Thursday, July 01, 2021

Daisy Cook vs. Clarence Cook--Rutherford Co TN--Feb. 1935

I've had copies of the Rutherford Co TN Court Minutes pages concerning the divorce of my Great Uncle Clarence Cook and his 2nd wife Daisy for awhile but just recently went searching for the case file.  The full documents are on FamilySearch in the Rutherford Co. Tennessee Chancery Court Record Files and was filed in February of 1935.  They contain a lot of details and a major typo in the marriage date that gets carried throughout the entire record.  I have no idea how the error could have gone unnoticed as it causes the marriage date to be AFTER the separation date.(see dates marked with ๐ŸŒžin snippet below)  Their correct marriage year is 1925 and not 1930. I have a copy of their marriage record.  No time traveling required.  Just an example of why it's important to collect every document you can about an event.

Source:  Rutherford County, Tennessee chancery court records, ca. 1817-1940, Cody, Isham vs. Trigg, John H. - Cooper, Wise A. vs. Sims, Levi [Roll #12]   Cook, Daisy vs Cook, Clarence; Snipped from image(2506 of 3156)

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