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Probate Records of William McCoy, Williamson Co TN Dist 25 resident

I found mention of a William Cook which is likely my 2nd Great Grandfather, William C Cook in the Williamson County Minute Books, Vol 9,  page 173.  The case is that of Samuel B Robinson  admin & c vs Ann McCoy & als (sic) and begins at the bottom of page 172.  My access to the records was via the microfilmed books which were filmed by the TN State Library and Archives in 1966 in a 19 reel set and digitized by FamilySearch which has made them available at their website   Volume 9 of the Williamson Co TN Minute books can be found FamilySearch on the reel which contains v. 9-11 1837-1845(Film # 008150669).   The image is 109 of 833.

You can find records available to view online from home for Williamson Co TN and other areas by using the FamilySearch catalog.  Enter Place of interest and select availability online.  See my blog post on how to browse the unindexed records from a few years ago.

Samuel B Robinson was appointed the administrator of Wm McCoy's estate.  Wm McCoy died in 1836(Estate Sale Records date is 28th Sept 1836) however he is listed in years 1836,1837, and 1838 on the Williamson Co TN Tax list. Usually it will say "heirs of" on a tax list but it may be because his estate wasn't yet settled.  His probate is recorded in Williamson Co TN Will Book 7 pg 530 on Ancestry.  It appears that Wm died with more debt than he had the ability to cover without selling land which he owned.  Samuel was advised that it can be best settled by selling the land McCoy owned as one large lot rather than individual lots and he is petitioning the court to ask them to let him do this so he can settle the estate.

Reasons I believe this is my William Clifford Cook
  • Two of William's brother-in-laws are listed among those who(like William) are owed money by William McCoy.
  • Samuel B Robinson & William McCoy were residents of District 25 of Williamson Co TN.  
  • District 25 is the area in which Wm C Cook is known to have lived 
  • Joseph S Cook(over whose estate Wm C Cook was appointed admin) also lived in District 25 and is somehow related to Wm C Cook though their exact relationship has not yet been proven. Jos. S. Cook's probate documents put Wm C Cook in Williamson Co TN in Oct 1838.
  • Jos S Cook and Wm C Cook are the only persons with the Cook surname that I have found within Dist 25 of Williamson Co TN during the time period covered.
  • There are 4 others listed who are also Williamson Co TN Dist 25 residents:  Jackson, Hill, Patterson, and Ransom.
The case records provide me with more information to add to my page about residents of Williamson Co TN Dist 25.  I hope to also locate the notice from the newspaper about the sale mention within the case record.  I was able to find some additional records on William McCoy.  Below is the information I was able to gather from reading the Williamson Co TN court minutes of 26th July 1838. 

Samuel B Robinson admin &c


Ann McCoy & als

Be it remembered that this cause cam on to be again heard on the bill former order and report of the clerk which is in the words and figures following  The undersigned clerk & C to whom this cause stands referred by an interlocutory decree made  ___ at the present term of this civil reports that he has certain proof upon affidavit which is here with filed as to whether the land mentioned in the Pleadings? would sell for more in lots or whether it would sell for more or a better price if sold all together from which proof he is inclined to believe it would sell for a better price if sold all together as in one lot.  As to that part of said interlocutory decree which requires him to take an account with respect to the administration of the estate b the complainant as administrator aforesaid  he reports that he has on ???? the settlement of said administrator so  ? made with the  clerk of the county court of Williamson County in pursuance of an act of assembly in such case made and provided from which settlement it appears that there is due said administrator the sum of Twenty one dollars and ninety one cents

(page break --pg 173)

and that the personal estate is exhausted--and that there is still due and owing from said estate the following debts to wit:

To Thomas Black $25
To William Cook $12
To Nathan Jackson $5
To Benjamin Ransom $5
To Wm Putman $5
To Carson Patterson $10
To David McCoy $5
To Wm Hill $7
To I. Ransom $22
To James M Simpson $7
To S Mayfield $2.50
To Hiram Putman $35
amounting in total to $114.50(This total listed here is less than the one I arrived at when I did a total from this list.  I did double check the amount owed each person and believe I have all of those correct.  Not sure about his math but this appears to be what is written in the book)

and he further reports that from the best information and proof so to the probable value of land mentioned in the complainants bill that said land is worth from three to four dollars per acre all which is respectfully submitted   Jno W Allen From which being read & heard & not being excepted to is in all things confirmed and it appearing to the court that the personal estate of William McCoy dec'd has been exhausted by the administrating in the payment of bona fide debts of the --- --- estate pf said estate and that there still remain bona fide debts against said estate unpaid and it further appearing that it is necessary that the whole of said tract of land be sold for the purpose of paying said unpaid debts and that it is to the interest of the defendants & the creditors that the whole of said tract of land be sold in one lot.  It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the court that the complainant Samuel B Robinson administrator as aforesaid sell the tract of land described in this bill at pulick sale to the highest bidder at Versailles in Williamson County giving forty days notice upon a credit of six and eighteen months and that he takes the bonds of the purchasers with two good freehold sureties for the payment of the purchase money and also ?  a lien on the land for the payment of the purchase money.  It is also ordered that the complainants advertise the time, place and terms of said sale in some publick news papers printed in the town of Franklin and that said Robinson make report to the next term of this court until when when(sic) all other matters are resolved??


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    Marie, I am at the beach at the moment, and my records are back at home; -but I am reasonably sure that one of the tracts of land that Jabel Putman owned shared a common boundary with "McCoy". Thanks for posting the information. Regards, Hoyte Cook