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Bazell Riddle --Warren Co Tennessee

"Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Warren > image 112 of 488; county courthouses, Tennessee.

The following is the text from the first page of the project containing the information about what was included, how the project is identified and those involved with the project.

Tennessee  Records of Warren County
Inventories, Sale Bills, Statements, etc.
Book 1 1827-1844
Part 1
Historical Records Project
Official Project No 465-44-3-115
Copied under Works Progress Administration

Mrs. John Trotwood Moore, State Librarian and Archivist, Sponsor
Elizabeth D. Coppedge,  State Director of Women's and Professional Project
Penelope Johnson Allen, State Supervisor
Caroline Small Kelso, Supervisor
Mary Cantrell, Copyist
Mary Cantrell and May Manning, Typist
April 13, 1938

So I went in search of the microfilm of the book from which the WPA made the transcription.

"Tennessee Probate Court Books, 1795-1927," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Warren > image 74 of 328; county courthouses, Tennessee.

Not a lot of difference Indexed as Brazell Riddle pg 96 by the WPA project I was unsuccessful searching for him in the two indexes that were in the book.
From the Inventories, Sales, Wills, 1827-1844, Vol. 01 portion of the records.Between Document dated Jan 2nd 1834 and A will published April 2nd 1835

I have two questions.  Were there 3 items(Horse, bridle, and saddle) for sale or 2(Horse bridle, and saddle).  I know nothing about horses horseback riding or their value today or in that time period.  $31 seems rather low.

Also I'd like to know who are the 5 heirs?

This Bazell is likely the Bazil Riddle that I believe was either the father of Amelia "Milly" Riddle Hitchcock or an older brother.  I find him first receiving land in Warren Co TN 

Entered a claim on Aug 24th 1807
Surveyed May 21st 1808
State Granted March 1st 1809
Recorded May 5th 1809
Total Land in Grant:  93 and 1/2 acres off of Collins River
Sold:  April 10th 1810   9 1/2 acres to  John Helms $40

Land Surveyed:  May 12th 1825  Blue Springs Creek
Sold 28 acres to Wm Edde(likely father to Joseph Edde son-in-law of  Millie Riddle Hitchcock)

Bazil is indexed as Bogle Riddle in the 1805 Roane Co. Tennessee Tax list.  Milly Riddle would marry in Roane Co. TN on March 11th 1806 to George Hitchcock.

On the 1836 tax list and 1840 Federal Census, there is a Britton Riddle living in Warren County.  Could he be kin to Bazil or Milly?

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