Friday, September 09, 2022

Taking advantage of Webtember at Legacy Family Tree Webinars


My paternal grandfather, Thomas D. Cooke was born in the area which was Fruit Valley, TN.  I've written about that several times in blog posts here and how that Post Office no longer exist.  This is the announcement of that in the Post Office Daily Bulletin.  I went looking for this after attending a presentation entitled "Delivering the Mail: Records of the United States Post Office" by Michael L. Strauss, AG.  This webinar was part of the Legacy Family Tree Webinars that are being offered as part of  "Webtember,"  If you aren't catching these live, you still have an opportunity to view them.  See Webtember:  All Genealogy.  All September Long!  I also really enjoyed the webinar "What’s Next When You Are Told Those Records Were 'Burnt up' ” by  J. Mark Lowe. FUGA.

“Post Offices Discontinued,” Daily Bulletin of Orders Affecting The Post Office, 10 Aug 1905, Vol 26 Issue 7756. Sheet 1, col 2; digital images, THE DIGITIZED US POSTAL BULLETINS and PL&Rs 1880 - 2013 ( accessed: 9 Aug 2022). 

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