Friday, October 23, 2020

Bedford Co. TN Deed Book Entries--Putmans

Found more of the Putman deeds at FamilySearch.  Posting the locations of the entries here so that they will be easier to find by other researchers who might find them interesting. To view the images you will need to Log In to FamilySearch.  Registration for an account is free.

Bedford Co TN Deed Book Entries:  

William Taylor to Noah Putman 
Bedford Co Deed Book OO pg 153
Deeds v. OO-QQ Jan 1845-May 1849 Image 103 of 775

Thomas B Carlton to Simpson Putman 
Bedford Co TN Deed Book SS pg 192
Deeds v. RR-TT May 1849-Sep 1852 Image 364 of 848

John Bylar and others to Noah Putman 
Bedford Co Deed Book SS pg 197
Deeds v. RR-TT May 1849-Sep 1852 Image 367 of 848

Monday, October 12, 2020

Bedford Co TN Deed Book Entries--W. C. Cook Family

 Last week while I was scanning thru the Bedford Co TN Deed Books at FamilySearch for Jakes/Frizzell deeds I happened upon some from my Cook family.  Posting the locations of the entries here so that they will be easier to find by other researchers who might find them interesting.

Bedford Co TN--Deed Book Entries

  • Deed Book QQ pg 370 W C Cook to John W Maxwell Deed in Trust 100 acres more or less (Dec 1848)
  • Deed Book QQ pg 371 W C Cook to Longshore Lamb and Athey Elmoore Deed in Trust(livestock and household furniture (Dec 1848)
  • Deed Book JJJ pg 276 and 277 D C Jackson and James P Taylor to J K Cook 116 acres 32 square poles more or less (Nov 1872)
  • Deed Book MMM pg 404 J K Cook and wife Emily C Cook to T C Gentry 8 acres more or less (Apr 1876)
  • Deed Book NNN pg 297 J K Cook and wife Emily C Cook to Thos J Lamb 193 acres  more or less  (Nov 1876)
  • Deed Book QQQ pg 19 and 20 J K Cook and wife Emily C Cook to Elijah Morton 45 acres more or less  (Nov 1879)
  • Deed Book QQQ pg 336 and 337 A Tucker to W C Cook (1873-1881)
  • Deed Book QQQ pg 338 and 339 J K Cook and wife Emily C Cook to Cass Cook Bedford Co TN Dist 10 65 acres more or less (Oct 20 1880)
  • Deed Book TTT pg 360 E. A. Morton and wife L.E. Morton to Cass Cook Bedford Co TN Dist 10 45 acres more or less  (Sep 15 1884)
The A.Tucker to W C Cook deed mentioned that it was the same land from the Chancery Court case of Anna Putman and others vs Wm G Hight and others.  It didn't mention the time period but I was lucky enough to find an index within the pages of  digitized microfilm from the Bedford Co TN Chancery Court Minutes which showed the page numbers for 3 entries concerning this case.  

Mar. 1871 - Oct. 1872 (2nd Book on the roll of Microfilm)
  • Book pg 201 and 202  Images 440 and 441 of 638
  • Book pg 217 and 218 Images 448 and 449  of 638
  • Book pg 347 and 348  Image 513 of 638
The 3 entries provide a bit of additional information about what happened to the land. After the death of William Putman, the land was sold by William's son, David Vance Putman  I need to transcribe the Minute Book entries.  The writing is a bit hard to read but it does give some more detail about the lands and dates of sale prior to it being purchased by A Tucker..  I have a digital copy of the file from Jabel Putman(Father of Wm Putman & Elizabeth Putman Cook) probate which shows how his land was divided among Jabel's heirs.  

You'll need to be registered and logged in to but registration is free.  From the above direct links to the Bedford Co TN Deed Book listing you should be able to find the book you want along with a clickable camera icon for the roll on which.  You will likely need to scroll to find it.  Once you find the film that book is on, you can browse to the page you are looking for or in the case of the Chancery Court Records I have provided the image numbers.  When I am looking for records that I might be interested in reading thru I do a search of the catalog by place and note that I want o view those which have images available online.  .

Bedford Co TN Deed--Jakes to Eaton(1914)

Transcription of Land Sale /Deed Record. from James and Annie Jakes to Abe Eaton. 

Filed March 3rd 1914 at 9:30 a.m.

James Jakes & wife to Abe Eaton 
For and in consideration of the sum of $900 paid and to be paid as follows $300 in cash the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged $100 on the 10th day of April 1914 and $100 on the 15th day of November 1914 and these payments evidenced by two promissory notes of even date herewith  with a lien retained on the hereinafter described tract of land until these notes are fully paid and the assumption of two $200 notes given by me to Mr. R M Holt We Annie Jakes and James Jakes have this day bargained and sold and do hereby sell transfer and convey into Abe Eaton his heirs and assigns all the right title claim and interest which we have in and to the following describe tract of land lying and being in the 6th District of Bedford County Tennessee and described as follows bounded on the North by Luther Martin and B K Arnold on the east by Eaton on the south by I N Stanford and on the west S M Hill and containing 70 Acres more or less this land was bought by us from R M  Holt and said Holt  bought said land from J W Wilkerson by deed dated November 25th 1910 and recorded in deed book number 17 Pages 442 through 443 to which reference is made to have and to hold the same to the said Abe Eaton his heirs and assigns we covenant with the said Eaton that we are lawfully seized of said described tract of land and that it is unencumbered except the two notes of $200 each above named and we bind ourselves are heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend our title to the said tract of land to the said Eaton his heirs and assign against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever.   it is agreed and form a part of the consideration entering into this sale, that of suit is brought to enforce the collection of the deferred payment which is assumed by the grantee or to enforce the vendors lien, that the bargainee  herein waives the right of redemption or other equities in law that would defer the collection of said notes and interest this February 27th 1914
James Jakes
Nannie Jakes(image clearly says Nannie though listed as Annie in all other references)

State of Tennessee 
Bedford County.

Personally appeared before me W L Crigler notary public of said County and state the above named James Jakes and wife Annie Jakes the bargainers with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledged that they executed the above and foregoing instrument for the purpose therein expressed and Annie Jakes wife of the said James Jakes having personally appeared before me privately and apart from her husband the said Annie Jakes acknowledged the execution of the said instrument to have been done by her freely voluntarily and understandingly without compulsion or constraint from her said husband and for the purpose there into expressed this 27th day of February 1914 W L Crigler notary public 
File for record March 3rd 1914 at 9:30 a.m. signed by J E Robert register

Source:  Bedford Co TN Deed Book 21 pg 123-124 FHL Film # 008567916(Bedford County, Tennessee deed books and index,1808-1966 Deeds v. 21-22 Jan 1914-Mar 1916) Image 93 & 94 of 684