Monday, January 02, 2017

Who are you and how do you know my Grandmother? --Part 4

The holidays have been very busy and I wanted to write more about Flora but haven't had much time to research Flora's family.  In previous posts covering this mystery I had mentioned that my Grandmother Pearl had traveled to the Navy Hospital(In Bethesda, MD according to the telegram) near Washington D.C when notified that her son, Morris was there.  I've scanned and read over this post card many times over the years but I just now made the connection with the scene that is on the front.  It is a picture of the fountain in Cincinnati Ohio.  Odd that it wouldn't be something from Washington DC.  Did she stop over in Ohio and buy some postcards there planning to use them to write home.  Was that how she met Flora...on the bus or train?   I have a photo of what remains of the telegram she received from the Navy. Which I'm posting here also. I guess the next step is to find any descendants of Flora and see if they have anything from those years which might over clues.  My parents hadn't married yet so my mother wasn't around while this was going on. She did seem to think that one of Granny's nieces went with her...most likely Sue Bell Thompson--Papaw Cooke's niece(daughter of Rebecca L. Cook and Charlie Thompson).

Picture:  Fountain Square, Cincinnati Ohio
Addressed to :  Miss Magnus Cook 911 Dodson St Old Hickory Tenn
Postmarked Jun 8, 1945 Washington, D.C.

Have just arrived at the Station in Washington.  Have just finished eating.  Have not been out to the hospital yet which is 12 miles out .  Will write again this afternoon.  (From the Back side of post card)
Love, Mother(written on front)

Below is a photo enhanced picture of what is left of the Telegram my grandmother received.  I do not have a copy or know where the letter is that is mentioned in the Telegram.

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