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Pondering the 1822 Cook Divorce Petition(Rutherford Co TN)

The TN State Act granting Sally's divorce.
TN State Library and Archives
Acts of Tennessee, 1822 Chapter 203 Section 3

The divorce petition from Sally Cook that I posted about in my previous post left me with a number of questions. It was granted as shown in the image above. Who were John F Cooke's people?. With a Cook "brickwall" in this area and time period I need to know so that I can sort through the families.

The Francis Cook marriage to Sally Mosby in Mercer Co KY has to be John F Cook and Sally Mosby/Mosley as the date of the bond is the day before their marriage date which she mentions in the divorce petition.

Where is Sally in the 1820 Census. My guess is that she is in the household of family there in Rutherford Co TN because I do not see her listed in a household by herself. The signed statement about John F Cooke going off to parts unknown is made in July 1820. In May of 1820 John F Cooke is a witness to an indenture that was made in Sept of 1815 Between John Mosbey and James Will. (Mosbey is given as Mosley in Marsh's Land Deed Genealogy of Rutherford Co TN Vol 3 (1819-1823) pg 87 (Pg 426 Doc 331 of Rutherford Deed book)

The land that Sally mentions that she inherited was land she received as an heir of Samuel Mosby/Mosley(see link below to valuations of all of the lots 1805)

Others mentioned in addition to Sally Mosbey are Keltry? Mosby, Luckett Davis, Robert Mosby, William Mosbey, John Mosbey, Robert Lewis, Polly McDaniel, June Mosbey

John F Cooke made an indenture to Thomas A Harris in Feb of 1818. Thomas A Harris registers this deed in 3 Oct of 1820 (Another deed book entry concerning bill of sale names Sally and more of the Moseby/Mosley bunch)

John F Cooke and Sally are witness to a deed for land between Robert Mosbey and John Mosbey(Sally's brothers) which was made 26th Aug 1815 and registered 16th June 1817 in Rutherford Co TN( Rutherford Deed Book K Pg 490 Doc 499---From Marsh's Land Deed Genealogy of Rutherford Co TN Vol 2 pg 131)

Who are two children mentioned by Sally in the divorce petition?
I found a few other researchers who had Sally and John in their tree and an interest but they did not have the divorce in their records.

There were some clues that Sally likely went back to Mercer Co KY. Also a note that John Francis Cook died in 1826. It calls him John Francis Whiting Cooke and names the children as
  • William Alexander Cooke(1819-1873) married Sarah Grant
  • Norbourne Berkley Cooke(1817-1854)
Also in Mercer Co KY a Buckner Miller and Robert Mosbey make bond 18 Dec 1826 for a marriage between Buckner Miller and a Sarah Cook.  I believe that those who have researched this Sarah Sally Mosby Cook do not know about the divorce and are using the date of her marriage to Buckner to estimate a time of death on John Francis Cooke.

Most of the trees are "Frankenstein" in nature but it appears that John Francis Cooke might have been a son of John Esten/Ester Cooke and perhaps a grandson of Mordecai Cooke 1708-1757) There are SAR files using the lineage of William A Cooke---John and Sally and John's father John Esten Cooke.

I'll likely add to this post as I make more discoveries.

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