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Clarke Street Neighbors Old Hickory, TN 1923-1946

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In February of 1927, my grandparents were living at 1009 Clarke Street in Old Hickory, Tennessee when their oldest son died of scarlet fever.   His name was Thomas D. Cooke Jr and his parents and siblings always called him Tomie D.  I have several pictures of him with friends and family that I have published on my webpage, in my tree at Ancestry, and here on my blog.  My grandmother had pictures of him and his sisters with children from the neighborhood where they lived which came into my possession as the family historian.  I can identify my aunts, and Tomie D. in the pictures but do not know who the other children are.  Presumably, they would be children who lived near them on Clarke Street or the surrounding streets.  I thought it might be good to review the area and look at the folks who were living there during 1927 but so far I have been unable to find a city directory for that area.  My grandparents moved to 911 Dodson Street(Old Hickory) shortly after Tomie D.'s passing but I wanted to see who all was living in that area of Clarke Street in 1930.  Maybe eventually I'll be able to find some sort of listing.  Old Hickory was a company town at least prior to 1945/46 so all residents on that street were renters.  I've contacted TN State Archives and the Nashville Library and neither know of a directory for that area covering the time period.  For the time being, I'm studying the 1930 census and hoping to learn more.  I"ve started a research tree on Ancestry for those who lived in that area and have begun researching the families and the houses.  The houses, which were Sears Modern Homes, are just as interesting as the people.  Looking at Google's street view I was able to see how they look present day.  As you might imagine, some have been modified, but they still retain enough of the features to allow for identification.  The styles on Clarke Street both on the north side(odd house numbers) and the south side(even house numbers) seem to be either a Georgia model or a Haskell model home.

Tomie D Cooke(on right) and friend
circa 1925
I'd love to know the identity of the other boy in the picture.  I would guess they are about the same age.  Also, I'd love to hear from other descendants of people who lived on Clarke Street or Dodson St in Old Hickory Tennessee between 1923-1946.

Map of the area of Clarke Street
Showing my notes of the residents from 1930 Census entries
Below is a little bit of the household information I was able to gather from the 1930 census as well as my additional comments on the house style from viewing them on Google Maps.  I'll post some more pictures and additional households for the south portion of Clarke Street in a future blog post.

1930 US Federal Census Davidson Co. TN; District 4; Enum. Dist.: 0244; Page: 47B; FHL microfilm: 2341977. images; image 94 of 105.

1001 Clark Street (Rent $23)[Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Lenard N. Roaden--Head--age 40- --mar at 26 TN TN TN Spinning Room Belt man Rayon Plant
Alma Roaden--wife--age 37--mar at 25 TN TN TN 
James A Roaden--son--age 4 4/12 single TN TN TN
Lenard M Roaden--son--age 3/12 single TN TN TN

1003 Clark Street (Rent $18)[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Howard D Bowman--head--age 26 mar at 22 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinnerette Lab Rayon Mills
Aileen Bowman--wife--age 21 mar at 17 TN TN TN
John H. Bowman--son--age 1 8/12 -single--TN TN TN 

1005 Clark Street (Rent $18)[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Wilburn R Hunt --head--age 37 mar at 21 TN TN TN Fire Dept. Chief --Village
Mattie N. Hunt--wife--age 36 mar at 20 TN TN TN
Blanche Hunt--daughter--age 14 single TN TN TN
Elizabeth Hunt--daughter--age 13  single TN TN TN
John W(est) Hunt--son--age 10 single TN TN TN
Howard L. Hunt--son--age 10  single TN TN TN
Joe M. Hunt--son--age 8 single TN TN TN
Wilburn E Hunt--son--age 4 6/12 single TN TN TN
Kenneth R Hunt--son--age 1 4/12 single TN TN TN

1007 Clark Street Rent $18[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Douglas Cone Jr.--head--age 26 mar at 20 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinning Room Rayon Mills
Mattie W. Cone--wife--age 26 mar at 20 MS MS MS
Douglas Cone III--son--age 4 3/12 single TN TN MS

1009 Clark Street Rent $18[Appears to be "Haskell" model]
Henry Powell--head--age 27 mar at 26 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinning Room Rayon Mills
Mildred Powell--wife--age 26 mar at 25 TN TN TN Forelady in Reeling Room Rayon Mills
Howard McKibbon--boarder--age 29 mar at 29 TN TN TN Foreman in Spinning Room Rayon Mill
Bessie McKibbon--boarder--age 23 mar at 23 TN TN TN

1011 Clark Street Rent $23[Appears to be "Georgia" model]
Arthur L. Snyder--head--age 32 mar at 29 Can.(Eng) Can.(Eng) Can.(Eng) Sales Serviceman Rayon Mills
Dora Snyder--wife--age 23 mar at 20 KY KY KY
John Snyder--son--age 1 8/12--single--MN Can.(Eng) KY
John S Fonda--boarder--age 29 mar at 27 NY NY NY Research Chemist Rayon Mills
Marion G Fonda--boarder--age 30 mar at 28 NY NY NY 

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