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Adcock Confederate Pension Applications Abstracts

Abstracts of information from 7 Confederate pension applications of soldiers or widows. These applications were viewed from the microfilm collection of Wallace State College's Genealogy Collection (located on the 5th floor)at the campus in Hanceville, Alabama(late 1990s/early 2000s). I previously had these files on my Freepages Genealogy Website that was hosted at Rootsweb. You can now access the TN Confederate Pension files at (Log on required for some portions of the site but it is free) This post should give you an idea of the type of information found in those files. I will be posting the remaining 28 abstracts of TN Confederate Pensions as well as the 6 Texas Confederate Pension Abstracts which were also on my Confederate Pension Abstracts portion of my Freepages website. Please check out the digital images of the originals at FamilySearch for these and other pension applications.

Confederate Pensions were paid by the States not the Federal Government. Also, keep in mind that they were filed in the state of residence which may or may not be the state in which they served. Eligibility requirements vary from state to state. The states which paid Confederate Pensions were Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

David Adcock--Dekalb Co. TN Soldier's Pension Application #1308

David Adcock of Cathias Mills filed June 19, 1893
Resident of the state of TN 76 yrs old
Wife Seperated from him
4 boys and 3 girls

Col. Robert Cantrell's 23 TN Reg.
Had Typhoid Fever and New Money(sic)

Born Spartanburg Dist SC
24th day of Sept 1814
Enlisted on or abt 15th June 1861

Injured by explosion at Camp Anderson became sick afterwards relapsed at
Bowling Green KY
Rheumatism & heart disease

Demerias Adcock--Dekalb Co. TN Widow's Pension Application #3329

Demerias Adcock file Jan 27, 1918
Jos Adcock Co. C. 50th TN INF CSA
Appears on a list dated Knoxville, TN
Dec 29, 1863 of Rebel Deserters who took
the oath of allegience to the uSA at the
office of the Provost marshall Roane Co. TN
Dec. 1863 and were permitted to go at large 
within Union Lines. The name Jos Adcock has not 
been found on the rolls on file in this office
of Co. C 50th TN INF CSA.  Nothing additional has 
been found relative to Jos. Adcock and no record 
of his capture in Dekalb co. TN of the Jos. Adcock
referred to within

Francis Adcock--Dekalb Co. TN Confederate Widow's Pension Application #1056

Confederate Widow's Pension Application # 1056
Francis Adcock  widow of Thomas Adcock

She states she has resided in TN all of her life
and was born in Dekalb Co. TN March 11, 1819
(Note:  Her answer was in reference to county
boundaries at the time she filed her application)

She states that Thomas was born in TN about 1817

Thomas served with 1st TN Batt. Inf.
She thinks he served about 4 yrs thought can't remember who
it was with.  Can't remember where they surrendered.

States that Thomas died in Dekalb Co. TN Aug 30, 1905
and that she had 9 children by him --  5 boys and 4 girls.
1 dead, record destroyed can't give age but the oldest is about 63.

She has about $75 of  personal property and nothing more.

States that she doesn't have family support and that her children are all very poor.

Makes her mark (July 6, 1906)
W. B. Foster Co. Clk
J. E. Hobson
O. D. Walker

Copy of Signed statement by Watson Cantrell J. P 
Stating that he solemnized the rites of matrimony 
of Thomas Adcock & Francis Bowls
on May 5th 1838 in Dekalb Co. TN

Statement by Perry Adcock.
Known Adcock for 70 yrs.
That Thomas enlisted in January of 1862 in Co. "C" Combs Battalion
1st TN was a member fo the company with him.  

Says that Thomas performed regular military duty from 
enlistment til the fall of 1863 when discharged.  
Perry states that he was not with the command when 
it surrendered and that neither was Thomas as he had 
already been discharged and was at home(he supposes)

Asked when he left command answers Port Hudson
I was Capt of his Co. & started the discharge & same finally 
completed at Richmond, Virginia and that he remembers handing
Thomas his discharge papers and that Thomas started out for
Dekalb Co. TN(home)

States that Thomas died in  Aug of 1905 in Dekalb Co. TN
States that Thomas had been a resident of TN all of his life.

Perry comments about Francis:
She has no property or income that I know of and she lives with one of her children
who is a very poor man.  Says that he is a neighbor to the applicant and that she is
very old and has no means of support.  Her children are very poor.  Her Husband, Thomas
was on the pension roll and drawing from the state $100 per annum
signed Perry Adcock  dated July 9th 1906

War Department Nashville TN Nov. 21 1906
Thomas Adcock 
Co. C.  1st. (Colm's) Battalion  TN Infantry CSA
enlisted Dec 10 1861
discharged March 20 1863

Hattie E. Adcock--Dekalb Co. TN Widow's Pension Application #6381

Hattie Emoline Adcock Tullahoma Coffey(sic) County TN
Born as Hattie Emoline Barnes in Dekalb Co. TN Feb 22 1849
marr James W. Adcock Oct 26th 1876 License issued Oct 23 1876
in Dekalb County Tennessee

Enlisted June 1861 Co. C. 23rd TN Reg.

He was discharged for disability Husband was now a pensioner.
He died Jan 29, 1896 in Dekalb County Tennessee

Children:  7 children--3 dead and 4 living
2 girls oldest 37 2nd aged 34
2 boys 1st aged 31 2nd 26 yrs

Children all  have family and live in different states am living with Amandy
Smith, Tulahoma, Tenn

Statement by M.E. Adcock
I am 82 yrs of age I knew J. W. Adcock in his lifetime as we were cousins
and lived close together all of our lives.  I remember about the time he 
was discharged from the army.  He had Dropsy.  I saw him often from the 
time he was discharged until the war ended and I know of my own personal 
knowledge that he was not able to do manual labor during the remainder 
of the war and for many years after the war was over.  I was well 
acquainted with him until his death.  I have no interest in his claim.
This May 21st 1921  M. E. Adcock

I drew a pension in South Carolina the 11th of every April and I drew 5 yrs.
The papers were fixed up in Dekalb County at Smithville, TN also the names
of his Captain were on the papers.  I was at that time living in SC.
My Children all married and left me living in Diff. states.  I then came 
back to Tullahoma TN arriving May 6, 1914 which will make me living here 
3 years and 5 months(Richland Co. SC)

Married by N.Z. Judkins Oct 26th 1876 at father's house.

Louisa Adcock--White Co. TN Widow's Pension Application #3860

Louisa Adcock Sparta Rt. 5 White County Tennessee
86 yrs of age
Born in 1826 in White County Tennessee, Louisa Lewis
Husband John Adcock was born in Jackson County Tennessee.
I was married to him in Dekalb County Tennessee when I was 15 yrs old.
Marion Wilkerson performed the ceremony.

Perry Adcock's Co. Colm's Battalion
Stayed with the company about 3 years
Don't know where they surrendered
Thinks he was with his command

No he didn't draw a pension He died some 12 yrs ago at home in 
White County Tennessee.

How many Children did you have by your husband 6 all are now dead.
Property  real estate none

Property and real estate at Death of husband
A small tract of Poor land on Cedar Creek 100 acres in the hills

May  10 1911 W. L. Dibrell Clk of White Co. TN

Records show that John Adcock priv. Co. C. 1st Batt. TN INF CSA enlisted
Jan 21, 1862 on Co. Roll for Feb 24, 1863 reported absent sick in hospital
Jackson Miss. on company roll for Jan 21 1864 last on which his name is 
borne is reported discharged from war.

M. E. Adcock--Dekalb Co. TN Soldier's Pension Application #6304

M. E. Adcock Conf. Pension #6304 (Dekalb Co. TN)    
The Confederate Records show that M. E. Adcock
Private Co. A 16th TN Inf CSA was enlisted May 18, 1861
on the Co. muster roll dated April 30 1864(Last on File)
he is reported present.

The Union Records show that one M. E. Adcock
(also borne as Marshall E.  Adcock)
Private 16th TN Inf CSA deserted Dec 18

Marshall States 
"I was in the Battle of Franklin & Nashville and on Hood's retreat
was captured at Columbia or near there.  Was sick and carried to
hospital at Nashville.  One of my neighbors Tim Adcock was at
Nashville with a wagon and I was permited to come home with him.  
Was sick and unable to services of labor til long after close of 
the war.

I served almost 4 yrs in the Confederate Army and was with my command wherever it went.
Dr. Mozee attended me when I had measles

Wife age 58 Son 12  (Note this is dated Apr. 19, 1904)

M. E. Adcock resident of Pinegar, TN (Dekalb, Co.)

Contacted measles at Camp Trousdale and was sent
home where I remained for 60 days at which time I 
rejoined my Co. in Virginia I think it was Millsboro and
was injured by jumping from a moving train while a prisoner.

Born Dekalb Co. TN 1839

Marshall gives his date of enlistment as May 15th 1861
naming Col. Jno H. Savage, Lt Dick Anderson Lt J. C. Stone
L. N. Savage Capt.

Nature of wound of disability:   Ruptured and hurt in hip for awhile
was placed in convalescent camp at Chattanooga for 22 days when I
returned to my command.

Thomas Adcock--Dekalb Co. TN Soldier's Pension Application #1305

Thomas Adcock Soldier's Pension Application  #1305
Filed July 5, 1893
Native of TN
citizen of TN and resident of Catlens Mill
(Note: could be the historical Post Office of Catlens Mills.)

Member of Perry Adcock's Co. "C" Combs Battalion
Enlisted Jan. 2nd of 1862
(Note:  this is spelled Colms' in some other records)

Asked about any injuries or wounds he states.....
"My eyes became injured and sight affected while in prison Camp Morton, Indiana."
(Note:  In other part of application again tells of injury adding that he was in 
Camp Morton Indiana "about the first of  (unreadable month) 1862.  Month may be Nov.)

Asked how wounds and/or effect of wounds have made him disabled....
"I have sor eyes or injury so much that it has (cannot read some of writing)
and prevented him from doing manual labor & Rheumatism since service."

Statement by J. P. Lee  "I find the applicant wholley unfit for 
any manual labor.  He can scarecly see his way walking deficient
on account of Rheumatism of right leg"

Born in Jefferson Co, TN on 9th day of April 1817
(Note: Initially I thought this was Jefferson Community 
and would have been in Warren Co. at time of Thomas' birth I'm not so sure.  Will need to 
check Jefferson Co TN)

When asked about family he states
"Just a wife living with me"

What are the respective ages of your wife & children
"Wife is 74 yrs old Children all married & gone"

To question about children he answers that he had
" 5 boys and 4 girls"

Asked what have you on your own right real & personal he answers
"One cow and very small lot of household & kitchen furniture"

What estate does wife have?

How have you supported family for the last 5 yrs?
"by a little labor .....arrangement children aid with farm

Do you use intoxicants?

How long have you been a resident of TN?
"All my life"

Do you have an attorney to look after your application?

Give name of Attorney.
B. M. Cantrell Smithville TN

J. C. Webb M.D. Physician
David Adcock Witness
Thomas __utton Witness

J. P. Lee --Clerk who took his application dated June 19 1893


TN Confederate Pensions are grouped by Soldier, Widow and Colored Soldiers and then by Application Number. Before visiting the college library, I consulted the online index of the TN State
Library and Archives for pensions of interest.

Tennessee Confederate soldiers' pension applications. TSLA (Nashville, TN) 113 reels Accessed at Wallace State College Library: Genealogy Collection, 5th-floor Microfilm F 436 .M55 S46

Tennessee - Widows pension applications. TSLA (Nashville, TN) 60 reels. Accessed at Wallace State College Library: Genealogy Collection, 5th-floor Microfilm F 436 .M55 W52

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