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Williamson Co. TN--Dist 25(1836-1840)--A-C

Over the past few years I've been studying Williamson Co TN Dist. 25 in hopes that knowing how the families were interconnected will help me to find a lead and break thru my Cook brick wall.  I've been using a spreadsheet to pull together my notes and information on this community so that I had somewhere to quickly look for notes on the families if they showed up in any other parts of my research. I'm publishing this to my blog in the hopes of finding other researchers interested in the area and time period that the information here might help.  This portion contains families who were living in or taxed in District 25 of Williamson Co TN during the years 1836-1840 whose surnames begin with A-C.  When possible I've noted connections in neighboring districts.  Simply put, there is a lot of overlap of families between Williamson Co TN Dist. 25,  the Versailles and Eagleville area of Rutherford Co TN and Bedford Co TN Dist. 10(Rover). Also please note that anyone listed as NOT enumerated in District 25 should probably read not listed as Head of Household in Williamson Co. TN District 25.  They may be within another household OR they may not be enumerated at all within the district for a number of reasons. 

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Baucom--Wilson Baucom/Bacham(Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837 & 1838)  He is the son of Cader Baucom and Susannah Lucy Fowler.  I also believe that his mother is the Susannah Baucom(1777-1840) buried in the Wilson Cemetery near Eagleville. This family was from Wake Co NC.  He married Christina Crick(1820 Williamson County TN)  which makes him the son-in-law of John Wm Crick & Elizabeth Powell Crick.  In 1830 he is enumerated in Maury Co TN near John Hight, Wm Church, Geo. Nixon & Simon S Baker.

Berry--Thomas S. (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837 & 1838).  His wife was Eliza Ann Puckett. Believe he is son of the Thomas Berry who received a NC Land Grant in Leiper's Fork area.

Brooks--Christopher(1836), Ch M(1837), C.W.(1838) C.M(1839) Possibly the Christopher whose wife was a Kerr and whose mother was a Williams if he is the one who is from Caswell Co. NC.

Bryant(or O Bryant)--Fredrick G(1840) A Fredrick O Bryant is on the Bedford Co Tax list of Dist. 10 for 1837 & 1838 and there is a David P Briant in Dist. 10 Bedford for 1836.

Call-- Thomas is on the 1838 & 1839 Tax list of Dist. 25 as well as the 1840 census for that district. His brother Uriah is on Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 Tax list for 1836 & 1837 but on the Dist. 25 of Williamson Co Tax list in 1838 and also in enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840.  They were the sons of William Call and Eleanor King.  Their family has Union Co SC ties and also later Carroll Co AR and Berry Co MO. Uriah's wife was Sarah Cox.  Thomas married Hally / Holly Putman, daughter of Amos Putman.  Which makes him a nephew in law to my direct line Jabel & Nancy Tyler Putman.

Cannon--Newton & Robert are sons of Minos Cannon & Letitia Thompson and were enumerated Dist. 25 in 1840 but do not appear on tax lists in Dist. 25. They were taxed in Dist. 20 & Dist. 24 of Williamson Co.,  District 7 of Bedford Co. and District 9 of Maury Co. during the time period from 1836-1839.  During these same years also in other TN counties of  Davidson, Obion, Shelby & Tipton. Newton was governor of TN from 1835-1839.  Their family was from Guilford Co NC.

Carlton--Thomas & Thomas B(Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837, 1838 & 1839) Not enumerated in 1840 in Dist. 25.  There is a Thomas Carlton taxed in 1836 Dist. 10 Bedford Co TN.  Thomas Carlton's wife was Nancy Wade.  Three of their children married children of Jabel & Nancy Putman. Another married a Patterson.  Wade H. Carlton(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836 & 1837) He is a son of Thomas & Nancy Wade Carlton and married Sarah/Sally Putman.  Wade H. & Sarah/Sally Putman Carlton are enumerated in Weakley Co TN in 1840.  Thomas B. Carlton( b, 1813 son of Thomas & Nancy) married Jane Putman. He and Jane are in Bedford Co TN in 1840 but by 1850, Jane has died and Thos B. and family are in Bois D'arc, Hempstead, Arkansas. 

Carson--Jesse H. Carson(1840 Census--no tax listing) is the Father of Susan Carson(Wife of James Cook & daughter in law of Wm C Cook & Elizabeth Putman)  Susan's mother and Jesse's wife was Nancy Gillespie

Cole-- Gideon and Thomas Cole were brothers--sons of Thomas & Elizabeth Cole. They are both taxed for years 1836, 1837, 1838 and 1839 and enumerated there in 1840.  There were two Thomas listed in 1836 in Dist. 25.  The Rover book says that they acquired land in Byler Bottom(Rover--Dist. 10 Bedford Co ) Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 Tax list does have a Thomas Cole for years 1837, 1838 & 1839.  The 1840 Census for Dist. 25 of Williamson Co TN also lists William Cole.

Cook--Joseph Cook--(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836, 1837 & 1838).  Wm C Cook is listed on the Dist. 25 Tax list of Williamson Co TN for the year 1838 but on Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 for years 1836 & 1837.  Joseph passes in 1838 and drops from the Tax list.  Wm C Cook doesn't appear on the tax list in 1839 for Williamson Co Dist. 25 nor Bedford Co Dist. 10.  I have also not found Wm C Cook in 1840 Census records.  Wm C Cook was appointed admin of Joseph's estate though it is not known how they were related or IF they were though it does seem likely since they have the same surname that some sort of relationship exist. [Update 2/23/22 I've located Wm C Cook in the 1840 US Federal Census in Dyer Co TN next door to brother-in-law Noah Putman.]

Cooper--Job(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836 & 1838) Not enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840.  Possibly the same Job Cooper who obtains a land grant in 1814 in 2nd Dist. of Bedford Co TN(waters of Weakley Creek on north side of Duck River) mentioning neighboring lands of Bylers, Charles Brandon, and Elijah Rutledge.  There is a Job Cooper who marries Elizabeth Landrum in 1821 Williamson Co TN. Geo C Cooper is bondsman

Covington--M. L. Covington (Dist. 25 Tax list:  1839 & 1840 Census)  Probably Marquis Lafayette Covington. Married Elizabeth Snell Ransom(a widow)

Cowen--V.D. Cowen(Tax List of Dist. 25 for 1836, 1837, 1838 & 1839) Not enumerated there in 1840.  Appears on the Dist. 10 Rutherford Co TN Tax list for the years 1836 & 1837. This is Varner D Cowen  He was a Judge in Rutherford Co TN.  You can read more about his family and their home which burnt during the Civil War by visiting the Rutherford Co Historical website. 

Crick/Creek-  Like the Carlton family, the Crick family intermarries with the children of Jabel & Nancy Putman.  
Edward/Edmond -(Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)
Felix G- (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837, 1838 & 1840 Census)
Jacob- (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)
John Jr. (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)
John Sr. (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)
Mark L (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1839 & 1840 Census)
Newton C (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)
Wm H (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)

Crittenden-- Richard Crittenden (Dist. 25 Tax List:  1838)   There may be some connection to Frances/Fanny Crittenden who is in Rutherford Co TN in 1829 and 1830.

Cromer--Henry Cromer (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1838 & 1839) Not enumerated there in 1840.  His wife was a Shaffer & Gambill Descendant.  Her father, Richard Shaffer was killed by Indians in pre-statehood Sumner Co (TN)

Cullum--William H Cullum(Dist. 25 Tax list: 1836)  He is likely the Wm H Cullum who is enumerated in 1820 Williamson Co TN- Franklin near Cole, West, Beasley Brown, Hill, Wade 

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