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Thomas Adcock's 1860 Agricultural Schedule Entry

Friday's #genchat has me examining an 1860 Agricultural Schedule

I try to catch #genchat on Twitter when I can.  This past Friday(Dec 30) was a #genchat night and the topic was non-population schedules.  I haven't really worked with those a great deal so I went looking thru some of them today.  I found my 3rd Great Grandfather Thomas Adcock in the 1860 Agricultural Schedule for Dekalb County Tennessee.It really does give you some idea of your ancestors position in the community and what life must have been like for them.  As expected my Thomas didn't have much. Thomas Adcock's entry recorded:  3 improved acres, 30 unimproved acres,  His farm value was listed as $300. The value of his farm tools and machinery was listed at $10.  He didn't own any horses but had 1 milch cow and 3 other cows, 9 sheep and 9 pigs.  The total value of his livestock was listed at $100.  He did have 1000 bushels of Indian corn though and 12 lbs of wool.   Other items were 2 bushels of peas or beans, 10 bushels of Irish Potatoes and 200 lbs of butter.Thomas was already poor before the Civil War.

The information from the Federal Population census for the same year shows that he was 43 years old with his wife and 6 of their children still living at home. I hope they had some chickens. Thomas would enlist in the Confederate Army's 1st Infantry Battalion Tennessee Company C. He was captured and taken to Camp Morton Indiana. More information can be found in his Confederate Pension Application and at my webpage which lists his answers from his application and also some of the other applications from that area including his Widow's Confederate Pension Application.

This is the front section of the entry which is found on the right side of the  page.  Addition information is located on the back of that page shown below.  I included a few neighbors on each side of him in order to give an idea of where he ranked

I have listed the headings for the columns of the 1860 Agriculture census schedule below to give you some idea of what information was gathered.  It is kind of hard to tell from the record itself so I had to get some of the headings by looking thru a few pages and finding the least blurred.

1860 Agriculture Census Column Headers

  1. Owner, Agent or Manager of Farm
  2. Acres  Improved
  3. Acres Unimproved.
  4. Cash Value of Farm
  5. Value of farming implements & machinery
  6. Livestock:  Horses
  7. Livestock:  Asses & Mules
  8. Livestock:  Milch Cows
  9. Livestock:  Working Oxen
  10. Livestock:  Other Cattle
  11. Livestock:  Sheep
  12. Livestock:  Swine
  13. Value of Livestock
  14. Wheat, Bushels of
  15. Rye, Bushels of
  16. Indian Corn, Bushels of
  17. Oats, Bushels of
  18. Rice, lbs of
  19. Tobacco, lbs of
  20. Ginned Cotton bales of 400 lbs
  21. Wool lbs of
  22. Peas & Beans, Bushels of
  23. Irish Potatoes, Bushels of
  24. Sweet Potatoes, Bushels of
  25. Barley, Bushels of
  26. Buckwheat, Bushels of
  27. Value of Orchard Produce $
  28. Wine, Gallons of
  29. Value of Produce of Market Goods
  30. Butter, lbs of
  31. Cheese lbs of
  32. Hay, Tons of
  33. Clover seed, Bushels of
  34. Grass Seed, Bushels of
  35. Hops lbs of
  36. Hemp, Dew Rotted Tons of
  37. Hemp, Water Rotted Tons of
  38. Other Prepared Hemp
  39. Flax, lbs of
  40. Flax seed, bushel of
  41. Silk Cocoon, lbs of
  42. Maple Sugar, lbs of
  43. Cane Sugar, hhds of 1000 lbs
  44. Molasses gallons & from what made
  45. Beeswax lbs of
  46. Honey, lbs of
  47. Value of Homemade Manufactures
  48. Value of Animals Slaughtered

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