Saturday, September 17, 2022

Comparison of 4C Descendants of Jabel Putman


Last month I posted a chart which compared the amount of shared DNA between 3 of my siblings and myself to a set of 4 siblings which are 4th cousins to us.  They were all descendants of William Putman, son of Jabel Putman. My siblings and I descend thru Jabel's daughter Elizabeth Putman Cook.  I thought it might also be interesting to see a chart of the other 4th cousins who also descend thru Jabel Putman compared to my siblings and myself.  I didn't include one of my brothers in this comparison because he isn't tested at all the sites which I used to collect the matches. There is representation from all but 2 of Jabel's children who had children.  I wasn't able to include descendants of their branches because I couldn't find tested descendants thru them who were 4th Cousins to us.  It seems we have an abundance of 4C1R from Jabel.  As I did in my previous chart I also included a 3C1R's amount(shown in green) so there would be a point of reference for a generation closer to the Most Recent Common Ancestor(MRCA).

Nothing really conclusive to tell if Wm Putman's descendants are Double 4C with us.  It's believed that Wm Putman's wife was the sister of Elizabeth Putman Cook's husband, Wm C Cook but we have no definite proof as we have not located Wm & Anna's marriage nor do we have definite proof of the parents of Wm C Cook.  

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