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A few pre-1820s Deeds--Hights in Franklin Co NC

I've previously blogged about the Hight family specifically John Hight of Franklin Co NC. You can see those posts at the following links.

Will of John Hight--Franklin(1796)Co NC(1795) Purchasers from the Estate Sale of John Hight--Franklin Co NC(1796)

Looking at the elements of the deeds along with the two previous blog post about John Hight you can see surnames repeating.

Hights in the index of Deeds of Franklin Co NC in the earlier years(not all inclusive)

Franklin Co NC--John Hight Sr.  to Francis Taylor Franklin Co. NC Deed Book 8  pg 23  (1796)

Amount of Land: 100 acres

Purchase Price:  60 pounds current money of Virginia

Bargain made:  14 Oct 1795

Recorded:  Sept Court 1796

Witnesses: Harbird Hight & Daniel Edwards

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Franklin Co NC-- Francis A.Hight to Goodman Smith Franklin Co NC Deed Book 17 pg 201

Amount of Land: 92 acres

Purchase Price:  56 pounds

Bargain made:  11 March 1808

Recorded:  March sessions 1817

Witnesses:  Harbird Hight and Cliff Finch

Others mentioned in Land Description:  Gracy T Hight,  Reuban Huff, and _______ Power

The signature at the end of the deed reads Francis Ann Hight

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Franklin Co NC--Harbird Hight to John Fuller Franklin Co NC Deed Book 15 pg 113 (1810)

Amount of Land: 2 acres

Purchase Price:  3 pounds

Bargain made:  17 Dec 1808

Recorded:  June Session 1810

Witnesses: Cliff Finch and James H Hight

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Franklin Co NC-- James H.Hight to Goodman Smith Franklin Co NC Deed Book 17 pg 191

Amount of Land:  92 acres

Purchase Price:  $207

Bargain made:  28 Oct 1812

Recorded:  March Session 1817

Witnesses: John Y Jones, John Young

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