Friday, March 01, 2024

RootsTech 2024 --Day 2 Online

Day 2 Highlights:  

RootsMagic 9 is on sale for $20 thru March 4th 2024.

MyHeritage highlights

New Profile Page with Hints
  • OldNews newspaper website(available as standalone subscription or as part of MyHeritage Omni subscription package.
  • Upcoming Features:  Ethnicity update and the ability to share results(which will get around the 2FA issue) 
  • Upload DNA thru March 4th and gain access to MyHeritage's DNA tools
American Ancestors Highlights

My Virtual Attendee Session Schedule
There were some technical difficulties at RootsTech across the board for the virtual attendees but this class was great.  What is not to love about using timelines and city directories to locate those hard to find folks in census records.  Also the Steve Morse site was mentioned and it is a must.   Great syllabus with additional resources!

Wonderful overview of Homestead Act of 1862 along with a resource list and break down of documents which are created during the entire process of obtaining the land.

49 Stories in 5 States are written about in the Black Homesteaders 
of the South covering the following states
    • Alabama
    • Arkansas
    • Florida
    • Louisiana
    • Mississippi
If you missed this one and have an interest in Homestead records you really need to check it out. The syllabus does an excellent job of detailing the documents that might be found for your homesteader.

Excellent Resource list and advice on creating a Locality Guide for an area you are researching.  Be sure to get the syllabus for this session. 

The goals of the project
  • Establish a document-based research repository
  • Amplify the voices of people who have been telling their family stories for centuries
  • Connect people and resources

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