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1840 Williamson Co TN Census Head of Households

A look at the head of households in Dist 25 of Williamson Co TN in the 1840 Federal Census.  This is the area where Joseph S Cook AND Wm C Cook are listed among the tax records in 1838.  Wm C Cook is listed among the tax records of Bedford County's 10th Dist in two tax years prior to that(1836 & 1837)

1840 Williamson Co., TN
25th District
p. 204A p. 205A p. 206A
William Foard John Owen John W. Eggleston
Uriah Call William Landrum John Landrum
E. W. Hendrics Danl Sherwood Amos Putman
Carroll Haley Silas Winset Jabez Putman
William Hill Harley Winset Thomas Call
Felix G Crick David Lamb James C Taylor
Thomas Lamb E C Eggleston Mrs. Prince
Harper Lamb Joseph Holstead E. G. Porter
William Putman Delila Landrum David Ray
James Putman Mrs. Holstead  Josiah Reed
Edmond Woods W. Trails James D. Gillespie
John L. Little W. ? Thomas Taylor
E Ray William Wills William Taylor
Vincent Taylor John Sharber Thomas ? Taylor
William Reed Johnn Sharber* Thomas L. Taylor*
David Young John Roland Joseph Taylor
Hiram Putman Francis Jackson James J. Taylor
Clemmon Reid Joseph Spence Robert Taylor Sr
Willam McDaniel David Lamb John Jones
Joseph Webb Francis Jackson Sr Mrs. Martha Webb
Robert A Hunt Richard Jackson Hillery Paterson
Charles Pope William Hargroves John Sharber
John Crick Jr Jno. H. Pryor Thomas Jones
Jacob Crick Mrs. H. Davis Newton C Creek
William D Tharp Barham Lamb William H. Creek
Job Cooper Mark Crick Mary F Hendrick
William Jackson Edmond Crick John Little
M. L. Covington John Creek Sr J. C. Little
Jonathan Lamb John Hogan Thomas L. Hendrick
James Vannata Alferd Little Thomas Hendrick

* Name is not a duplicate and households differ in age breakdowns.

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