Monday, July 17, 2017

AncestryDNA match category spread for my family's tests.

Mom's AncestryDNA matches include
2 children
1 granddaughter

2nd Cousin AncestryDNA category
(which includes some projected 1st-2nd cousins & 2nd-3rd cousins)
11 cousins--3 of which have uploaded to
AncestryDNA estimated shared cMs ranges from 623 cMs over 21 segments --235 cM over 9 segments
All are Paternal cousins except one--a known maternal 1C1R of the Acuff/Hale variety

3rd Cousin AncestryDNA category
39 cousins--6 of which have uploaded to
AncestryDNA estimated shared cMs ranges from 188 cMs over 9 segments-- 91 cMs over 5 segments

Subtracting those 50 matches and the 3 immediate family from her total shown 4th Cousins or closer match total and she has 2,266 4th cousins.  For the record all of Mom's 3rd cousins or closer have been asked if they would consider uploading their results to GEDmatch.  Looking at Mom's matches made me curious how the numbers compared to my results as well as those of my daughter, and my sister.

Mom is very fortunate to have many of  her closer cousins who have tested.  I wish more of the closer cousins would upload to GEDmatch.  It certainly would make sorting the matches easier.  In the end though it is their choice and more times than not, it is just not a priority for them.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Looking at the Head of Households for 1820 Elbert Co Georgia --Capt Oliver's Dist

Wanted to read through the Census for the area where my Upshaw/Patton lines had lived.  They would have been gone from the area for likely at least 15 yrs by the time this census was taken.  I see a lot of Cooks and also some familiar names like William King and Leroy Upshaw.  The Upshaw may be a cousin as the age was too young to be my direct Leroy Upshaw.  I'm sure there are errors in this listing as it is my attempt at reading the handwriting from the scanned images.  That said, the writing is worlds better than some I've tried to decipher.

John Y Allgood
William Nolan
Issachar Cook
John F Cook
Thomas Bell Sr
David Matten?
James Morrison
John Nunley
Peter Allgood
James Bell
Thomas Elliott
Abraham Cook
John Cook
Joshua Cook
Smith Cook
Thomas Cook
Samuel Cook
Thomas Thurlkill
Isaac Mobley
Aaron Brown
Mary Cook
Nathaniel Cook
William Stone
John B Cook
Nicholas Goode
Thomas Childers
David Hudson Jr
Becker Hudson
William Allgood Jr
Mchenry Irons
George Cook
Saml Snellings
William Allgood Sr
Patrick Jack

James Ragan
Edmond Lowrey
Parish Smith
Thomas Oliver
William King
Leroy Upshaw
Valentine Smith
Jesse Hendrick Sr
William Woods
William S Burch
Thomas Forstson
D??er Jeter
Walker Richardson
Thomas Laninham
Ralph Blackwell
Lewis Wilhight
John Winfield
Peter David
Gideon Hamm
Leonard Smith
William Hendrick
James A Depriest
William Burns

These are listed after the totals on the 2nd pg. (no explanation is offered by the census taker as to why they are listed separately)
Dyonesus Oliver
Isaac O Edwards
David Hudson Sr
William B Key
Andrew Woodley
Chole T Kee
George Perrin
William C Davis

Friday, July 14, 2017

A letter for Ellis P Cook--Nashville--April 1841

Searching for Cooks in the middle Tennessee area I found a List of Letters Advertisement.

The Tennessean Nashville, Tennessee United States of America
Tuesday, April 20, 1841 pg 4  (

List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Nashville on the 15th day of April.
Persons applying for the letter to the following list, will please say "ADVERTISED"

Among those listed was
Cook, Ellis P

Not in my line that I know of but I was curious as to why he hadn't gotten the letter.

1839 Oct Robertson Co TN married to Louisa Y? Strother₁
1840 Davidson Co., TN₂
1850 Newton Co., MO₃ (Kitty Cortney b. in TN living in household)
1860 Newton Co., MO₄ (Louisa no longer in household youngest child age 7)
1870 Newton Co., MO₅ (Kitty still living in household
1870 Dec Newton Co., MO₆ married Catherine  "Kitty" Cortney
1880 Carroll Co., AR ₇

Looking at a timeline of events from records I found it appears he had moved from the Nashville area to Newton Co MO where he remained until sometime between 1870 and 1880 when he moved to Carroll Co., Arkansas.  After the death of his first wife it appears he married Kitty who had been living in his household since 1850.  Was Kitty kin to his first wife who was also born in TN.  Did he ever receive the letter?  Rabbit holes for another day.

The following sources were consulted as I fell down the rabbit hole.

1.  Tennessee, State Marriages, 1780-2002 for Ellis P Cook  --Robertson Dec 1878 - Nov 1886: Marriages 5-8 Tennessee, State Marriages, 1780-2002   Oct 16 1839 (it was indexed as 1840 and in the 1878-1886 book [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Original data: Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm.

2.  Year: 1840; Census Place: Davidson, Tennessee; Roll: 520; Page: 285; Family History Library Film: 0024543
Source Information 1840 United States Federal Census, Tennessee, Davidson Co. City of Nashville Ward 4  Image 41 of 257 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. 

3.  Year: 1850; Census Place: Van Buren, Newton, Missouri; Roll: M432_408; Page: 342A; Image: 246
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4.  Year: 1860; Census Place: Van Buren, Newton, Missouri; Roll: M653_636; Page: 983; Family History Library Film: 803636
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6. Missouri, Marriage Records, 1805-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2007.
Original data: Missouri Marriage Records. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Microfilm.

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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Genealogical details in an advertisement.

The Cincinnati Enquirer  Cincinnati, Ohio  Thu, Sep 5, 1901 – Page 12

My Daughter, Brittany's Folley line is her most recent immigrant line.  George Folley(her 3rd Great Grandfather) brought his family to the USA about 1887.  At the time, his family consisted of his wife and their two daughters.  His wife would die in 1888 of Yellow Fever. George was a tailor and remarried in New York to Barbara Klemme(from Franklin Co IN) about 3 years after his wife's death.  Franklin County, Indiana is where most of Brittany's Paternal Grandfather's German ancestors lived.  George and Barbara lived in Campbell Co Kentucky for awhile before moving on to Cincinnati Ohio.

I recently subscribed when I noticed a good deal on their Publisher Extra subscription which they were offering to subscribers.  Imagine my surprise at finding genealogical information in an advertisement.   The subscription price is well worth it.  I found the details of George's Death published in The Cincinnati Enquirer and also ran across an advertisement from about 25 yrs prior to that which gives a little background about George's employment.

March 25 1929 pg 12The Cincinnati Enquirer(Cincinnati, Ohio)

The Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati, Ohio Mon, Mar 25, 1929 – Page 12