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Transcription Homestead Application No 7026 Lawrence Co Ark

Below is my transcription of the documents contained within the Land Entry Case File No 7026 of W. C. Cook. This may or may not be my Wm C Cook...or anyone related to him with the same name.
I do not have enough information to draw a conclusion though I will say at this point it does seem unlikely given where I would expect him to be in 1873 and 1874.

Lawrence County Arkansas Homestead Application
of William C Cook application No. 7026

Homestead Application

William C Cook
Little Rock Arkansas
July 27th 1874
Section 12 Town 18 N Range 3 W
canceled October the 11th 1881
letter of R&R No. 61682 Sept 14 81

additional markings:

2-151 WDD

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Application No. 7026 Land office Little Rock
July 27th 1874

I, W(illiam) C Cook, of Lawrence County
Arkansas, do hereby apply to enter, under the provisions
of the act of Congress approved May 20, 1862, entitled “An act to secure
homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain,” the SE ¼
of Section 12 in Township 18N of
Range 3W, containing One Hundred & Thirty acres

(Signed) W C Cook

:Land Office of Little Rock Ark
July 27th 1874

I Geo W Denison, register of the Land Office
do hereby certify that the above application is for Surveyed Lands of the
class which the application is legally entitled to enter under the Homestead
Act of May 20, 1862, and that there is no prior, valid, adverse right to the
(Signed) Geo W Denison

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Receiver’s Receipt No 7026 Application No. 7026

Receiver’s Office, Little Rock Ark
July 27 1874
Received of William C Cook the sum
of fourteen dollars —---cents;
being the amount of fee and compensation of Register and Receiver for the
entry of South East ¼
of Section 12 in
Township 18 North of Range 3 West, under
the act of Congress approved May 30 1862, entitled, “An act to secure home-
steads to actual settlers on the public domain.”

(Signed) Henry M Cooper Receiver


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Land Office at _________________________
_____________________________________ 187?

I W(illiam) C Cook of Lawrence County
having filed my application, No 7026, for an entry under the
provisions of the act of Congress approved May 20, 1862, entitled “An act
to secure homesteads to actual settlers on the public domain.” do solemnly
swear, that I am a citizen of the US and the head of a family
that owing to the distance & expense it is impossible
for me to go to Little Rock & make this sworn statement
before Register & Receiver and that I am actual settler on the SE ¼
of Section 12 in Township 18 North Range 3 West
that said application No.7026, is made for the purpose of actual
settlement and cultivation; that said entry is made for my own exclusive
benefit and not directly or indirectly for the benefit or use of any other
person or persons whomsoever; neither have I heretofore perfected or
abandoned an entry made under this act.
(signed) W C Cook

Sworn to and subscribed this 12rd day
of Sept 1873? Before Mr Wm McBryde
County Clerk of Lawrence County & I certify
That W C Cook is a bonafide citizen of Lawrence
County Witness my hand and affixed seal
this day above written
Wm McBryde Clerk
By J P Coffin D C.

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Non Mineral Affidavit
County of Lawrence
State of Arkansas

William C Cook being
duly sworn according to the law deposes
and says that he is the identical W C
Cook who is an applicant for forenamed?
title to the SE 1/4 of Section 12 in T18
N R 3 West, that he is well acquainted
with the Character of said described land
and with each and every subdivision
thereof having frequently passed over the
same, that his knowledge of said land
is such as to enable him to testify understanding
with regard thereto that there is not to his
knowledge within the limits thereof, any
vine or lode of quartz or other rock in
place bearing gold, silver, cinnabar, lead, tin
or copper, or any deposit of coal that
there is not within the limits of said land
to his knowledge, any placer cement
gravel or other valuable mineral deposit
that no portion of said land is claimed
for mining purposes under the local
customs or rules of mines? or otherwise
that no portion of said land is worked
for mineral during any part of the
year by any person or persons that said
land is essentially non mineral land
and that his application therefore is

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not made for the purpose of fraudulently
obtaining title to mineral land, but
with the object of securing said land
for agricultural purposes
W C Cook

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23rd
day of September A D 1873 and
I hereby certify that with the foregoing
affidavit was read to the said W
C Cook previous to his name
being subscribed thereto; and that
deponent is a respectable person
to whose affidavit full faith and credit should be given
Wm McBryde Clerk
By J P Coffin D.C.

Document retrieval by Gopher Records from
National Archives Washington DC 
Records of the Bureau of Land Management 
Record Group 49 
Pre-1908 Land Entry Files 
Arkansas Little Rock 
Homestead (Cancelled) 
Application No. 7026
W. C. Cook

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