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Lurana J Cook Deeds land to Ebb McLain--Dec 1887-Bedford Co.TN

This is Lurainy Jane Cook(daughter of Wm C Cook & Elizabeth Putman Cook) deeding land to Ebb McLain

Lurana J Cook Deed to Ebb McLain
I Lurana J Cook have this day bargained and sold 
and do transfer and convey to Ebb McLain his heirs
and assigne forver for the consideration of one hundred
and forty dollars due the twenty fifth day of December
1887 by note the receipt which is hereby acknowledged
for a certain tract of land in Civil District No 9 of
Bedford County State of Tennessee bounded as follows
Beginning with the lands of Ebb McLains seventy eight
poles and ten links thence west with the line of
Cooper twenty eight poles and fourteen links and
three inches to a Rock thence south with the land of G W
Turner seventy eight poles and ten links thence East to the
beginning to the lands of Turners twenty eight poles and 
fourteen links and three inches containing fourteen acres
I Lurana J Cook do covenant with Ebb McLain that I am
lawfully seized of said land have a good right to convey
the same and that the same is unincumbered I do further
bind my self and my heirs and representatives to warrent
and defend the right and title to said land to the said
McLain his heirs and assigns and representatives against
the lawful claims of all persons whatever all of which 
I bind my self and my heirs and representatives when
all the purchase money is paid this December 13, 1887
T N B Turner Lurana J Cook
G W Williams

Bedford County, Tennessee, Deed Book WWW: 228, Lurana J Cook to Ebb McLain, 14 acres; imaged, "Bedford County, Tennessee deed books and index, 1808-1966", FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C3QY-697K-B?cat=298281 : accessed 30 April 2024), Deeds v. WWW-XXX Jun 1887-Oct 1889, IGN 8567904, image 144 of 639; citing Bedford Co. Tennessee Register of Deeds.

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Celebrating 20 years of Blogging this Week

image created using DALL·E 3

I have been researching my family history for around 34 years and blogging about my research for 20 years this week.  I've found answers to many questions I've had about my ancestors although some remain unanswered.  Sometimes my discoveries have led me to even more questions about those ancestors and shirttail relatives.   In celebration of 20 years of blogging I have made a Top 20 list of questions about my family history research.  I'll not call these research questions as they are not detailed enough for that descriptor, but could be developed into research questions given the time.  This would be a good exercise to use in order to determine research opportunities, and then form research questions from that list.  In no particular order my questions are as follows:
  1. Did Wm Taylor Hale drown in the Collins River in 1861 as told in a letter by Phoebe York Hale McCormick(1901-1993) his granddaughter? The letter was given to me in the late 1990s by another Hale researcher.
  2. Who was W C Cook's Dad? 
  3. Where was the W T. & Adeline Hale family during the time of the  US Federal censuses of 1860 & 1870?
  4. When & where did Nancy Hitchcock Hale die? 
  5.  Why was W C Cook and family along with his bro In law, Noah Putman & family in Dyer Co TN during the time of the 1840 Census?
  6. What became of Susan Carson Ferguson Cook's son John Ferguson?
  7. Who were Basil Riddle's 5 children?
  8. Where and when did Daniel Pitman die?
  9. When did Daniel's wife Comfort Hatfield Pitman die?
  10. In the 1850 Census whom ever give the information for the Andrew McElroy household gave Andrew McElroy's place of birth as Ireland but in 1860 whomever gave the answers for the household answered Georgia.  Why?
  11. Where was Wm G Cook & family during the time of the 1920 Census?  
  12. Regarding the 1850 Census of District 10 Bedford Co TN--was it tallied and lost or never taken?
  13. When, Where and what event is happening in the picture where Granny Cooke(Pearl G Jakes Cooke) is shaking hands with a gentleman?
  14. Why was Grandpa Luna born in KY or better yet, why was his Mom there the 2nd of April 1892?
  15. What happened to Henry F Hill's pension file and why can't it be located?
  16. Is our John King line really related to the Samuel King who helped found Cumberland Presbyterian?
  17. What happened to Messina Ann Bailey Cook, ex-wife of James Polk Cook?
  18. I believe that the Hamer sisters that James P Cook & Jefferson Gideon Cook married died since I've not found any record of a divorces for either couple.  Is that the case?
  19. Why are Tennie Ferguson Hill & George Solifelt back in Iola KS shortly after selling property and announces plans to move to Fort Dodge?  Was the move cancelled or did they live there for a very short time?
  20. March 5th of 1853, Eliza J Manire King was in Arkansas. My Great Grandmother's birth that day places her there and is the only indication I have that she left TN other than when she & Wm B moved with their son to Texas in later life. Her brother,  Stephen J Manire was enumerated in Lawrence Co Arkansas in the 1850 US Federal Census. Was she visiting him or other family in Arkansas?  

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Cook Deed--Bedford Co TN-- Jan 1910

My transcription of the transfer and quit claim of a land purchased by Cass B Cook from Wm G Cook and his son John L Cook. The digitized copy of the deed is at FamilySearch and can be accessed via the reference link below the transcription.   Wm G Cook is my Great Grandfather and John L(who is refereed to as John Lamb and John Lamb Cook in several places although his name is John Lemuel Cook) is Wm G Cook's eldest son who is mentioned in W C Cook's will.  I've also included several other links below that concern Cass B. Cook (5 June 1857-15 March 1908) youngest son of Wm C. Cook and Elizabeth Putman.

W. G. Cook & Jno L Cook to A. J. Sims

Whereas C. B. Cook purchased from W. G. Cook and John Lamb Cook a certain tract of land containing seven (7) acres, being lot No . 1 in the division of W. C. Cook's tract of land containing 104 acres, located in the 9th Civil District of Bedford County, Tennessee, and the seven acres being described as follows ; Beginning on a stake Mrs. Whitworth's southwest corner of a twelve acre tract running S. 2 3/4 ° W. forty poles to a stake; thence S. (?)6 1/2 °  E. with a marked line twenty eight poles to a stake ; thence N. 2 3/4 °  E. forty poles to a stake in Mrs. Whitworth's line twenty eight poles to the beginning. And whereas the said C. B. Cook paid us the purchase money for said land but we failed to execute deed to him and whereas since the death of the said C. B. Cook, the said tract of land has been sold in the County Court of Bedford County, Tennessee, in the cause of Joe Cook and others vs. Willie Cook and others, and A. J. Simms became the purchaser of the same. Now, in order to perfect the title, we, W. G. Cook and John Lamb Cook do hereby transfer and convey and quit claim unto the said A. J. Simms all right, title, claim and interest of every kind , and character which we have in and to the above described tract of land. This January 26, 1910.

W. G. Cook
John L. Cook


Personally appeared before me, B. D. Kingree, a Notary Public in and to for Bedford County, Tennessee W. G. Cook and John L. Cook bargainers with whom I am personally acquainted, and acknowledged that he executed the attached instrument for the purposes therein contained. Witness my hand and official seal, this 26th day of January 1910 (SEAL) B. D. Kingree Notary Public.
Filed for record January 26, 1910 at 2:30 o'clock P.M. J E Robert Register

Reference Note:
Bedford County, Tennessee, Deeds 1909-1910, Vol 16, pg 509, deed transfer & quit claim, W. G. Cook & Jno L Cook to A. J. Sims;  imaged, FamilySearch  (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C3QY-XYWJ : accessed  19 April, 2024), Image Group Number(IGN) 8567913  > image 623 of 648; citing Bedford County Register of Deeds, Shelbyville.[I couldn't determine what the character preceding "6 1/2 ° " was so I have noted that by use of a question mark in parenthesis in this attempt at transcription]

Other Relevant Documents involving Cass B Cook and his estate.

Deeds Mentions Pope Land, Albert and J B Landrum and Tom Seay.
  • Bedford County, Tennessee, Deeds 1908-1909, Vol 15, pg. 224, Deed, T. H. Morton & Wife to C. B. Cook; imaged, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C3QY-X1F5 :  accessed 19 April 2024), Image Group Number(IGN) 8567913  > image 144 of 648; citing Bedford County Register of Deeds, Shelbyville.
  • Bedford County, Tennessee, Deeds 1909-1910, Vol 16, pg. 536, Deed,  C B Cook & wife to E L McLean; imaged, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-C3QY-XYHG :  accessed 19 April 2024), Image Group Number(IGN) 8567913  > image 637 of 648; citing Bedford County Register of Deeds, Shelbyville.
This estate sale listing referenced below covers 5 pages and is full of details. 

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J K Cook--Road Work Book Entry 1874-1875 -- Bedford Co. TN

Below are my transcriptions from the Bedford County Tennessee Road Work Book that concern J K Cook.  I believe he was overseer for the period from Oct 1874-1875 at which time N B King was appointed to take his place. These entries are part of the Cook Family timeline which will be an upcoming blog post.   It is nice to see the properties mentioned.  

Oct 6 1874
This day the court is pleased to appoint J.K Cook over
seer of the Road leading from Dogwood Grove Church Road
in W C Taylors West boundary line to Versials  & Nicholas
Mill Road at Joseph Hayne Southwest corner and
that he have the following hands J K Cooks Widow
Lambs dowry T W Davis N F Neal Joseph Haynes
Rebecca King that lies in 10th Dist and that he
work the same as a second class Road.

Oct 6 1875
This day J K Cook overseer of the road leading from Dogwood
Grove Church Road in Taylor's W Line to Versailes & Nicolus Mill Road 
at Joseph Haynes SW Corner returned into court his order which 
was by the court accepted and it is ordered by the court that 
N B King be appointed in his ____ and stead and that he have 
the following bounds and hands. All the hand on the widow 
Lambs dower, J K Cooks hands T W Davis N F Niel Joseph Haynes, 
Rebecca Kings that live in the 10th Dist & W H Lambs and that he w
ork the same as a second class road.

Bedford County, Tennessee, County Court Clerk's Office, Road Minutes and Overseers Books," 1873-1886, 1889-1891, 1910, image, IGN 8659616, image 47 of 490, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QHV-D3C6-HZ4M?i=46&cat=247682 : accessed 16 April 2024), citing Road Books, Vol. 1A, 1873-1883 pg 36, Tuesday, 6 October 1874, J K Cook appointed Overseer.

Bedford County, Tennessee, County Court Clerk's Office, Road Minutes and Overseers Books," 1873-1886, 1889-1891, 1910, image, IGN 8659616, image 72 of 490, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QHV-63C6-HHXT?i=71&cat=247682 : accessed 16 April 2024), citing Road Books, Vol. 1A, 1873-1883 pg 86, Tuesday, 6 October 1875, J K Cook Overseer to N B King.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Record Narrows Down Death Date of Anna Putman

Reviewing source citations for an upcoming blog post and found an index to court records.  Of course I had to give them a quick glance.  When I did I found a court record for a continuation in the case of Wm G Hight & others vs. Anna Putman & others.  I've blogged about that case before see that post at

This newly found record in the court minutes narrows down the death date for Anna which I did not previously have.  I knew she had died some time during the court proceedings which spanned a number of years.  Now it appears that she died prior to the 6th of April 1865 as that is the date of the continuation that was granted because of her death.

Bedford County, Tennessee, Circuit Court minute book, April 1864 - August 1867: page 232, Wm G Hight & others vs Anna Putman & others, Continuation of case due to death of one Anna Putman; digital image, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QHV-D3C6-49ZC-V : accessed 9 April 2024), citing FHL microfilm 8659576.

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A Few Bedford Co. Tennessee Deeds involving Cass B Cook

A few Bedford County Tennessee deeds involving Cass B Cook, youngest son of 
Wm C Cook & Elizabeth Putman. 

Cass B Cook & Wife(Clemenzy) to Lizzie Jackson--18 Nov 1889
Bedford Co TN Deed Book YYY 1889-1890 pp 197-8FamilySearch
IGN 008567905 Img 127 of 641

E Smotherman & Wife to C B Cook-- 29 Nov 1895
Bedford Co TN Deed Book 5 1897-1898  pg 419
IGN 008567908  Img 241 of 679 

H P Smotherman & Wife to Cass B Cook--9 May 1898
Bedford Co TN Deed Book 5 1897-1898  pg 495
IGN 008567908  Img 279 of 679

Return of Adkins Upshaw Estate--Elbert Co. GA(April 1801)

Adkins Upshaw is my 4th great grandfather. I found his estate return recorded in the Elbert Co. Georgia Will books on FamilySearch using the Full Text Search.   The transcription offered along with it was a mess but good enough that it could tell my search was for Adkins Upshaw.  So as an Index for search I love that.  I do not have the paid versions of any AI tools and used the free one thru my MS Edge browser and that likely affects the quality of the output along with my lack of knowledge in prompts. My prompt contained a copy and paste of the transcription text from FamilySearch.  If you are interested in seeing the copy of the FS transcription txt it can be viewed when you are using the Full Text Search on Adkins Upshaw narrowing the place to Elbert County Georgia.

I get more out of transcribing the text because as I do so it's thought provoking. Below is my own transcription of the return.

Page 60
James Patton Administrator on the Estate of
Adkins Upshaw Deceased -------------------
October the 1st 1800 to Goods & Chattels sold to the
Amount of --------------------------------$99.60 1/4
(writing in between line looks like cr oH )
October 5 By cash paid on aproved Acct.
----------By R Lindsy---------------------$50-54
------- -------------------
1801 By Cash paid on aproved Acct
By Jnt? Bradley----------------------------$8-75
1801 By Cash Paid on aproved Acct
By E King----------------------------------$ 3.75
--------------------------------- ---------
1800- the Estate of Adkins Upshaw
Decd fe to James Patton
to Waggoning of a hogshead                 $8.85
of toba to agustia
to funeral Expenses------------------------$12 - -
to following T Loveletty to Carrolina   $6 - -
to two bushels of Wheat -----------------$2
to two bushels of Corn -------------------$1
to the Coopering Hogshed tobc---------$0 50
to the letters admin ----------------------$05 -50
to services done by Jas Patton ---------$2
to 4 days attendance at Court -----------$2
the business of the Estates -----------------------

Recorded this Return of the Estate of Adkin
Upshaw Dec'd the 30th day of April 1801

(signed) W Higginbotham C.C.O


Georgia. Probate Court (Elbert County). Will Books A, B, & C, digital images, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:33SQ-GR6N-VTW : accessed 6 April 2024), image 310 of 384, citing FHL microfilm 004968238, Elbert Co GA Will Book C, p 60, Return of Adkins Upshaw Dec’d Estate Admin'd by James Patton.

If you are curious about the Copilot output see below:

James Patten, as the administrator of the Estate of Adkins Upshaw (who passed away on October 1, 1800), accounted for the following transactions:

1. Goods and chattels were sold, amounting to $99.60 on October 18, 1800.
2. Cash payment of $500 was made on an approved account by R. Lindsy in 1801.
3. Another cash payment of $8.75 was made on an approved account by Int Bradley in 1801.
4. An additional cash payment of $3.75 was made on an approved account by E. King in 1800.
5. The estate of Adkins Upshaw, deceased, paid James Patten $3.85 for the transportation of a hogshead of tobacco to be assessed.
6. Funeral expenses totaled $12.
7. T. Loveletty received payment.
8. Carolina C received payment.
9. Two bushels of wheat and two bushels of corn were accounted for.
10. The coopering business was conducted.
11. Letters of administration were issued.
12. Services were performed by J. Callen.
13. James Patten attended court for four days to handle estate matters.

This return of the Estate of Admin Upshaw, deceased, was recorded on the 30th day of April 1801 by Maginor Tham, Clerk of the Court.

Directly below it's try on interpreting the AI transcription from FS it listed some sources for learning more about Adkins Upshaw, and the Upshaw and Patton Pages at Wikitree.