Sunday, July 09, 2017

Genealogical details in an advertisement.

The Cincinnati Enquirer  Cincinnati, Ohio  Thu, Sep 5, 1901 – Page 12

My Daughter, Brittany's Folley line is her most recent immigrant line.  George Folley(her 3rd Great Grandfather) brought his family to the USA about 1887.  At the time, his family consisted of his wife and their two daughters.  His wife would die in 1888 of Yellow Fever. George was a tailor and remarried in New York to Barbara Klemme(from Franklin Co IN) about 3 years after his wife's death.  Franklin County, Indiana is where most of Brittany's Paternal Grandfather's German ancestors lived.  George and Barbara lived in Campbell Co Kentucky for awhile before moving on to Cincinnati Ohio.

I recently subscribed when I noticed a good deal on their Publisher Extra subscription which they were offering to subscribers.  Imagine my surprise at finding genealogical information in an advertisement.   The subscription price is well worth it.  I found the details of George's Death published in The Cincinnati Enquirer and also ran across an advertisement from about 25 yrs prior to that which gives a little background about George's employment.

March 25 1929 pg 12The Cincinnati Enquirer(Cincinnati, Ohio)

The Cincinnati Enquirer Cincinnati, Ohio Mon, Mar 25, 1929 – Page 12

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