Saturday, February 10, 2018

Always click thru to the Image of the Record

When you are adding records to your tree at Ancestry or any other site, ALWAYS click thru to view the actual image.  It may not be the person you think it is, OR the name may not be correctly indexed. If you had looked at the image(both shown below for comparison)  you can see that it says Drucilla.  There may be additional information on the document that wasn't noted by the indexer as well as other errors in the indexing. It really is worth your time to do this.  This particular record doesn't add the nearest relative or a relationship but there are some which do.  This could waste your time chasing someone who doesn't exist.  If you can add a correction when you notice these, please do so.  If it doesn't allow for a correction to the indexed item I usually leave a comment with the correction so that anyone else viewing the index will be aware.

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