Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Old Hickory TN Area: Old Photos of Homes and unknown persons

These pictures were taken in Old Hickory TN during the mid 1920s.  My paternal grandfather, Thomas DeWitt Cooke and his family moved there when he hired on at Dupont.  They lived at 1009 Clarke Street until some time after their oldest son died from Scarlet/Rheumatic Fever in 1927. From there, they moved to 911 Dodson St which was several blocks away from their previous residence.  The house on Dodson St. is no longer there but the one on Clarke Street is still standing.  I have read the articles which tell about the different house styles of Old Hickory.  I am not sure which house my aunts and uncle are standing in front of in the picture.  It may be the one where they lived on Clarke St. or at a neighbors.  I believe that the picture of the woman sitting on the steps, the children all in front of the house...and the one of the two boys beside the house are all taken by the same house.  The picture of the two girls is probably at a different house as the porch column looks different to me.

I wish I could identify the children in this picture.  The boy standing in front right is Tomie D. Cooke(my uncle).  The 2nd girl from the left on the back row is my aunt Magnus Cooke Snoddy.  Girl on the right of the back row is my aunt Viola Cooke Agee.  The little girl in front on the right is my Aunt Olive June Cooke Brannon.

I wish there was some way of contracting folks who had family who worked for Dupont and live in the area around Clarke street during that time period.  If you can identify any of the unknown people in the pictures or know which house this is please contract me at my gmail address associated with this blog.

This is a picture of my uncle Tomie D. Cooke and his friend from the neighborhood.

This is a school picture take probably in the mid 1930s at whatever school was operating at Old Hickory at the time.
If you can identify any of the people in this picture, I'd love to hear from you.  My aunts are the ones with the Xs beside of them.

This is a picture of my aunt Viola Cooke Agee and a neighborhood friend.  I believe that the taller girl in the picture is the same one who is in the picture of the 7 children in front of a house as shown above.

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