Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Dear Mother and all our brood

Today, while searching thru a compact disc holder I found a letter that I'd put away for safe keeping. I'd forgotten about it obviously as seems to be the case for most things I put away for safe keeping. I initially thought it was a letter written by one of Dad's older sisters because the writing looked similar to theirs. It was actually a letter from my paternal Grandfather. I did discover a few things and without doing a full transcription of the letter I'm listing them below  

  • He'd put the date at the top--11/9/66 and started off the letter--- Dear Mother and all our brood.
  • Not only was it Nov 9, 1966 but it was 11:25 a.m. when he began writing the letter and he'd just finished eating breakfast.  
  • It had been raining some the last few days.
  • He'd been to the store where he purchased 2 1bs of beans, some canned biscuits and one other item which I believe was eggs(writing was really faint)
  • Apparently my grandmother had given him a sample that she got of 44 cough and cold meds. I'm guess it is the Vicks 44 cough and cold lozenges because he describes putting one in his mouth and letting it melt which opened up his nose and helped him get the best rest that night.
  • He was sending Bill(my Dad) a note.--I don't know what happened to the note or its contents but looks like it may have been something about him needing help with his TV or radio because he says: "I wish he could just put a tube in the radio because it takes so much electric to run the TV.
  • He says he likes to hear the news on the radio and mentions that he and Magnus(his oldest daughter) used to listen to Herb Shriner("He sure is a funny man")
  • The notepad paper on which this letter was written is 5 1/2 inches by 9 inches and he had written on both front and back(and numbered the pages)
  • I also noticed that when he mentioned amounts he would include both the word and the numeral (example:  six 6)
This note along with another he wrote to Pearl in June of 1966 in included in the family archive binder which I started of Pearl's papers I inherited.  I have a catalog listing of the papers which are included in the binder.  A previous post about the binder can be found at Just a Small Portion of my Family's Paper Trail.

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