Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Celebrating 20 years of Blogging this Week

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I have been researching my family history for around 34 years and blogging about my research for 20 years this week.  I've found answers to many questions I've had about my ancestors although some remain unanswered.  Sometimes my discoveries have led me to even more questions about those ancestors and shirttail relatives.   In celebration of 20 years of blogging I have made a Top 20 list of questions about my family history research.  I'll not call these research questions as they are not detailed enough for that descriptor, but could be developed into research questions given the time.  This would be a good exercise to use in order to determine research opportunities, and then form research questions from that list.  In no particular order my questions are as follows:
  1. Did Wm Taylor Hale drown in the Collins River in 1861 as told in a letter by Phoebe York Hale McCormick(1901-1993) his granddaughter? The letter was given to me in the late 1990s by another Hale researcher.
  2. Who was W C Cook's Dad? 
  3. Where was the W T. & Adeline Hale family during the time of the  US Federal censuses of 1860 & 1870?
  4. When & where did Nancy Hitchcock Hale die? 
  5.  Why was W C Cook and family along with his bro In law, Noah Putman & family in Dyer Co TN during the time of the 1840 Census?
  6. What became of Susan Carson Ferguson Cook's son John Ferguson?
  7. Who were Basil Riddle's 5 children?
  8. Where and when did Daniel Pitman die?
  9. When did Daniel's wife Comfort Hatfield Pitman die?
  10. In the 1850 Census whom ever give the information for the Andrew McElroy household gave Andrew McElroy's place of birth as Ireland but in 1860 whomever gave the answers for the household answered Georgia.  Why?
  11. Where was Wm G Cook & family during the time of the 1920 Census?  
  12. Regarding the 1850 Census of District 10 Bedford Co TN--was it tallied and lost or never taken?
  13. When, Where and what event is happening in the picture where Granny Cooke(Pearl G Jakes Cooke) is shaking hands with a gentleman?
  14. Why was Grandpa Luna born in KY or better yet, why was his Mom there the 2nd of April 1892?
  15. What happened to Henry F Hill's pension file and why can't it be located?
  16. Is our John King line really related to the Samuel King who helped found Cumberland Presbyterian?
  17. What happened to Messina Ann Bailey Cook, ex-wife of James Polk Cook?
  18. I believe that the Hamer sisters that James P Cook & Jefferson Gideon Cook married died since I've not found any record of a divorces for either couple.  Is that the case?
  19. Why are Tennie Ferguson Hill & George Solifelt back in Iola KS shortly after selling property and announces plans to move to Fort Dodge?  Was the move cancelled or did they live there for a very short time?
  20. March 5th of 1853, Eliza J Manire King was in Arkansas. My Great Grandmother's birth that day places her there and is the only indication I have that she left TN other than when she & Wm B moved with their son to Texas in later life. Her brother,  Stephen J Manire was enumerated in Lawrence Co Arkansas in the 1850 US Federal Census. Was she visiting him or other family in Arkansas?  


  1. Congratulations on 20 years!! Quite an accomplishment :)

  2. Congratulations! Two decades is a massive achievement.