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50+ Persons Mentioned in a Tennessee State Supreme Court Case from 1835

In early January I obtained a copy of a Tennessee State Supreme Court case in which my 2nd great grandmother's brother, William Putman was accused of fraud in the sale of a horse.  There is an amazing amount of people involved in this case.  People involved included citizens from 4 different counties of Tennessee--Bedford, Dickson, Rutherford, and Williamson counties.  If you are a researcher whose ancestors were in Tennessee, please consider at least running a search or two in this collection. It appears these are a work-in-progress.  The last update from what I can tell showed it being only 25% complete.  I look forward to the day when it's 100%

Listing of persons involved in the case of Robert Williams vs William Putman, et al. 

The case is heard by the Middle District of the Tennessee State Supreme Court in 1835 and originated in Rutherford County Tennessee on 7th of October 1829.  I ordered the file from TN State Library  & Archives via https://supreme-court-cases.tennsos.org/ and it was delivered  2nd Jan 2019, via email and contained scanned digital images in a 41 page PDF document.  The physical location of the case at TSLA is in the TN State Supreme Court Cases Collection Range: 33 Section: A  Shelf: 2  Box Number: 375 as noted by the listing at the previously mentioned webpage.  The quickest way to find it is by searching for Keyword "Putman"  in Rutherford County in the search box of the site.  I've tried to alphabetize by surname after removing duplicates and came up with 50 persons which I have listed below.

Anderson Anglin
Samuel Anglin
Zepheniah Anglin
Thos L or S Anthony
Wm Brady
William G Childress
John Coleman (age 28--1833)
William C Cook
Charles Coursey
John Burnett Coursey
V. D. Cowan
M.S. Cummings
Richard Davidson
William Deason
William B Dotson
Daniel Dwiggins
Charles A. Frensley(age 27--1833)
William Gilliam
BarnaB  Haley
Thos Heaton
Jordan Holden
Andrew J. Hoover
John Jackson
Dennis Lark (age 56--1833)
Richard Ledbetter
William Ledbetter
James H Lyle
James C Mitchell
John B Nixon
David Pounds
Pleasant Puckett
Noah Putman
William Putman
Lemuel Ransom
Richard Ransom
George Redmond
Jesse Roberts
Enoch Rushing
James Sanford(age 42--1832)
John G Smotherman
Yancy Stokes
Thomas Stuart
Valentine M Sublett
William Taylor
Amanuel Toomes(age 55--1832)
John Toomes (age 57--1833)
Anderson Vaughn(age 20--1832)
William Venson
John C C Vernon
Absalom Vickery
Lee? Williams
Nathaniel W Williams
Robert Williams

Source:  Tennessee State Library & Archives. Tennessee Supreme Court Clerk’s Records 1810-1955, Record Group 191.TN State Supreme Court Case Middle District Range: 33 Section: A Shelf: 2 Box: 375 Robert Williams v. William Putman, et al. (41 pages).

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