Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sorting and keeping track of DNA matches

 I use the MedBetterDNA browser extension(available for the Chrome Browser) so that the notes section is visible from the match list without clicking thru to the match page.  My genealogy goal for this weekend is to finish sorting thru the 2nd page of my DNA matches at AncestryDNA and identifying thru which of my grandparents we connected.  I'd already had some of them done as I like to make notes on new matches as they come in but had about 20 to finish.  I'd finished the first page of matches earlier in the week.  I do this by checking to see if they match my Mom's kit and looking at the shared matches.  I have DNA share links to view results for a few close cousins from each side and that helps when trying to find the connection.  You can click thru to View Match and click on that matches name to go to the profile where you can click on Select DNA Test and select any of the other tests which you have permissions to view to see if they match. Also clicking thru to the match page helps because sometimes they do have a tree but have not linked it to their DNA.  Use caution because sometimes there are many trees not attached and you may not be able to identify the tree containing the DNA match.  Also, remember that shared matches tab only shows those matches which you share at the 4th cousin level or closer.  Use the Select DNA Test from the profile page when you start getting down to the cut off amount for 4th cousins to check other profiles.

My first page of matches had a total of 50 matches.  Three of those were people who I tested so I didn't count them.  Two of my matches matched me thru 2 grandparents.  On page 2(which also contained 50) of my matches, I have one match which I have not yet been able to narrow down.  I can tell that she is a paternal match but don't know for sure which of my Dad's parents her line is thru.  I use hashtags to identify each of my 4 grandparents  #PGF #PGM #MGF #MGM

I also try and keep track of my top matches on all the testing sites where I have a copy of my DNA results.  I do include the 23&me ones which are uploaded to GEDmatch as I am not at 23&me.  I also use GEDmatch amounts if I have them and don't include anything less than 7 cMs.  This allows me to see how many of my matches have uploaded or tested at a site which has a way to get those amounts.  Also, it shows me how many segments I could likely identify if the Ancestry testers were to upload to one of the sites which have a chromosome browser(MyHeritage, GEDmatch or FTDNA).

I use Google Sheets to keep track of my top matches.  I've omitted the Gedmatch #'s and Username/Alias column in the view of my Top Matches Spreadsheet(seen below)

I normally only add matches which share 50 or more cMs with me.  I do make an exception for the unknowns 40 cMs and up. 

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