Monday, January 01, 2024

Trying Ancestry's Pro Tools Suite: Advanced Filters

In my previous posts which focused on Ancestry's Pro Tools Suite I did a "test drive" of the following Pro Tools:  Tree Checker, Charts and Reports, and Map View.  The Advanced Filters feature is also part of the Pro Tools subscription. 

Where will you find those filters?  That's a great question. From what I could tell, the majority of Advanced Filters are really part of the functionality of Tree checker and Map View 

Adv Filters in Tree Checker

Adv Filters via Tree View Menu of Map View

The other part of the Advanced Filters tool comes into play when you do a search.  A subscriber to the Pro Tools add-on is given the option to filter the results so that they see unviewed results only.

Prior to subscribing to Pro Tools I could see search results noted as  "In Your Hints", "Seen Today", "Ignored Hint",  etc.  I can still see these when I haven't selected the Unviewed Results option.  I don't know if those notations will still be available when I'm not subscribed to the Pro Tools add-on or not.  In my opinion it just seems a bit much to consider the Advanced Filters as a separate tool.  

I and other subscribers to the Add-on have had issues with it not updating error lists in a timely manner as well as not recognizing that we are subscribed to it without refreshing a number of times.  It's a new tool and I would expect to deal with these issues if I were beta testing, or it were free. I do not have a lot of patience for things like this when it comes to something that I will be paying close to $120(at the monthly rate of $9.99) if I were to remain subscribed to it for the entire year. Folks who are on a fixed income in today's economy will likely not either. 

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