Friday, February 19, 2021

Jacob Crick entry--Williamson Co TN Road Book Vol. 2


Ordered that Jacob Crick oversee the clearing out and keeping in repair the road of the second class of which Noah Putman was late overseer beginning at the county line north east of Maj Abraham Byers and crossing the ridge where the old road crosses on until in sight of John Woods thence to the left of his plantation so as to strike the Columbia road north of David Lambs, thence with said road to the town of Versailles, thence north with the main street through said town thence a straight course to the forks of the roads between Thomas Lamb and Thomas Hendrix Senior, thence with the present road through Merriman Landrum's land thence with the general direction of said road to the county line near the Methodist meeting house and that the hands within the bounds of Captain John Webb's Militia Company so as not to interfere with the hands working on the roads Franklin or Columbia road work thence under his direction

Notes:  from surrounding entries the date appears to be Fall of 1834.


Williamson Co TN Road Book Vol 2 pg 192 Jacob Crick; imaged by Tennessee State library and Archives (Nashville, TN) 1966, image online by at (accessed 19 Feb 2021)

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