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Land Sale in Versailles(TN)--1819

Transcribed from an advertisement announcing land for sale in Versailles, Tennessee.  (see source below transcription)

The Town of Versailles.

The undersigned, Trustees, having laid off. 
and agreed to sell
Fifty Half Acre Lots,
In the Above named Town,
will proceed, on the
First Thursday in March next,

On a credit of twelve months, to sell the said
Lots on the premises

Versailles is situate in Williamson
County. adjacent to the place where
the county-lines of Williamson, Rutherford
and Bedford counties unite.--This place, has
heretofore been known by the name of Ray's
Horse Mill. The public road leading from
Florence Through Columbia to Murfreesboro'
passes through Versailles, as also the
roads from Pulaski to Jefferson from Win-
chester to Franklin, and from Nashville to
Shelbyville, etc etc--Versailles is situ-
ate 33 miles from Columbia, 28 miles from
Franklin, 38 miles from Nashville, 18 miles
from Shelbyville, 15 miles from the Fishing
Ford on Duck River, and 14 from Murfrees-

The neighborhood of Versailles taken
as a whole, is happy in its local situation. The
surrounding country produces, not only the
comforts, but the luxuries of life, in the great-
est and most plentiful abundance. This
district seems to possess a peculiar excel-
lence for the culture of cotton and tobacco,
which are its two principal exportable com-
modities. The land is equal to any in the
famed Alabama Territory, and
Could nature's bounty satisfy the breast,
The sons of New Versailles were surely blest.
The "planter's toil" will be as well repaid
by cultivating the soil of this neighborhood
as in any part of the western county. We
forbear, however to expatiate further upon
the advantages of Versailles and its
neighborhood, which all those wishing to sa-
tisfy themselves of, can ascertain by attend-
ing at the day of sale.

It is known that the counties of Ruther-
ford, Williamson, Maury and Bedford, pos-
sess more territory than their constitutional
limits, and if a new county should hereafter
be laid, Versailles will without doubt,
become the seat of justice for the new coun-
ty. With a view to the happening of this
very probable event, the town has been laid
off with a large public square, for the erec-
tion of public buildings, and lots will also be
reserved for the use of an academy, church,
etc. which are given by way of donation by
the proprietors.

The town is watered by several excellent
spring, which never fail in the driest sea-
sons; and in fact, in every other respect,
presents a most handsome opening for the
farmer, the merchant, the speculator and

Francis Jackson
Azariah Kimbro
A B Potts
J.O.K Wood

January 25--54-2w.

Source:  “The Town of Versailles” The Clarion and Tennessee State Gazette, 26 Jan 1819, p. 4, col. 3; digital images, ( : accessed 4 Dec 2021).

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