Monday, January 16, 2017

Jane B Campbell's unsold estate inventory--1825 Williamson Co. Tennessee

I've been working on my Ogilvie family a bit today, more specifically the family of William Ogilvie(1728-1813) and Mary Harris(1732-1807) who lived in College Grove, TN during the early 1800s.  William and Mary are my 5th Great Grandparents. While reading thru the Ogilvie wills I noticed an inventory listing for a Jane Campbell from Williamson Co. TN just below part of the probate of Richard Ogilvie.  I thought this was very interesting and have listed some of the items below.  As far as I know she is a part of my family.

Pg 33 Williamson Co Tn Will book July Term 1825   A list of articles belonging to the estate of Jane B Campbell deceased  remaining unsold which according to law will be kept for the use of her children.

Map of United State with a book
Map of the World with a book
Large Family Bible
Guthrie's Geography(2 Vol)
Scott's Family Bible
Sheriden's Dictionary(2 Vol)
Plowden's History of Ireland(5 Vol)
Swifts Works(2 Vol)
Burns Works(4 Vol)
Tattler(4 vol)
Life  of Bonapart(3 vol--1 vol missing)
Rush Works (2 Vol)
Lock's Essay(2 Vol)
Brown's History of Missions(2 Vol)
Curran's speeches(2 Vol)
Angustil's Universal history(9 vol)
Carr's sermons(2 Vol)
Emmon's sermons
Campbell's Lectures
Don Quizote (4 vol)
Charlemagne (2 Vol)
Bailey's Dictionary
Henry's Dialogues(2 Vol)
Broken set of Shakespeare(5 Vol)
Confession of Faith
Jackson's Book keeping
Court of St. Cloud
Moses' Gazetteer
Freeman's Poems(2 Vol)
Bucks Miscellany
Breckenridge Insurrection
History of Virginia
Stodert on Judgement
Mrs. Graham's works
Reliques of Burns
Franklin's works
January Letters
Rainey's poems
Baxter on the Soul
Hervey's Meditations
Lee's Memoirs
Buck's Expositor
Henderson's sermons

also listed were 6 beds, bedroom furniture, kitchenware(pots pans and utensils as well as dishes) and of course.....bookcases.

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