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Shelbyville Tennessee Cholera 1833

An article in Shelbyville Gazette from 1913 told the story of a list found in the wall of a house in Civil Dist 8. The house was purchased by Michael F Williams from Wilson Turrentine in 1852  The Williams children found the piece of paper in the wall while playing. This was according to Nannie Green, one of the children playing who recalled the incident for the 1913 article. The list is said to be in the handwriting of Methodist preacher Rev Daniel Turrentine.  

I found the deed in Bedford County Tennessee Deed Book DDD page 158.  From what I could tell the deed was recorded in 1862.  You will need to log in to FamilySearch to see but a user account is free with registration if you don't already have one.

It is odd that the amounts at the bottom of the listing do not match the number of persons listed. I found listings of the deaths for 1913 in several papers and while there is overlap of the names there are some that are only included on one list. Another of the listings also has the given names of the enslaved.  Maybe the person who wrote the list was trying to make a complete list of ALL who had perished during the outbreak using information he read in the newspapers.

John Sims
John Brigs
John M Cannon
Tevin Marshall
W Wallis
John Bradford Jr
N E Coldwell
Dr A. B. Morton
Robert Waite
B. Martin
James Brittain
Joseph Brittain
Anderson Vannoy
Dr. Abner Gaither
Peter Donnolly
S. G. Gready
Charles Shanks, Sr.
William Low
Theophilas R Anderson
Thomas C Moore
James Ward
______  Ashburn
Daniel Turrentine
Peter Chilcut
John Miller
John A Mars
John A Mars Jr.
James Davidson
James Ward(listed twice)

Mrs. J G Whitney
Mrs. Edward Wade
Mrs. K. Anderson
Mrs. John Mitchell
M G Davidson
Mrs. _____Brittain
Mrs. John Miller
Mrs H. Wardlaw
Mrs. Sephronia Watts
Mrs. R. McClintoc
Mrs. M A Watkins
Mrs Amanda Murrough
Mrs. S. Winters
Mrs. _____Mars
Mrs. B Shapard
Mrs C Shanks
Mrs. D. Dwyer
Mrs. J Thompson
Mrs. T J Flint
Mrs. Sol Davis
Mrs. I Marshall
Mrs. Wm B Sutton
Mrs. J B Snodgrass
Mrs. ______ Jones
Mrs. ______Burdette

Children and Infants
John T Shanks
P. Brooks
John Mitchell
Richard Davis
John Marshall
J. Cunningham
Thomas Willingham
W. M Brown
L. A. Bird
One child of each of the following persons:
Mrs. Moon
Hugh Wardlaw
Wm Galbraith

Three children of G W Ruth

The following persons lost slaves as indicated by figures annexed to their names
S. Thompson(2)
Thomas Davis(2)
Mrs. McClinton(1)
James Mars(4)
John Eakin(1)
Dr. Lipscomb(1)
Wm Galbraith(1)
R T Cannon Jr.(1)
D McKissick(1)
R P Harrison(1)
Mrs. _____ Turrentine(1)
D. B. Jett(1)
P. Donnelly(1)
Willis Cannon(1)
Peacock Estate(1)
N E Coldwell(1)
Col R Cannon(1)
M Nelson(1)
James Brittain(1)
T. Holland, Sr. (1)
Mrs. _____  Whitney(1)
H. M Watterson(1)
G. Davidson(1)

Total Whites  75
Total blacks   34
Total             109

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Doctors Ads from 1833, Western Freeman(Shelbyville TN), 3 June 1833, p.4 col.5. Digital image, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 May 2024), IGN 8141788, img 103 of 510. 

For comparison see: 

Wilson Turrentine to M.F. Williams, Deed, 29 March 1862, Bedford County, Tennessee, Deed Book DDD: 158; Register of Deeds, Shelbyville; digital image, FamilySearch ( : accessed 25 May 2024), Deeds, v. DDD (includes full-name index), 1851-Sep 1865, Image 265 of 481, IGN 8150806.

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