Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My Genealogy Happenings over the last 6 months

During the past 6 months, much of my research has been focused on Old Hickory, Tennessee as I completed a few projects and added some new ones.  About 18 years ago when I'd designed my original genealogy website(hosted on Rootsweb's Freepages) I'd coded several pages which focused on my Dad, his parents & siblings, and the neighborhood in which he grew up.  My website was in bad need of updating and with Freepages pretty much going the way of the dinosaur, I made the decision to move my pages to my blog.  This sounds like a big project but seems to be going rather well.

What's been happening in my Genealogy World

  • Moved my Confederate Pension Application Abstracts here to my Blog
  • Studying the Clark Street and Dodson Street neighbors
  • Found a TN State Supreme Court Case that my 2nd Great Grandfather was involved in and got a copy of it(41 pages)  Lots of people involved in the case which is about the sale of a horse.  Testimony given by my 2nd Great Grandfather about the horse was awesome to read.  The biggest surprise was the Dickson Co TN connection.
  • Contacted Hagley Museum and Library to inquire about any Rental Records Dupont might have had from Old Hickory's Company Town Days.  They do not have them but did send me two reports done on another of Dupont's company towns to give me an idea of what all was involved with that process. (I contacted Dupont about it just to cover all bases and was told they didn't know the answer to my question.  Maybe contacting someone local will help)  If the Old Hickory Dupont plant still has them it would be a wonderful project and good PR for Dupont if they could let a Historical Society or TN State Library and Archives scan them.  I believe 1946 was the time when the homes were up for purchase.  Up until that point all the people that lived there pretty much worked for Dupont and rented from them. 
  • Ordered my Uncle Morris' Official Military Personnel Files thru Veterans Voice.  I was able to get a discount on the order.(One of the perks of being a Virtual Genealogical Association member.) Excited to finally do that.  He has no descendants so I ordered his as my first order.  I hope to be able to order Dad's soon.
  • Still working on trying to find the missing connection for my Cook(e) line.  I have Y111 DNA results and numerous autosomal testers.  Slowly but surely.  This past year has been a good one for finding out more information about our Cook(e)s and the ones that our DNA results suggest we most closely match.  I have our back to the 2nd Gr Grandparent level so I feel like there are likely about 2 generations in between the connection.   Time to make a grid for all the Joseph's we've collected from the same area...and another grid of the William C Cook or W.C. Cooks.  I know from past experience this works and when I get all of the grid filled out I will likely discover more information and have to redo it so I should do this like yesterday.
  • In the midst of working on the Old Hickory projects I decided to contact the Register of Deeds here in Dickson County and get the listing of the people who owned the house that my grandmother lived in from about 1970-1976.  I have many great memories of the house on 203 North Charlotte Street and I even remember the neighbors.  I'm hoping to do a blog post on the house though I've written a good bit about it in the tribute to my Grandmother, Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke
  • I've also been working on an archive notebook of the papers which my Grandmother Pearl saved.  You can read more about the types of papers and info at the linked blog post. 
  • I hope to start on my own archive notebook of papers soon.
  • Continuing to work my DNA matches and log genetic networks to help find kinship.
  • Attending Webinars to further my Genealogy education. Enjoying the Genealogy Podcasts and blogs.  Also I'm looking forward to Rootstech though I will only be able to participate in the streaming portion of it.  I'm hoping there will be some great announcements by the sponsors. 
What's happening in your Genealogy World?

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