Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Qualified Electors of Madison Co AL 1930-- Acuffs & Lunas in Dallas 20-1 Dist

The April 15th 1930 edition of The Huntsville Times(Huntsville, AL) is included in the Website database and has a listing of qualified electors of Madison Co Alabama.
My Acuffs and Lunas are listed in the Dallas 20-1 District on page 13 in columns 3 & 4. 

Acuff, A.J.
Acuff, J.P.
Acuff, Ernest
Acuff, Albert
Acuff, W.E.

Luna, W.R.
Luna, Lee
Luna, D. E.

There are likely many folks from the counties of Dekalb, Van Buren, Warren & White Counties who came to work in the Cotton Mill in Huntsville during this time period.  I remember from having read the 1930 census for the Dallas Community of Madison Co. Alabama that there were many of the family names that I recognized from having researched in those areas

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