Tuesday, December 27, 2022

My 2022 Research Year in Review

  • January: Blogged about 5 of my ancestors:  John King(1770-1814) James Jakes(1857-1941) Telitha Ann Frizzell Jakes(1858-1920)  David Pittman(1838-1922)  James Polk Acuff(1872-1939)
  • February: Looked for my 3rd Gr Grandmother in the 1840 Census & found my 2nd Great Grandfather in the 1840(I'd given up hope of ever locating him)
  • March: Researched Wm C Cook's Dyer Co TN neighbors. Started mapping out my Tennie Ferguson Hill research
  • April: Found the majority of my folks in the 1950 census within the first week of its release.  Finished up my Jakes/Frizzell Article
  • May: Studied the disease outbreaks and mill workers/factory towns and the social aspect of it all in preparation for writing my Cook(e)/King article.
  • June: Started writing the Cook(e)/King article.
  • July: Finished up my Williamson Co TN--Dist 25 Blog series.  Made a discovery about Gr Uncle John L Cook's wife's ancestry.
  • August: Wrote a blog article comparing my siblings, myself and my paternal aunt to a set of 4 siblings(I love making charts)
  • September:  Wrote a blog article about DNA comparing myself and my siblings to Descendants of Jabel Putman(Did I mention I love making charts?)  Ordered a copy of the Henry F Hill investigation file from NARA.  Ordered some Union Civil War Pension Files.
  • October:  Studied the Hamer sisters and their ancestry--they married Cook brothers(my gr grandfather's brothers)  Worked on pulling information on Tennie, Henry F Hill and George Solifelt into a research notebook 
  • November:  Received the copy of the Henry Hill investigation file I ordered from NARA.  
  • December:  Finished the outline of the Henry F Hill File.  The George Solifelt Union Civil War Pension File arrived along with his service records and those of Henry F. Hill.  My Jakes/Frizzell Article was published in the TN Genealogical Society's Ansearchin' News Vol. 69 No. 4 Winter 2022.  Was finally able to get the documentation for Mary Ann "Polly", wife of Elisha Luna's surname which for years has been thought to be Lennox because of and index and poor penmanship.  It is Enoch, specifically the Caswell Co NC Enochs who were from Delaware prior to coming to NC.
Overall I feel like 2022 has been one of my better research years.  I look forward to 2023 and hope that it will bring many more research discoveries for us all.  

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  1. You had a busy 2022! Please continue to post charts, because they're intriguing ways to present information.