on 16th March 1833 at the home of James Sanford J.P.

Dennis Lark, John Toomes, John Coleman and Charles A Frensly(Lists their ages)  Frensley & Larks depositions

15. Coleman and Toomes Depositions Along with the notarized statement from James Sanford JP

16. John Smotherman's Deposition

17.  Wm Vensin  24th March 1832 ….Amanuel Tombs Deposition Anderson Vaughn Deposition

18.  Anderson Vaughn’s Depo cont. James Sanford Deposition

19. Wm Vinson taking sworn statement from James Sanford about depositions taken by Sanford at smith shop of William Gilliam Esq in Murfreesboro on the Sept 5th 1831 parties included Samuel Anglin, Absolom Vickery, Noah Putman, BarnaB Haley and William C Cook

Samuel Anglin’s statement

20.Absalom Vickery’s Deposition,  Noah’s Putman’s Deposition

21.Noah Putman’s Deposition continued.  William C Cook’s Deposition

22.William C Cook’s Deposition continued.  At the home of Daniel Dwiggins in Bedford Co TN 24 of March 1832 William Deason, John Jackson, Enoch Rushing, David Pounds, Daniel Dwiggins, Charles Coursey, John B Coursey, Anderson Anglin, William Taylor gave depositions.  Wm. Deason’s Deposition

23.  Wm Deason’s Deposition continued John Jackson’s Deposition.  Enoch D Rushing’s Deposition. David Pounds’ Deposition.

24. David Pounds deposition continues Wm Taylor’s Deposition,  Charles Coursey Deposition

25.  Charles Coursey Deposition continued.  John B Coursey Deposition(bro of Charles)

26.  Daniel Dwiggen’s Deposition Anderson Anglin’s Deposition

27. Jas. N Lile certification of Depositions of Wm Deason, Enoch D Rushing, David Pounds, Wm Taylor, Charles Casey, John B Casey, Daniel Dwiggins and Anderson Anglin.  Yancy Stokes Deposition

28. Yancy Stokes' Deposition continued. Richard Davidson’s Deposition

29.  Richard Davidson’s Deposition continued.  John B Nixon Deposition John Tombs Deposition

30.  John Toomes' Deposition continued.  15th day of September 1834 personally appeared before me Richard Ledbetter Clerk and Master of the Circuit Court of said county James Sanford, John B Nixon, Charles A Frensley and Pleasant Puckett all of lawful age witnesses on the part of the complaniant and also William B Dotson witness on the part of the defendant, in the suit in Equity now pending in said Circuit Court, wherein Robert Williams complainant, William Putman and Zepheniah Anglin defendants.   Statements of James Sanford, John B Nixon and beginning of Charles A Frensley’s statement.

31.  Charles Frensley's statement continued.  Pleasant Puckett’s statement. Wm B Dotson statement.

32. 16th  of July 1831 at the store of Tho S Anthony.  Witnesses Deposed:  John C C Vernon, Richard Davidson, John Burnett Coursey and Charles A Frensley  Richard Davidson’s Deposition 

33.  John Burnett Coursey’s Deposition.  John C C Vernon Deposition.  Charles A Frensley’s Deposition

34.  Charles A Frensley’s Deposition concludes. Certification of Depositions by J. Sandford

35.  Richard Ledbetter Certification of Transcript

36.  Wrapper of Case Transcript

37. Statement of Decree with signatures of Zephaniah Anglin, Sam Anglin, and Lemuel Ransom.  Certified a True Copy by Richard Ledbetter 2 of Jan 1835

38. Opinion

39. Wrapper of Opinion

40. Statement of Decree

41. Wrapper of Decree

Source: Williams vs. Putman--TN State Supreme Court Case Middle District Ordered from TN State Library & Archives via Delivery(Jan 2, 2019) via email of scanned digital images(PDF) 41 pages. (Location at TSLA Range: 33 Section: A Shelf: 2 Box Number: 375)
Location of Files Searchable---

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Fayette Co KY-Joseph & Nancy Cook(1817)

This Joseph Cook showed up in a broad area based search and I couldn't not do a quick note about him if for no other reason than sympathy for others also researching common names.


TAKE NOTICE, that on Saturday, the 28th
of the present month, I shall attend at
the office of Robert Wickliffe, in Lexington,
between the rising and setting of the sun, to
take the depositions of Daniel Ferguson and
others, to be read as evidence in the suit in
chancery depending in the Fayette circuit
court, wherein I am complainant and you are
defendant, when and where you may attend.



June 21.--2t*

Source:  "Mr. Joseph Cook", Kentucky Gazette(Lexington, KY), 21 Jun 1817, p. 3 col. 5; image copy, ( ; accessed 20 Sep 2021.

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Joseph Cook of Greene Co GA Land Records

 Expanding further on the Joseph Cook of Greene Co GA referenced in the previous blog post

It appears that the Joseph Cook of Green Co(GA) had land dealings with Milly Mann. As referenced on page 77 of the book in the source listed below.

Source:  Davidson, Grace Gillam. 1997. Early Records of Georgia - Vol II - Wilkes County. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company. p. 77. Available At Google Books 

Pg. 288--Cook, Joseph to Milly Mann, Both of Wilkes Co., bill of sale for slaves Andrew and Jenny, household goods etc. Dec 21 1790. Presley Rucker, Benj, Bragg, Thos. Kennedy, test.

Pg. 289--Cook, Joseph of Greene Co., to Milly Mann of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Buffalo fork of Long creek purchased by said Milly from Nathan Nalls and Benj. Allen adj both and Edmond Jourdin.  Dec. 26, 1790 Presley Rucker, Benj. Bragg, Thos Kennedy, test

Pg. 291--Cook, Joseph of Greene Co. to Milly Mann of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Cosby's creek, orig grant from the Gov. to said Milly, Dec 28, 1790.  Henry Hill, John Fannin, Presley Rucker, test.

Pg. 292--Cook, Joseph of Greene Co., to Milly Mann of Wilkes Co., 400 acres on Matthews Creek orig grant to said Milly Dec 28, 1790 Henry Hill, John Fannin, Presley Rucker, test.

pg. 294--Cook, Joseph of Greene Co. to Milly Mann of Wilkes Co.,400 acres on Big creek orig grant to said Milly, Dec. 28, 1790 Henry Hill, John Fannin Presley Rucker, test.

Pg. 306--Cook, Joseph of Greene Co. to Wm. Stubblefield of Wilkes Co., bill of sale for slave Simon. Feb 30(sic) 1791. Peter Stubblefield, E Bradley, test.

More info on Jackson Co GA land of Shem Cook

Shem Cook Bounty Land Record

Source: "Georgia, Headright and Bounty Land Records, 1783-1909," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 22 June 2020), Headright and bounty documents 1783-1909, Cone, Aaron-Cooner, James > image 511 of 546; Georgia State Archives, Morrow.

Misc Records, Jackson Co GA
October 8 1799 Joseph Cook of Greene County, to John Depriest of Jackson Cty., adm. of Shem Cook, Decd., land on Walnut fork of Oconee River, Being in the Continental Reserve, granted as bounty to Shem Cook May 24, 1784.  Test G W Foster, John Gilmer.

Source: Miscellaneous records, Jackson County, Georgia--by Joseph T Maddox & Mary Carter imaged on FamilySearch 
Book p. 54(digital image 60)

Found in Jackson Co GA Deed Index
An index listing of the above mentioned land with an additional note that it was recorded 24th Feb Book AAB pg 276.

This raises more questions and I need to find the Deed Book mentioned above in which it was recorded.
This almost sounds like a quit claim.  

Shem Cook land in Jackson Co. GA(1802)

Tax Collector's Sale
On Tuesday the 28th of September next,
will be sold at the Court-house in
Jackson County, between the hours of
10 and 2 o'clock, to satisfy an ar-
rearage of Taxes for the year: 1786,
1787, 1788, 1789, 1790, 1791, 1792,
1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798
and 1799.

A valuable Tract of Land,
containing 690 acres, lying on the
Walnut fork of the Oconee river, in
the said county, originally surveyed to
Shem Cook, and afterwards grant-
ed to the heirs of the said Cook.--
The amount of taxes is 27 dollars and
50 cents.

The Heirs of the said
Shem Cook, or their Executors, Ad-
ministrators or Assigns, are hereby
notified, that the aforesaid lands will
then be sold, for the payment of the
above Taxes and contingent expenses,
unless the same shall be previously paid.


Jackson County,
July 24, 1802

Source:  "Tax Collector's Sale", Columbian Museum & Savannah Advertiser.(Savannah GA) 20 Aug 1802, p 2 col 1, Presented online by the Digital Library of Georgia.

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Cooke Notes from Granville Co NC Guardian Accts


Notes from Granville Co NC Files:  

Index and records of administrators, executors, and guardians, 1896-1968
Authors:  North Carolina. Superior Court (Granville County)
Publication:  Raleigh, NC : Filmed by the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, 1961
Physical: 13 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.
Accessed 10th of Sep 2021 at

Index and records of administrators, executors, and guardians, 1896-1968
Film 306245 DGS 7640139 Vol. 2 1916-1940 Guardian accounts Vols. [1-2] 1810-1823

Image 576 of 826 pg 9 Claiborn Cooke & Blacknalls

Image 601 of 826 pg 47 Claiborn Cooke & Blacknalls

Image 631 of 826 pg 100 Claiborn Cooke & Blacknalls

Image 636 of 826 pg 107 Thomas B Cooke of Richard Cooke

Image 652 of 826 pg 136 Thomas B Cooke of Richard Cooke

Image 689 of 826 pg 204 Thomas B Cooke of Richard Cooke

Image 703 of 826 pg 228 Thomas B Cooke of Richard Cooke