Friday, December 31, 2021

Dupont Research Resources

In researching my paternal grandparents I have been studying anything to do with Dupont and their Old Hickory TN location where my grandparents lived.  The Nashville Archives and the Tennessee State Library and Archives both have a Dupont Collection.  The links below take you to a PDF listing of each archives collection.  

Dupont Collection(Old Hickory, TN) Summary of items at the Nashville Archives.

Dupont Collection(Old Hickory, TN) Summary of items at TN State Library and Archives(TSLA)

The Hagley Museum also has a good bit on Dupont some of which includes pictures from Old Hickory. Also, there are a number of pages on Facebook dedicated to Old Hickory which post pictures and articles of historical significance 

Books In My Personal Library

  • Dutton, William S. 1951. DuPont: one hundred and forty years. New York: Scribner's.
  • E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. 1952. Dupont, the autobiography of an American enterprise. Wilmington, Del: Du Pont.

I've also been working on my Old Hickory TN--Dupont tree which is currently at Ancestry. It's a public tree but  requires being subscribed to Ancestry or viewing from your library's Ancestry acct.  At some point this may change if I can find a host that meets my needs so that I can get it out there for all who are interested.

Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at my Google email acct (rmbeckman) if you have comments or questions about the Old Hickory community during its time as a company town.  I'd love to hear from  you.  

Note: I intend to add to this post as new resources become available.

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