Friday, January 17, 2020

Mary C Oursler's notations in the 1800 Meckenburg Co. NC Census

While searching at in the 1800 census for an Isaac Cook I came across 3 entries of the same person--two which appear to be copies of the original page(noted above and shown as the 2nd image below.)  These images are also at FamilySearch which stands to reason since they digitalized the microfilm)

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Co. North Carolina page and one of the Salisbury Mecklenburg pages are copies of the entry on another of the Salisbury, Mecklenburg Co.NC pages.  Both of the copied pages have a header that reads "Census of the Inhabitants of Charlotte Rowan Mecklenburg County North Carolina".

There is a notation at the bottom of the two copied pages by Mary C Oursler that gives the date of the copies as March 6th 1931(see image below) but don't really offer much more of an explanation
Rowan Co. NC was formed in 1753 from a part of Anson Co. NC and Mecklenburg Co NC was formed in 1762 also from a part of Anson Co NC  These census entries are from 1800 though. Confusing for sure. A quick search of the Internet and I find out that she was the Official Custodian of the US Census Records at the US Census Bureau; a position she held for over 30 years according to an article at the Library of Congress site.  I wonder if she ever published anything that told why this entry was modified.  Perhaps she maintained a logbook of modifications or entries.  That would make for some interesting reading.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Purchasers at Estate Sale of Powel Kimbro--Orange Co NC-Nov 1795

Kimbro, Powell (Nov 1795) NC Estate Files Orange Co NC

Catherine Kimbro(widow of Powell Kimbro) gave up admin. rights to his estate to Jeremiah Kimbro. (see above image--pg 2 of estate papers)

The following list of people made purchases at the estate sale.

Isaac Cack
John Esslin
Nicholas Smith
Conrad Cack
Jeremiah Kimbro
John Graves
John May
Joseph Noe
John Hawkins
Henry Kimbro
Eve Kimbro
Daniel May
John Shaddy
Isaac Holt
Rich'd Standley
Conrad Kimbro
Philip Burrow
George Kimbro
William Rose
Felty Neese
John Noe
Philip Shoe
Frederick Kimbro
Peter Spoon
Phillip Moires
Nathaniel Robertson
Henry Cook
Henry Loy
Joshua Holt
George May
Peter Smith
Katy Kimbro

Source:  "North Carolina Estate Files, 1663-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 November 2015), Orange County > K > Kimbro, Powell (1795) > image 1 of 13; State Archives, Raleigh.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Papaw Cooke's Paternal 1st Cousins thru his Uncle Gideon

I spent today looking at the obituaries of 3 of the children of Jefferson Gideon Cook(Uncle of my paternal grandfather).  These guys were my Paternal Grandfather's Paternal 1st cousins which makes them my 1st Cousins 2 times removed.  I was amazed at how much information was included in their obituaries.  Gideon's children for which I do not have an obituary are:

  • Cass Buchanan Cook  1880–1976
  • Martha Annie Cook  1883– Sept. 1920(died of TB)
  • Olli Mai Cook  1884–1968

Robert Lee Cook (age 86)
  • 16 May 1868--11 Jun 1954
  • Born:  Rutherford Co TN
  • Parents:  Dr. J. G. & Mary Hamer Cook(both deceased)
  • Lived for many years in Detroit while employed by 
  • an automobile firm from which he retired 5 years ago and moved back to Nashville.  
  • Married Miss Anna Bailey of Detroit in Detroit in 1923.  She died 20 yrs ago.  
  • Brothers:  J. B. Cook of Chicago and C.B. Cook of Robards, KY
  • Sister:  Mrs. Dave Cook of Nashville
  • Residence: 301 Wimpole Drive Nashville
  • POD Davidson Co. Hospital
  • Burial:  Triune Cemetery 
Source: The Tennessean (Nashville, TN) 13 Jun 1954, Sun, pg. 78

Jefferson G. Cook Jr. (Chicago Obit says age 80 TN obit and Gravestone say age 78)
  • (23 Feb 1876--07 Apr 1954)
  • Residence 2210 Eleventh Ave S. Nashville (returned to Nashville in 1949)
  • Worked 43  years as Streetcar Conductor in Chicago.
  • POD:  Nashville
  • Burial:  Triune Cemetery
  • Wife:  Sarah Seat Cook
  • Children:  Sarah L. Cook Kester, Fredrick S Cook and John Cook
  • Grandchildren:  James, Doris and Ellen
  • Siblings : John, Cass, Bob, Ollie and Annie Cook.
  • Member of Parian lodge, No 977, A.F. & A. M. and Colfax O.F. L., No 450, Interment Nashville TN
Source: The Tennessean(Nashville, TN), 08 Apr 1954, Thu., pg. 32.
Source: Chicago Tribune(Chicago, IL), 09 Apr 1954, Fri, pg. 56.

John Rainey Cook(Age 92)
  • (28 Aug 1878--08 Jan 1971)
  • Retired Railroad Conductor
  • Residence:  Henderson, KY
  • Masonic Services 
  • Burial Woodlawn Memorial Park(Nashville TN)
  • POD:  Henderson Community Methodist Hospital
  • Survivor:  C. B. Cook of Robards KY(Brother)
Source:  The Tennessean (Nashville, TN) 10 Jan 1971, Sun, pg. 46.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Notes on Cook Deed listings from Bedford Co TN Film # 008150806

Marie Cooke Beckman accessed January 9th 2020 at
The Letter "C" in the index begins at Image 24 of 481 for Item 1
The Letter "C" in the index begins at Image 166 of 481 for Item 2

Cook listings from index Item 1
Film  # 008150806  1st Item on Film
Bedford County, Tennessee deed books and index, 1808-1966
Typed Index to burned volumes (extinct) made from the register's notebook, ca. 1852-1861

First column lists the date and reception.  Second column is the name of the Bargainee.  Third column is the name of the Bargainor.  Forth column is a notes section and described as No. of Acres Etc.

Cook listings from index Item 2
Film # 008150806 2nd Item on Film
Bedford County, Tennessee deed books and index, 1808-1966 Item 2 Deeds, v. DDD (includes full-name index), 1851-Sep 1865

Monday, January 06, 2020

An Illustration of Thomas D Cooke's Y line daughtering out

I think sometimes in the pursuit of ancestors we fail to examine our own families closer.  I'm talking about around the level of Great Grandparents or Grandparents.  For my family I'm looking at the level of Grandparents.  While I am in my early 50's, all of my grandparents were born in the 1800s so this works best for me.  If you are using DNA research as a tool to add to your research evidence you have no doubt explored and examined your closer family to find testers from your branch.  

The above chart is an illustration of how my Grandfather's branch of the Cooke line "daughtered out."  You can click on it to see a larger version.

Top Level:  Papaw & Granny
2nd Level:  Their 4 daughters & 3 sons
3rd Level:  Their Grandchildren
4th Level:  Their Great Grandchildren thru Bill(their only son to have children)

Who of these have taken DNA tests?
Tom & Pearl's youngest daughter has taken an autosomal and an mtFull DNA test.
Four of Bill's five children have taken autosomal DNA test.  Bill's youngest son also did the Y-111

My Mom(Bill's widow) also did autosomal testing which has been helpful in determining whether matches are from her side of the family or thru Bill's lines.

So while Tom's Y line has ended at the grandchild level we did "capture" it thru my youngest brother's Y111 test.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

My Paternal Grandmother's Maternal 1st Cousins

My Paternal Grandmother's Maternal 1st Cousins

Continuing my thoughts from the previous post in which I looked at my paternal Grandmother's paternal first cousins, this post focuses on her maternal first cousins which would be the grandchildren of  David Frizzell and Rebecca Manley. My Grandmother Pearl(b. 1891) and her siblings descend thru David and Rebecca's daughter, Thelitha Ann(Annie) Frizzell Jakes.  Known Ancestor surnames include Frizzell(2), Deason(2), Weaver(2), Godfrey(2), Kennedy, and Manley.

I'm still not sure that this listing is correct.  I've used census records, death certificates, obituaries, wills, etc. but due to the recycling of names and the use of nicknames I don't know that I can ever get it to a high degree of certainty.  So... if you are in this branch and can offer any help in untangling I'd be more than glad to hear from you.

Pearl has about 43 maternal 1st cousins  There are multiple marriages into the Brown, Gibson, Taylor, and Delbridge family on this side.  These cousins' dates of birth span the years from about 1864 to 1905 so it is likely that she may have known many of them.  While some of them moved to Michigan or Texas, the majority stayed in the middle Tennessee area particularly around Rutherford and Bedford County.

Pearl's Maternal 1st Cousins:

Leander Perkins Frizzell's Children:  Mary Mollie Frizzell Kelton,  Rebecca Elizabeth "Bettie" Frizzell Brown, Gertrude Frizzell(never married), Daisy Lee Frizzell Brown, Cassie Manley Frizzell Newman,. Ella Frizzell Newman

Margaret Frizzell(no issue)

James Reuban Frizzell(no issue)

Mary Elizabeth Frizzell Taylor's children:   Zacheriah C Taylor,
Rebecca A Taylor Rollins, Robert L Taylor, Erma Dean Taylor Delbridge, Mary Baxter Taylor, N.S. Taylor, Ida Taylor(unmarried no known issue)

Henry Hugh Clay Frizzell's children:
Thru 1st wife(sister of husband of Mary E. Frizzell Taylor)--Wm Ody Frizzell, Thomas Macky Frizzell, Levina West Frizzell, Beckie Ann Frizzell, David Collins Frizzell, Cora L Frizzell
Thru 2nd wife--Charlie Crocket Frizzell, Lura Nevada Frizzell, Sallie Avo Frizzell, Dora Lee Frizzell, Vennie Esty Frizzell, Henry Hershel Frizzell, Laura Susan Frizzell, Robert L Hatton Frizzell, Maranda Bethel Frizzell, Ider Baxter Frizzell, Cordell Hull Frizzell

Permelia Frizzell Fulks' children:  Charles T Fulks, Will Cephus Fulks, Della Freeman Fulks Delbridge, Mollie Fulks

John Frizzell's children:  Queenie C Frizzell (Died young no known issue)

Absalom Frizzell's children:  Abraham D. Frizzell

Theodrick Frizzell's children: Amelia Jane Frizzell, Odie Everett Frizzell, Alva Macky Frizzell Gibson, Mary Cloe Frizzell Reynolds, Jessie Elmer Frizzell, Lemuel "Lemmie" Frizzell, Henry Frizzell