Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's a Blogiversary!! MarieB's Genealogy Blog turns 13!!

It is hard to believe that it has been 13 years since I started blogging about my genealogy. There have been times when I rarely posted and others in which I posted a great deal.  I am thankful I have an outlet to share my excitement about my family history research and things that I've found that have been helpful and maybe at times--things to avoid.  Thanks to my readers past, present and future for being part of the journey.  I love my research and I love sharing tips and genealogy "happy dance" moments with you.  In celebration of the Blogiversary I thought it might be a good idea to review the top 13 most popular posts of the 13 years!  Hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing many more posts with you!

13 Most Popular Posts
at MarieB's Genealogy Blog

  1. Arrival in America of my Putman/Putnam and Shropshire Ancestors--Oct 3, 2009
  2. Elisha Miller Robinson(1825-1896)--Jul 10, 2009
  3. How the houses my Grandparents lived in look today(Part 1 Part 2)--Oct 26, 2013
  4. My Grandmother's Post Cards--Tennessee Buildings--Oct 9, 2009
  5. My 32 Great Great Great Grandparents( 30 known, 2 unknown)--Sep 5, 2009
  6. Skill builders from the Board for Certification of Genealogists--Jul 19, 2004
  7. Examining a Maternal DNA Circle--Mason Combs(1746-1802) --Mar 21, 2017
  8. Dear Cousins: If you have taken an atDNA test--Nov 18, 2016
  9. Researching Confederate Records of the Civil War.--Aug 30, 2016
  10. 1840 Williamson Co. TN Census Head of Households Dist 25--Apr  19, 2016
  11. AncestryDNA Circles Spreadsheet strategy--Aug 9, 2016
  12. March 21, 1891--Birthday of Pearl Gray Jakes Cooke--Mar 31, 2017
  13. A plan for helping to identify my 3rd and 4th cousins DNA matches--Aug 27, 2016

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