Monday, March 04, 2019

Using ThruLines to Visualize DNA Testing Coverage of an Ancestor Couple

In November I blogged about Visualizing DNA tested Descendants of an Ancestor Couple.  For those who have tested at AncestryDNA, the ThruLines™ tool that Ancestry introduced this past week just made this so much easier.  It's not completely automated and even if it were I'd still need to follow good research guidelines but that is a given with any tool or resource.

Putman/Tyler Descendants DNA Testing Chart
From WATO Tool at

Below is a table which shows the Putman/Tyler Children and how many of their children are represented among my families DNA test matches. The table and the chart I have built using WATO( also includes any Putman/Tyler descendants that I've identified at other testing sites.

The "Spread" of Putman/Tyler Grandchildren's Descendants
Represented among DNA Matches

I really like viewing the descendants in List View See the example below of my branch of the Putman/Tyler Descendants

List View of  Putman/Tyler Descendants Tested at AncestryDNA

When you are using ThruLines™ and see an error in the way it's working please provide feedback using the Feedback pop-up which is on the bottom right when you are viewing a page in ThruLines™ view.  I've found and reported several. Feedback reports of errors are necessary to improve the performance and ensure that it works as it's intended.


  1. with your help from this blog, I might just learn how to use this after all. Was really worried when wrong connections kept popping up. I mean it is not possible that my person born in Alabama (with sources) and also be born and living in Maryland at same time.
    Thanks for showing this.

  2. I still need to find time to explore. But I like your point. Follow good research principles to validate your discoveries.

  3. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Marie, I list lists too - It is so much easier to see a lot of detail as once and make comparisons on which ones might be more important to check out further.
    Visiting via the GeneaBloggersTribe post. Fran