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Williamson Co. TN--Dist 25(1836-1840)--D-H

Over the past few years I've been studying Williamson Co TN Dist. 25 in hopes that knowing how the families were interconnected will help me to find a lead and break thru my Cook brickwall.  I've been using a spreadsheet to pull together my notes and information on this community so that I had somewhere to quickly look for notes on the families if they showed up in any other parts of my research. I'm publishing this to my blog in the hopes of finding other researchers interested in the area and time period that the information here might help.  This portion contains families who were living in or taxed in District 25 of Williamson Co TN during the years 1836-1840 whose surnames begin with D-H.  When possible I've noted connections in neighboring districts.  Simply put, there is a lot of overlap of families between Williamson Co TN Dist. 25,  the Versailles and Eagleville area of Rutherford Co TN and Bedford Co TN Dist. 10(Rover). 

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Davis--Goodwin Davis is on Dist. 25 Tax list for 1838 but was listed on the Dist. 10 Rutherford Co Tax list for 1837.   There is a Goodwin Davis(b. NC) enumerated in 1860 in Bedford Co Dist. 18 with a rather large family.  That Goodwin Davis' wife was a Henrietta Davis(maiden name unknown) Additionally Mrs. H. Davis(1840 Census-Williamson Co TN Dist 25)

Dillard--James(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836) Could he be the one buried in Beechgrove(Coffee Co) d. 1839

Eggleston--Edward C(Dist. 25 Tax List 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839) John W(Tax List 1838, 1839) I believe these Egglestons are connected to those in May Community of Rutherford Co TN in the 1850  There are some which are in Moore & Franklin Co later on which I believe are also from this family.

Fagin-- John(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1839) I think this is likely John S Fagan who married Mary Elizabeth Smith.  They were the parents of Thomas Henry Fagan and grandparents of Urban B Fagan & John Walter Fagan, Maggie T Fagan & Richard Owen Fagan.

Fear--William(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1838) There is a Wm Fears on 1820 Rutherford Co TN Census Could be connected.

Ford/Foard--William(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1839) Enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840.  There is a Wm Ford who marries Isabella Hill in 1843 Williamson Co TN

Gillespie--James D (Dist. 25 Tax List 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 and enumerated there on the 1840 Census) He was the maternal uncle of Susan Carson(2nd wife of James Cook-son of Wm Clifford Cook & Elizabeth Putman) 

Haley--Carrol B Haley(Dist. 25 Tax list for 1838 & 1839.Enumerated there in 1840.)  His father Barnabas is on Bedford Co TN Dist. 10 Tax list for the year 1837.  Barnabas was involved in the Williams/Putman & Anglin case.  Carroll married Catherine Lamb. The wife of Barnabas(Carroll's mother) was Nancy Coursey and the Coursey family was also involved in the aforementioned court case.

Hall--Anderson (Dist. 25 Tax List:  1837, 1838 & 1839) He along with John Landrum(b-i-l) are Executors of John Hall Sr. will.

Halstead/Holstead--Benj. & John(Dist. 25 Tax List: 1837) Miles(Dist. 25 Tax List: 1838)  Joseph (Tax List: 1838 & Enumerated in 1840) Susan Halstead is on Tax List of 1839 and is likely the Mrs. Holstead enumerated on the 1840 Census of Williamson Co TN Dist. 25. 

Hargrove--William Hargrove is enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840. Likely kin to Hezekiah  and Leroy Hargrove/Hardgrove who were in Rutherford Co TN 1810

Haynes--Elizabeth Haynes is enumerated in Dist. 25 in 1840. She is living alone and in the 60-under 70 age range.  Near Cannon, Pope, Cole and Lambs.

Height/Hight--Robert A Hight(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1839) John J Hight on 1838 Bedford Co TN Tax List  There are Heights with given names Robert and John in the 1820 Census of Statesville Wilson Co TN along with Patterson, Harris, Cook families.  They descend from John Hight and Eleanor Nichols.  Some of these Hights have Mercer Co KY connections as do the Harris and Cook family

Hendrix--Elisha W & Thomas(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)  Adam Hendrix (Dist.25 Tax List for 1836 &1837).  Mary Hendricks(Dist. 25 Tax List for 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census) She may be the widow of Adam who drops from the list. Newberry SC ancestry.

Hill--William Hill(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 & 1840 Census) Is this the father of J Benjamin Hill?  If so this family is from Granville Co NC. and William Hill was enumerated there in the 1800 US Federal Census(see History of Versailles)

Hogan--John Hogan(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1838, 1839 & 1840 Census)Lived in Versailles : Married to Lucinda Wood in 1819 b. about 1798. Died in Williamson Co  14 Apr 1856 War of 1812 Pension

Holt--David, Edward & Thomas(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836) There is a Thomas Holt in 1840 Williamson Co TN but the district is a  bit confusing and appears to say "Nineteen First Civil District"

Hood--John Hood(Dist. 25 Tax List:  1836) May be connected to the Rutherford Co TN John Hood who married Celia Fuqua in Davidson Co TN and who is enumerated in Rutherford Co in 1850.  Check Bradley Creek Baptist where they were members.

Hopkins--George(Dist. 25 Tax List: 1836) married Elizabeth Crick(dau of John Wm Crick) which made him a brother-in-law to several of the Putmans.

Hunt--Robert A (Dist. 25 Tax List: 1838 & 1840 Census) Near Pope, Webb, Crick families in 1840

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