Friday, September 02, 2022

NARA Catalog Search Reveals Additional Records

While I was thinking of things I need to do and items I need to order, I pulled(at Ancestry) the US Civil War Pension Index Card for Henry F Hill and his wife Tennie(Ferguson) Hill, step-daughter of James Polk Cook. I need to order copies of Henry's pension file and his widow's file. I'd also like to see the service files for Henry. He was a US Pension agent in the Ozark Arkansas area. On a whim I searched the NARA catalog and found a case file containing an investigation about him.

"These records are part of subseries 1. This file contains the oath of allegiance of Henry F. Hill of Huntsville and Ozark, Arkansas, that was required for admission to practice before the Bureau of Pensions, as well as investigative reports and correspondence about procedural matters and misconduct by Mr. Hill in his capacity as a notary public." I need to get copies of the pension files of Henry and Tennie and also THIS!!

While I'm at it, it would also be a good idea to get a copy of the service records of George H Solifelt. For those who haven't read my previous blog posts about Tennie, this was the man who Tennie(about 5 yrs after Henry's death) moved from Arkansas to Iola Kansas with and lived with him as his niece. I've yet to find any connection to confirm that she was his niece. I've checked George's family which is sketchy at best and I'm pretty familiar with her parents and step-dad's families. So now I'm looking to see if the niece relationship is thru her marriage to Henry. Henry was born in OH but his parents were from Maryland and Vermont. George on the other hand, was from Pennsylvania and served some time in prison. I have little hope that the Niece/Uncle story is valid but I am checking everywhere.

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