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Land Sale in Versailles(TN)--1819

Transcribed from an advertisement announcing land for sale in Versailles, Tennessee.  (see source below transcription)

The Town of Versailles.

The undersigned, Trustees, having laid off. 
and agreed to sell
Fifty Half Acre Lots,
In the Above named Town,
will proceed, on the
First Thursday in March next,

On a credit of twelve months, to sell the said
Lots on the premises

Versailles is situate in Williamson
County. adjacent to the place where
the county-lines of Williamson, Rutherford
and Bedford counties unite.--This place, has
heretofore been known by the name of Ray's
Horse Mill. The public road leading from
Florence Through Columbia to Murfreesboro'
passes through Versailles, as also the
roads from Pulaski to Jefferson from Win-
chester to Franklin, and from Nashville to
Shelbyville, etc etc--Versailles is situ-
ate 33 miles from Columbia, 28 miles from
Franklin, 38 miles from Nashville, 18 miles
from Shelbyville, 15 miles from the Fishing
Ford on Duck River, and 14 from Murfrees-

The neighborhood of Versailles taken
as a whole, is happy in its local situation. The
surrounding country produces, not only the
comforts, but the luxuries of life, in the great-
est and most plentiful abundance. This
district seems to possess a peculiar excel-
lence for the culture of cotton and tobacco,
which are its two principal exportable com-
modities. The land is equal to any in the
famed Alabama Territory, and
Could nature's bounty satisfy the breast,
The sons of New Versailles were surely blest.
The "planter's toil" will be as well repaid
by cultivating the soil of this neighborhood
as in any part of the western county. We
forbear, however to expatiate further upon
the advantages of Versailles and its
neighborhood, which all those wishing to sa-
tisfy themselves of, can ascertain by attend-
ing at the day of sale.

It is known that the counties of Ruther-
ford, Williamson, Maury and Bedford, pos-
sess more territory than their constitutional
limits, and if a new county should hereafter
be laid, Versailles will without doubt,
become the seat of justice for the new coun-
ty. With a view to the happening of this
very probable event, the town has been laid
off with a large public square, for the erec-
tion of public buildings, and lots will also be
reserved for the use of an academy, church,
etc. which are given by way of donation by
the proprietors.

The town is watered by several excellent
spring, which never fail in the driest sea-
sons; and in fact, in every other respect,
presents a most handsome opening for the
farmer, the merchant, the speculator and

Francis Jackson
Azariah Kimbro
A B Potts
J.O.K Wood

January 25--54-2w.

Source:  “The Town of Versailles” The Clarion and Tennessee State Gazette, 26 Jan 1819, p. 4, col. 3; digital images, ( : accessed 4 Dec 2021).

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Williamson Co. TN--Dist 25(1836-1840)--A-C

Over the past few years I've been studying Williamson Co TN Dist. 25 in hopes that knowing how the families were interconnected will help me to find a lead and break thru my Cook brickwall.  I've been using a spreadsheet to pull together my notes and information on this community so that I had somewhere to quickly look for notes on the families if they showed up in any other parts of my research. I'm publishing this to my blog in the hopes of finding other researchers interested in the area and time period that the information here might help.  This portion contains families who were living in or taxed in District 25 of Williamson Co TN during the years 1836-1840 whose surnames begin with A-C.  When possible I've noted connections in neighboring districts.  Simply put, there is a lot of overlap of families between Williamson Co TN Dist 25,  the Versailles and Eagleville area of Rutherford Co TN and Bedford Co TN Dist. 10(Rover). 

Baucom--Wilson Baucom/Bacham is on the tax list of Dist. 25 for the years 1837 & 1838.  He is the son of Cader Baucom and Susannah Lucy Fowler.  I also believe that his mother is the Susannah Baucom(1777-1840) buried in the Wilson Cemetery near Eagleville. This family was from Wake Co NC.  He married Christina Crick(1820 Williamson County TN)  which makes him the son-in-law of John Wm Crick & Elizabeth Powell Crick.  In 1830 he is enumerated in Maury Co TN near John Hight, Wm Church, Geo. Nixon & Simon S Baker.

Berry--Thomas S. Berry is on the tax list of Dist. 25 for the years 1837 & 1838.  His wife was Eliza Ann Puckett. Believe he is son of the Thomas Berry who received a NC Land Grant in Leiper's Fork area.

Brooks--Christopher(1836), Ch M(1837), C.W.(1838) C.M(1839) Possibly the Christopher whose wife was a Kerr and whose mother was a Williams if he is the one who is from Caswell Co. NC.

Bryant(or O Bryant)--Fredrick G(1840) A Fredrick O Bryant is on the Bedford Co Tax list of Dist. 10 for 1837 & 1838 and there is a David P Briant in Dist. 10 Bedford for 1836.

Call-- Thomas is on the 1838 & 1839 Tax list of Dist. 25 as well as the 1840 census for that district. His brother Uriah is on Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 Tax list for 1836 & 1837 but on the Dist. 25 of Williamson Co Tax list in 1838 and also in enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840.  They were the sons of William Call and Eleanor King.  Their family has Union Co SC ties and also later Carroll Co AR and Berry Co MO. Uriah's wife was Sarah Cox.

Cannon--Newton & Robert are sons of Minos Cannon & Letitia Thompson and were enumerated Dist 25 in 1840 but do not appear on tax lists in Dist 25. They were taxed in Dist. 20 & Dist. 24 of Williamson Co.,  District 7 of Bedford Co. and District 9 of Maury Co. during the time period from 1836-1839.  During these same years also in other TN counties of  Davidson, Obion, Shelby & Tipton. Newton was governor of TN from 1835-1839.  Their family was from Guilford Co NC.

Carlton--Thomas & Thomas B(1837, 1838 & 1839 Tax list Dist. 25) Not enumerated in 1840 in Dist. 25.  There is a Thomas Carlton taxed in 1836 Dist. 10 Bedford Co TN.  Thomas Carlton's wife was Nancy Wade.  Three of their children married children of Jabel & Nancy Putman. Another married a Patterson.  Wade H. Carlton(son of Thomas & Nancy) is also taxed in Dist. 25 in 1836 & 1837.  Wade married Sarah/Sally Putman.  Thomas B. Carlton (son of Thomas & Nancy) married Jane Putman.

Carson--Jesse H. Carson(1840 Census--no tax listing) is the Father of Susan Carson(2nd Wife of James Cook 7 daughter in law of Wm C Cook & Elizabeth Putman)  Susan's mother and Jesse's wife was Nancy Gillespie

Cole-- Gideon and Thomas Cole were brothers--sons of Thomas & Elizabeth Cole. They are both taxed for years 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1839 and enumerated there in 1840.  There were two Thomas listed in 1836 in Dist. 25.  The Rover book says that they acquired land in Byler Bottom(Rover--Dist. 10 Bedford Co ) Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 Tax list does have a Thomas Cole for years 1837, 1838 & 1839.  The 1840 Census for Dist. 25 of Williamson Co TN also lists William Cole.

Cook--Joseph Cook--listed on tax list for Williamson Co TN Dist. 25 for years 1836, 1837 & 1838.  Wm C Cook is listed on the Dist. 25 Tax list of Williamson Co TN for the year 1838 but on Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 for years 1836 & 1837.  Joseph passes in 1838 and drops from the Tax list.  Wm C Cook doesn't appear on the tax list in 1839 for Williamson Co Dist. 25 nor Bedford Co Dist. 10.  I have also not Wm C Cook in 1840 Census records.  Wm C Cook was appointed admin of Joseph's estate though it is not known how they were related or IF they were though it does seem likely since they have the same surname that some sort of relationship exist. 

Cooper--Job(1836 & 1838 Tax list Williamson Co Dist. 25) Not enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840.  Possibly the same Job Cooper who obtains a land grant in 1814 in 2nd Dist. of Bedford Co TN(waters of Weakley Creek on north side of Duck River) mentioning neighboring lands of Bylers, Charles Brandon, and Elijah Rutledge.  There is a Job Cooper who marries Elizabeth Landrum in 1821 Williamson Co TN. Geo C Cooper is bondsman

Covington--M. L. Covington Tax list for 1839 in Dist. 25 and enumerated there in 1840 census.  Probably Marquis Lafayette Covington. Married Elizabeth Snell Ransom(a widow)

Cowen--V.D. Cowen(Tax List of Dist. 25 for 1836, 1837, 1838 & 1839) Not enumerated there in 1840.  Appears on the Dist. 10 Rutherford Co TN Tax list for the years 1836 & 1837. This is Varner D Cowen  He was a Judge in Rutherford Co TN.  You can read more about his family and their home which burnt during the Civil War by visiting the Rutherford Co Historical website. 

Crick/Creek-  Like the Carlton family, the Crick family intermarries with the children of Jabel & Nancy Putman.  
On Tax List of Dist. 25(All are enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840)
Edward/Edmond -1837, 1838, 1839
Felix G- 1837, 1838
Jacob- 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839
John Jr. 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839
John Sr. 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839
Mark L 1839
Newton C 1837, 1838, 1839
Wm H 1837, 1838, 1839

Crittenden-- Richard Crittenden is on the 1838 Dist. 25 Williamson Co TN Tax List.  There may be some connection to Frances/Fanny Crittenden who is in Rutherford Co TN in 1829 and 1830.

Cromer--Henry Cromer is on the 1838 & 1839 Tax list of Dist. 25 but not enumerated there in 1840.  His wife was a Shaffer & Gambill Descendant.  Her father, Richard Shaffer was killed by Indians in pre-statehood Sumner Co (TN)

Cullom--William H Cullom on Dist. 25 Tax list for year 1836.  he is likely the Wm H Cullom who is enumerated in 1820 Williamson Co TN- Franklin near Cole, West, Beasley Brown, Hill, Wade 

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Browsing our H3-T152C! mtDNA Haplogroup matches

 Exploring the mtDNA matches of my daughter today.  I keep a mtDNA Tree(private) at Ancestry to study the ones which have an exact match because of the backwards mutation present at her 5th Gr Grandmother level.  (mtDNA Haplogroup H3-T152C!) Our documentation is back to Nancy Combs Fleming[1797(NC/TN)-1881 TX ] who was the daughter of Mason Combs and his wife Dorothy.  Dorothy would be the contributor of the mtDNA.

Research using mtDNA results is most useful when used to compare testers matrilineal lines in the hopes of answering a question. Were it not for the backwards mutation in our line, the genetic distance = 0 (zero) matches with ancestry in the same general area, and the groupings of matches I probably wouldn't be giving this much thought until a specific research question arose.

There are several groups within the exact matches who are in the TN / NC area in which our matrilineal line lived.  In addition to our group of Dorothy Combs descendants there are about 4 other groups.  I generally focus on two of the others in addition to my own.  

A matrilineal line back to Rebecca Wallace b. 1782 MD d. 1816 VA

A matrilineal line back to Catherine Brewer b. 1809 NC d. 1890 AR

Today I was looking at Catherine's ancestry and where she had lived.  The census record below is of Sylvanias Blackburn & family in 1830 Hickman Co TN.  This was Catherine's husband.  They lived with his parents but moved off to War Eagle Creek Arkansas not long after this census.

"United States Census, 1830," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 20 February 2021), Slvenins Blackburn, Hickman, Tennessee, United States; citing 254, NARA microfilm publication M19, (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), roll 176; FHL microfilm 24,534.

There may be others from this line who have tested and match but do not have any type of tree where I can work out the connection.  I've written several asking about their tree but people just don't respond much. 

Just thought this was a nice break from  butting my head against my own brickwalls.

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Rev. Felix Z. King Sketch

Rev. Felix Zollicoffer King(my 1st Cousin 3 times removed) was no doubt the namesake of  Felix Zollicoffer, the Civil War Confederate Brigadier General & US Congressman of Maury County, Tennessee.  I found a sketch about him in the Nashville Banner's Church Chimes section from 7th of April 1894 edition(p. 12 col 1).  This article can be found online at   I am transcribing a portion of it here.  The last part of the sketch is difficult to read due to a piece of tape on the image.

I'm interested not only because of the King /Upshaw connection(our closest connection--we also connect thru  my Ogilvie / Harris 5th Great Grandparents) but there is mention of Samuel King but the way it's written it appears to say that Samuel King is a maternal connection for him.  My King line is one that needs research as it is little more than speciation back beyond John King & Nancy Brandon.  I've never seen or found any documentation beyond that point although admittedly I've been focused on other lines which weren't back to the time period.  There should be records in KY where John King reportedly moved the family from to Bedford County area.  There should also be some in Elbert Co GA as well as NC(presumably in Buncombe Co if family story is correct).  I often wonder if the connection of my Kings to my Cook(e)s started way before the marriage of my Great Grandparents Wm Green Cook and Jane Bell King.  Maybe the key to my Cook line connection lies in the also finding out the Kings.  If only the surnames weren't such common names.  We do have YDNA testers from both of those lines.

Sketch and Portrait of Rev Felix Z King

Rev Felix Zollicoffer King, the popular past of the Second Edgefield Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was born in Bedford County, Tenn. January 22 1862.  His parents were devout Christians and members of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, his father being an elder in that church during a period of Thirty-eight  years.  His grandfather, Rev John S. King was a Cumberland Presbyterian preacher and Rev. Samuel King, one of the founders of the Cumberland Presbyterian, a maternal relative.  Mr. King's mother was closely related to Meredith P Gentry, named in the early history of Tennessee.  Mr. King was reared on a farm, where he labored until he was 20 years of age.  Owing to the poverty of his parents his early education was greatly neglected.

Except Two months in his eleventh year he was not in school at all, until he was 17 years of age and then only three months each for two years.  A notable fact which indicated something of what would have been his attainments had he received early advantages is that during those tow months spend in a county school, when he was 10 years old, he not only mastered the intricacies of the English alphabet, but he performed the herculean task of spelling entirely thru the Webster's, blue-back spell of precious memory, so that he could spell every word in the book by heart.

At the age of 19 he entered the Unionville High School, Bedford County, where he spent two of the happiest and most profitable years of his life.  converted at the age of 18, he joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at the age of 18.  In the interim he remembered a heroic struggle with infidelity, a struggle which ultimately resulted in firmly fixing his faith upon the gospel of Christ.

Mr. King is accustomed to say that his early impressions that he would become a preacher were received a the age of 4 years, during a revival which was being held near his home by Rev John P Hastings.  he joined Elk Presbytery as a candidate for the ministry at the age of 19, and was ordained in 1886.  The first three years of his life as a preacher were devoted to almost constant preaching of the gospel, and for his services during that period he received the munificent sum of $15.00.  After spending a year following this in successful evangelistic work with Rev. T M Hendrix and Rev. N D Crawford he became pastor of three country churches in Bedford and Rutherford Counties, all of which were organized by Samuel King, whose old home still stands at Three Forks, one of these churches.  He entered Cumberland University in 1889, spending two years in special study of English and the sciences.  He found himself inclined to give special attention to philosophy.  He graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Divinity in 1893.

During his first years in school at Lebanon he preached on an average three Sunday a month, thereby securing all the money necessary to support himself and his family during that period.  Mr. King was married to Miss Jennie S Floyd, of Flat Creek, Tenn. December 5, 1886, and is the father of two promising songs.

For some months previous to his graduation he supplied the Second Edgefield Cumberland Presbyterian Church, taking formal charge as pastor in June, 1893.  He has been very successful in all his work, especially in revival work.  His success as a pastor has been scarcely less.

The Second Edgefield church, under his ministry for the last eighteen months, has been doubled in membership and multiplied to all the element of congregational strength.  An effort is being made to build a handsome house of worship in the near future for the congregation.  Mr. King has the universal love and confidence of this people.

A few incidents in his life will indicate his character as determined man of integrity.  For example, although he does not remember when in his childhood he began the use of tobacco and although he had become a slave to the habit, on September 10, 1889, he deliberately quit the use of the weed and has never touched it since.  

(sketch continues but is hard to read)

Source:  "Church Chimes:  Sketch and Portrait of Rev Felix Z King," Nashville Banner, 7 April 1894, p. 12, col. 1; digital images, ( : accessed 25 Nov 2021).

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Shared DNA Amounts --Example of variation

Looking at shared amounts of DNA between Mom's Hale/Hitchcock 2nd Cousin.

That cousin is a 2nd Cousin once removed to me and my siblings.  My brother and sister get a substantial amount of the DNA she shares with this cousin.  However, I get a much smaller amount and that amount is low enough that Ancestry applies Timber and it shaves an additional 19cM.

I also see this in my Cook(e)/Putman line where my brother shares a much smaller amount with several of our 2C1R than my sister and I share with them..  

23&me--My Ancestry Timeline

I think the long generations in my family may have thrown this off a bit.  
My parents were born between 1930 and 1940.   
My Grandparents were born 1888-1899.  
My Gr Grandparents 1853-1875  
My 2nd Gr Grandparents 1808-1820
My 3rd Gr Grandparents. 1772-1800(There are 2 in my patrilineal line I have not yet identified)

I have not identified any North African ancestry though multiple companies have shown some trace amounts and ancestry similar to Sephardic Jewish.  

Their white paper on the process is available here

Notes that show in "mouse over" bubble for each of these:

You most likely had a parent, or grandparent who was 100% British & Irish. This person was likely born between 1910 and 1940.

You most likely had a third-great-grandparent, fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, or sixth-great-grandparent who was 100% Finnish. This person was likely born between 1730 and 1820.

You most likely had a third-great-grandparent, fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, sixth-great-grandparent, or seventh-great- (or greater) grandparent who was 100% Scandinavian. This person was likely born between 1700 and 1820.

You most likely had a fourth-great-grandparent, fifth-great-grandparent, sixth-great-grandparent, or seventh-great- (or greater) grandparent who was 100% North African. This person was likely born between 1700 and 1790.