Saturday, March 02, 2019

RootsTech 2019--Day 4

Day 4 of RootsTech 2019.  Here is my take on Saturday's happenings from the viewpoint of someone who is #NotAtRootsTech

Saturday's Live Stream

Trace the Story of Immigrant Ancestors in 3 Steps (Power Hour)-- D. Joshua Taylor explained the importance of knowing the context of your immigrant's arrival into the country.  Ashley gave us some great ideas on where to search for the customs passenger and immigration lists. "Don't be afraid to use wildcards in your searches of the online databases."  Fred talked to us about the naturalization process and records and how they have evolved over time.

Examining Your DNA Matches with DNA Painter--Jonny Perl
Really enjoyed Jonny Perl's session.  Loved that he showed his earliest version of what would eventually become DNApainter.  He explained the process of painting Chromosome match segment data and also gave a tour of the site.  My hope is that many of my AncestryDNA matches will watch this and want to use this great tool. They will need to upload to a site which has the Chromosome browser so they can get the segment data which is not available at AncestryDNA

Saturday General Session: Jake Shimabukuro
Blown away by Jake Shimabukuro's talent.  Who doesn't like to sing along?  Loved it!
The Winner of the RootsTech FilmFest '19 was Enge Van Wagoner's "My Name is..."

Leading with Science at 23andme
Sarah Laskey spoke about the science behind the 23andme health studies.
Genetic Data + Survey Answers = Discoveries

The Silent Language of the Stones: Reading Gravestones through Symbols and Carvings --Joy Neighbors
This session contained so much information.  She talked about the types of stone used and gave the time period in which each type was popular. This brought back some good memories of my own Cemetery touring. Joy is the author of "The Family Tree Cemetery Field Guide."

Saturday's Hottest News
The announcement of the winner of RootsTech FilmFest and the date for RootsTech 2020 which will be February 26–29 were the top news of the day.

A big THANK YOU to all who helped make RootsTech and #NotAtRootsTech possible.  Be sure and check out the recorded sessions posted at

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