Wednesday, July 21, 2021

How are you accessing your AncestryDNA results?

If you have taken an AncestryDNA test and are viewing your results exclusively thru the AncestryDNA app you are missing out on the full experience.  It's easier for some of us who access our results thru a personal computer to forget that there are many who don't do that.  It's hard to compare results with other matches as well if you are not looking at the same layout--especially if you in one state(or country) trying to explain to someone in another place who is not seeing the same thing you see because they are using the app and you are seeing the Desktop version of the website.  So now one of my first questions that I ask other matches before comparing is how are you accessing your results?   

There is a workaround for those who do not have a computer.  Using the browser on your device, view as desktop site.  Directions on how to get to that option in Chrome are in the image below.  

It's also easier to get to the Sharing preferences when you are viewing it as a desktop site.  

See my June Blog Post for How to Invite others to view your AncestryDNA match list

We should not forget that some people do DNA tests merely for ethnicity results and have no desire to actively research their family history.  Too, there are others who don't realize there is more to it than just the ethnicity results especially if they don't see the desktop site view.  So if you have never seen your results other than in the app or mobile view, I challenge you to try just once.  You might like it.  If not, nothing lost other than a few minutes of your time.  

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