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My Paternal Grandmother's Maternal 1st Cousins

My Paternal Grandmother's Maternal 1st Cousins

Continuing my thoughts from the previous post in which I looked at my paternal Grandmother's paternal first cousins, this post focuses on her maternal first cousins which would be the grandchildren of  David Frizzell and Rebecca Manley. My Grandmother Pearl(b. 1891) and her siblings descend thru David and Rebecca's daughter, Thelitha Ann(Annie) Frizzell Jakes.  Known Ancestor surnames include Frizzell(2), Deason(2), Weaver(2), Godfrey(2), Kennedy, and Manley.

I'm still not sure that this listing is correct.  I've used census records, death certificates, obituaries, wills, etc. but due to the recycling of names and the use of nicknames I don't know that I can ever get it to a high degree of certainty.  So... if you are in this branch and can offer any help in untangling I'd be more than glad to hear from you.

Pearl has about 43 maternal 1st cousins  There are multiple marriages into the Brown, Gibson, Taylor, and Delbridge family on this side.  These cousins' dates of birth span the years from about 1864 to 1905 so it is likely that she may have known many of them.  While some of them moved to Michigan or Texas, the majority stayed in the middle Tennessee area particularly around Rutherford and Bedford County.

Pearl's Maternal 1st Cousins:

  • Leander Perkins Frizzell's Children:  Mary Mollie Frizzell Kelton,  Rebecca Elizabeth "Bettie" Frizzell Brown, Gertrude Frizzell(never married), Daisy Lee Frizzell Brown, Cassie Manley Frizzell Newman,. Ella Frizzell Newman
  • Margaret Frizzell(no issue)
  • James Reuban Frizzell(no issue)
  • Mary Elizabeth Frizzell Taylor's children:   Zacheriah C Taylor, Rebecca A Taylor Rollins, Robert L Taylor, Erma Dean Taylor Delbridge, Mary Baxter Taylor, N.S. Taylor, Ida Taylor(unmarried no known issue)
  • Henry Hugh Clay Frizzell's children:
    • Thru 1st wife(sister of husband of Mary E. Frizzell Taylor)--Wm Ody Frizzell, Thomas Macky Frizzell, Levina West Frizzell, Beckie Ann Frizzell, David Collins Frizzell, Cora L Frizzell
    • Thru 2nd wife--Charlie Crocket Frizzell, Lura Nevada Frizzell, Sallie Avo Frizzell, Dora Lee Frizzell, Vennie Esty Frizzell, Henry Hershel Frizzell, Laura Susan Frizzell, Robert L Hatton Frizzell, Maranda Bethel Frizzell, Ider Baxter Frizzell, Cordell Hull Frizzell
  • Permelia Frizzell Fulks' children:  Charles T Fulks, Will Cephus Fulks, Della Freeman Fulks Delbridge, Mollie Fulks
  • John Frizzell's children:  Queenie C Frizzell (Died young no known issue)
  • Absalom Frizzell's children:  Abraham D. Frizzell
  • Theodrick Frizzell's children: Amelia Jane Frizzell, Odie Everett Frizzell, Alva Macky Frizzell Gibson, Mary Cloe Frizzell Reynolds, Jessie Elmer Frizzell, Lemuel "Lemmie" Frizzell, Henry Frizzell

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