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The Estate of William McCoy--Williamson Co TN

In September of 2022 I wrote an article about the estate of Wm McCoy of Williamson Co TN which you can find at  It had listed a William Cook and several other known associates and in-laws of my Wm C Cook.  Today I found the final probate papers for Wm McCoy's estate.and this particular listing shows him as William C Cook which is further evidence that it was my 2nd Great Grandfather.  It took over 10 years to settle this estate.  Below is a transcription and re-creation of the estate's balance sheet from the probate papers. 

DateThe Estate of William McCoy
1838 Feby 14To cash paid John W Miller1.681840 Mar 29By Cash recd for land sold320.00
1839 Apr 27To cash paid J Ransom J?52.30By Interest to 1 Jany 1849168.16
1839 Apr 29To cash paid Noah Putman13.12
1839 Jun 12To cash paid William C Cook14.07
1839 May 11To cash paid William Jackson8.66
1839 May 20To cash paid Hiram Putman12.00
1839 Jun 5To cash paid John Creek8.73
1839 May 20To cash paid Hiram Putman28.50
1839 Aug 30To cash paid John Landrum5.62
1840 Jun 17To cash paid W R Ransom8.14
1840 Feby 8To cash paid Blacky Thompson19.93
1841 July 18To cash paid Thomas Taylor3.75
1840 Sept 23To cash paid J. Ransome Jr.8.34
1840 Feby 8To cash paid James Thompson12.94
1840 Jany 8To cash paid W T. Baskett5.94
1839 Sept 23To cash paid Elizabeth Haynes1.00
1839 May 7To cash paid B C Ransom21.41
1839 Apr 10To cash paid John W Simpson8.00
1840 Apr 30To cash paid B C Ransom6.75
1848 Dec 8To cash paid M L Andrews24.25
1848 Dec 8To cash paid John Marshall25.00
To Balance due Adr. Settlement this day24.46
To interest upon Payment & balance159.94
To allowance to Administrator25.00
To Clerks Fees Making & Recording settlements2.50
Bal Due Estate 1 Jany 184995.13

I find a balance in the hands of Samuel B Robison as administrator of William McCoy
deceased on the first day of January instant of ninety five dollars and thirteen cents

Witness my hand at office this 18 day of January 1849 L B McCormick

"Minute Books(Civil & State) 1810-1965," Williamson Co TN Minute Book 1837-1845
v 9 p 172, imaged at FamilySearch( : accessed 8 March 2024), IGN 8150669. Image 109 of 833.

"Tennessee Probate Court Files, 1795-1955,"  Williamson Co TN Probate and family records 1800-1899 McConnica, Mary-McLaughlin Dick, loose documents, Settlement of Estate of William McCoy; imaged at FamilySearch( : accessed 8 March 2024), IGN 4750409, Image 310 of 2910.

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