Thursday, December 15, 2016

City Directories contain much more information than you might expect

Just a few of the many bits of information you can find in a City Directory

  • Guide to the Abbreviations
  • Alphabetical List of Names  Example:  From the Smith entries of the Akron 1968-69 Directory.

  • Street Directory
  • Numerical Telephone List
  • Apartment Buildings .
  • Associations and Clubs
  • Business Directory
  • Buyers' Guide
  • Church Directory
  • City & County Officials
  • State & Federal Officials/Government
  • Fire Department
  • Parks.
  • Schools:  Public and Private
  • Postal Information
  • Public Buildings and Halls
Full Directories listings for Akron OH can be found at the Akron Summit library's website on the Historic City Directories page.

An added bonus is that you can use all this information to find other information.  For example you might look up someone's place of employment in the Business Directory section after viewing their Name Entry which lists where they worked.  In some directories companies will list employees.  Of particular importance to me are the years after 1940.  I'd like to fill in some blanks on my family during that time period.  Find out if there are directories covering the area where your ancestors lived.

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